Emerald Diamond Earrings

About Emerald Diamond Earrings

Considered as one of the most precious gemstones among the four, Emerald is placed as a timeless dimension owing to the elegant look it displays. Emeralds are the traditional gifts to present a couple marking the milestones during their anniversaries. Emeralds have always been the extravagant choice of those who want to stand out from the rest, showcasing a taste of elegance. Emerald-cut diamond jewelry has been lavishly adorned by many celebrities making it one of the most popular choices among the masses. Celebs like Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Taylor, and more have even set examples of emerald diamond rings as their engagement rings. The sophisticated and outstanding look that emerald diamond jewels exhibit make it exorbitant.

Overview about Emerald Diamond

The emerald cut of diamond is considered to be one of the oldest cuts and shapes of the diamonds. Emerald diamonds were generally cut in the shape of steps or in rectangular patterns. This helps to create an impression of radiating energy of light from the masterpiece. Dating back to the 16th century, when emerald was first cut in the shape of a rectangular pattern, it was soon popularized all across the world. The rectangular cut suited perfectly for a comparatively fragile and delicate gemstone like emerald.

Though the rectangular cut was first used on emeralds, it didn’t take much time to become widely popular, cluttering other gemstones. The cut remained as a major spotlight for years, but the term Emerald Cut Diamonds became familiar in the year 1920s. It was during this period of art decor era, that the Emerald cut on diamond became the major attraction spot for the people having an aristocratic taste.

Shapes of Emerald Diamond Earrings

There are two most commonly found and used shapes of emerald diamond earrings. Emerald Diamond earrings are widely available in distinctive shapes and patterns. However, the cushion shaped and the round oval shape cut emerald diamonds are among the favorite choices of the people.

Cushion shaped emerald diamonds give a highly distinctive look to the earrings. Also referred to as the princess cut or radiant cut they are generally rectangular or square cut in shape. The shape has been cut in a manner where it gives the complete focus on the gemstone making it look magnificent.

Round cut emerald diamonds are one of the most popular choices of earrings. The stunning oval shapes on emerald give it versatile personalities making it look classy and splendid raising the bar and distinct from the others. Emeralds held firmly together by prongs in an oval shape are the most common ones.

Types of Emerald Earrings

There’s a large variety of emerald earrings where each emerald earrings stands widely apart from each other. Emerald earrings are one of the most popular choices exhibiting a taste of aristocracy blended with subtle outlook. So without a further ado let’s take a brief look on the different types of emerald earrings available in the market. Here are the most commonly preferred types of emerald earrings.

White Gold Emerald Earrings

Considered as one of the finest types of earrings white gold emerald earrings are a popular choice of earrings. Gaining its popularity back to the 16th century when the emerald cut earrings came into fashion, white gold emerald earrings have never been out of fashion since then. The vibrant emerald gemstone when paired with the subtle elegant white colored gold makes a marvelous visual appearance. The look stands out perfectly giving a complete justice to the emeralds as the white gold doesn’t stand out and thus compliments the vibrant look of emerald brilliantly.

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Golden Emerald Earrings

Another major popular choice of the people worldwide is to pair the gemstone with the classic yellow gold. The precious marvelous gemstone placed at the stone with diamonds studded along the borders paired with yellow gold makes the earrings look flawless. Golden emerald earrings are available in a number of shapes, sizes and designs. The intricate and detailed design will be the price of such earrings are going to be comparatively higher. The emerald earrings which use yellow gold as its base metal gives a stunning look which goes absolutely splendid with all kinds of outfits. Therefore, golden emerald earrings when worn in special occasions are going to be the showstopper giving you the entire spotlight of the eve. Available in several designs be it traditional or modern with explicit touches of craftsmen ship golden emerald earrings are highly appreciable.

Emerald Diamond Earrings

Making the most popular choice among the rest emerald diamond earrings is not only classy but gives a rich taste in gemstone. The subtle yet sumptuous look of the transparent white emerald diamond has been in great demand since centuries. Aging itself into the timeless dimension the emerald diamonds are never out of fashion. There have fluctuations in demands for the emerald diamond earrings however, the popularity these diamonds gained after the art decor era has been massive. Emerald diamond earrings associated with white gold or chic platinum gives an awe-inspiring look to the ornament. Sometimes the diamond emerald earrings are held and supported firmly together by prongs across its edges. There are several sizes and shapes in which emerald diamond earrings are available giving you the liberty to choose widely.

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Conclusion Thoughts

If you are considering buying emerald diamonds there are certain things which you should keep in mind. Budget plays a significant role in purchasing ornaments. Emerald diamonds are not as popular as round diamonds making it comparatively cheaper. With additional benefit, emerald diamonds give a comparatively bigger appearance as compared to the round diamonds. The mass of the two diamonds may be the same in 1 carat, but the size of the emerald diamond is going to be bigger. Therefore, before making any decision take a wide look at the availability of the choices offered to you. Emerald diamond earrings make a perfect gift to present someone on their anniversaries or birthdays or personal achievements. It also makes a perfect excuse to pamper yourself with some self love as the look will give justice to any outfit you couple it with.

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