A COMMITMENT: The Solitaire Rings!

A COMMITMENT: The Solitaire Rings!

Rings symbolize the attachment of one soul with the other, eternally. It is a token that binds the marriages together and ties them till the end meaning the most prominent sign of their love lives. 

A COMMITMENT: The Solitaire Rings!

Engagement is considered profoundly the important event of a whole marriage as it is the first step of tying the relationship together which creates the base for each relationship and security for its long-term boundness. It simply becomes a sign of wonderful love being embarked by two different people and their families, all together for a special new journey that is never-ending. 

The circular structure of a ring is all about its infinite love in a forever lasting relationship between the people conjoined together. 

Initially, this practice of exchanging rings was started by Romans, who believed that the ring finger of the left hand contains the veins that directly reaches the heart and emerges love, which slowly and by time became a tradition. 

As time passed, diamonds steadily took their place in the customised engagement rings formation and till the date, it survives efficiently. Now diamonds have become an obvious choice for each couple as different settings define varied sensations within themselves which makes it more meaningful.

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What is a Solitaire Setting? 

The word “Solitaire” is derived from the Latin adjective “solitarius” which means to be alone or isolated. Simply, the word solitaire means being alone and standing out bright with honor, and this sole message is also delivered by the solitaire settings in the world of jewelry. 

The Solitaire setting is one where a single diamond with different characteristics is utilized for varied purposes, such as single diamond rings or necklaces defining the emergence of love where it signifies the most important or special events of one’s life, prosperously. 

When talked about the solitaire diamond rings, these rings are exclusively the most demanded or prevailing jewellery piece out of all the solitaire diamond jewellery settings as these rings with the solitaire diamond over the top defines the personal but relational factors about the particular person and the other new people joining their life, enormously. 

It might seem that a solitaire diamond setting is very simple and adorable but it is no less dazzling and stylish than the other diamond setting. It serves a very definite purpose and signifies most of the wonderful events of life which are memorable and approaching. Solitaire diamonds setting is prescriptive as to the classiest among all the other designs, also as the sole diamond stands alone outshining the whole attire and the person in the end. 

What is a Solitaire Ring? 

A part of  me was alone but you came to fulfil it, eternally with your love.” 

This could be one message delivered by all the solitaire ring settings. These rings define the personal standard and also ties the bonds together, forever. 

A solitaire ring is considered to be a right-hand ring that features only one diamond over the top of the band of any metal which extraordinarily defines that this whole aura is about that one person as the diamond is centralized making the person who is receiving the ring, the centre of the other person’s life.

This signifies how important these two people are for each other.  This solitaire diamond setting is kind of universally classic, as whichever design you choose, it never goes wrong in the end as it still defines you the most and goes with every attire, exclusively. 


‘Every prosperous and present event or outcome of life always admires an adorable past behind it which makes all of its success.’  

Similarly, the solitaire diamond setting also has a past that has done the most of it to make it a successful and demandable product of jewellery within the public and it also can survive for the longer term in the universe with this generation. 

The remains of a solitaire diamond setting take us back to the Ancient Roman Era, where precisely uncut crystals were put over the gold metal bands and the inspiration was taken by Indian and Islamic jewellers with keen interest. 

Later they were renowned as the first developers of a faceted diamond by polishing it. Slowly, exploration and discoveries started showcasing more diamonds out of the earth and technologies advanced with the growth and made it possible to cut diamonds in varied styles giving them different looks and definitions, altogether. 

The Victorian Era enlightened over this matter profoundly and it extremely increased the creation of diamond settings exclusively where many projections were proposed and still survived. The Modern Era with tons of technologies and advancements gave new and very exclusive significance to all these developed settings and still, new designs with great inspiration are being explored which intend to survive for a long time in the fashion industry.

The solitaire diamond setting has appeared in many disguises since the whole time but still has been the most classic and timeless design which also has been the always “go to” style which suits every attire profusely. 

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Types of Solitaire Settings 

It is a very important aspect of solitaire rings where a diamond is set in different ways over the top of the band centralizing it in every possible unique manner with precisely selective sets. 

The most common and classic setting for solitaire rings is the prong setting which briefly is a prong that is a round metal structure that holds the diamond tightly and strongly at its place and doesn’t allow it to move. It is a very light metal and covers less space which allows the diamond to outshow perfectly in a grand manner. It doesn’t need any care regarding cleaning purpose but should be kept safe while wearing as its prong might get stuck in clothes or might get loose. 

  • Tiffany Settings 

This setting is not much different from the prong setting but slightly varied as it has six prongs that hold the diamond efficiently but the difference it arises is that it raises the diamond a little more and the light reflection increases more which creates temptation towards the rings with this setting. It prevails a classic look that would never go out of style. 

  • Bezel Settings 

This setting also allows the diamond to stay in place tightly but no prongs are utilized instead a metal structure is created to encircle the diamond all around and hold it in a place which could be in any preferable shape and size which prominently serves the purpose and holds the diamond in the centre of the band only. It is considered to be the most durable setting out of all the other ring settings and it is easily cleanable and could be worn anytime, anywhere. It provides the modern look but needs to be protected also as it might snag slightly with the clothes but overall it protects the diamonds most, out of all the settings. 

  • Channel Settings 

This setting is the most tempting setting of all the ring designs as it allows to centralize a grand diamond on the band with a structure where small gems or stones could be fitted around the band on both sides on the central diamond giving it a very unique plus attractive look of modernity, which also lets it to survive for long term. It enhances the central diamond to shimmer and sparkle more elegantly with the other stones besides it and also protects the diamond proficiently. 

  • Pavé Settings 

This setting is a mixture of prong and channel setting where one diamond is centralized held by a prong but the side stones are set in a way that covers the whole band leaving no space over the band. The setting is also known as the bead settings as the small stones cover the whole band efficiently highlighting the central stone and magnifying the overall brilliance of the setting with the side stones over it. This kind of setting can be designed in varied ways as preferred, such as modern or vintage style but as it is covered with these bijou stones, it makes resizing a task a laborious one. 

There are numerous settings other than the mentioned above and every one of them serves a different purpose efficiently for each generation choice.

Types of Solitaire Rings

A ring with varied styles is expressible. The solitaire rings have quite well developed in many different settings and this makes it way too demandable and definable. 

  • Simple Solitaire Rings 

These Rings are very simple and influxes sovereignty which attains the most of the attraction of the people. Only a single diamond being a cherry on the cake of the band executes itself extensively. These rings are considered as the most classic of all the other settings and it also takes us back to the Roman Empire where the design of one uncut diamond was set over the gold band. These rings with a single diamond show the love prevailed by each of the partners singularly for each other, which is a great sign of loyalty. These admire and exquisite the love present amongst the partners where the design delivers an older look but it’s quite familiar amongst the people and seems to be in fashion for a longer period. 

  • Two-Stone Solitaire Rings 

Two treats in one package is an adorable and tempting offer which is simply fulfilled by these solitaire rings where two diamonds are set above the band in the central, alternative to each other, defining how the couples are so strongly stuck together with each other in the marriage of honour, respect and love. It symbolizes how two different families come together and get entangled in the bond of relationships until the time these two diamonds on the top of the band are separated from each other, that means for eternity where family centralizes the happiness of two people for their sake and future. 

  • Three-Stone Solitaire Rings 

Three Diamonds are set together in a row like structure over the top of the band following the other gems or stones on both sides of the bands providing it with a miraculous contrast with two different settings of diamonds forming one exclusive design. People admire the three-stone setting concept the most and sustain a thoughtful point of view regarding it which suggests that these three stones represent the past, present and future of lives of the people getting engaged together where they could experience most of the love, happiness and fidelity as an atonement of virtue. With the deepest meaning of all the designs, this rings design has a very significant meaning and a stunning structure overall.  

All three design settings have their symbolism and definition which meaningfully fulfils the requirements of the customers and makes it available to each of their needs precisely and exclusively. 


Conclusion Thoughts

This topic of Solitaire Ring holds a lot within itself which makes it more attractive and tempting above all the other ring designs and types. These rings are mostly preferred as it efficiently fits each taste in the fashion industry that means it’s demanding. 

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