All About Black Diamond Ring

All About Black Diamond Ring

The furious dark-colored black diamond ring demand has been growing in popularity amongst the customers of the contemporary generation. The intense ferocious diamond sets an alternative to the traditional transparent diamond which has now placed itself as one of the most popular and highly demanded diamonds after the age-old traditional diamonds. There’s a variety of colored diamonds available in the market now. But, the daring and mildly intimidating magnificent beauty of black diamond has been winning the hearts of the people. Black diamond has not only secured a safe place for itself in the growing market but is now also considered a popular alternative for engagement rings.

All About Black Diamond Ring

The obsession for black symbolizing the dark side of human nature is the craze of modern society. Black diamonds weren’t considered as an exclusionary high-end circumscribed crystal until very recently. The popularity of black diamonds has been accelerated from the late twentieth century when couples started willingly accepting and taking it as an alternative to traditional transparent diamonds.

Black diamond engagement rings are now considered widely owing to its outstanding glamour and distinctive nature setting itself at par from the traditional diamond rings. The demand for black diamonds is on the rise as people have been seeking it for multiple ornamental styling. There is a large variety of uses of black diamonds as it is now used not only for engagement rings, but also black diamonds are used as earrings, pendants, bracelets, etc. Embarking the darkness alluring from the blackness of the diamond these diamonds are frequently associated with 14k white or rose-gold and also classic chic platinum. This helps in enhancing the glamour and enchantment of the blackness of the diamond. Often considered as the alternative to transparent colourless diamond they provide a contrast for visual experience to the individuals seeking for something extraordinary.

The Growth and Originality of Black Diamonds

There are a number of factors that have culminated in the blackness of the colour of diamond. The black colour of the diamond has been owed due to the present of graphite. Graphite is believed to impart the black colour in these diamonds. There are also several intrusions and inclusions which imparts the black colour to the diamond. Large quantities of small blemishes are another major reason for the colour black of the diamonds. The embracement of the blemishes and graphite provides a sufficient change to the colour of the diamond.

As similar to the formation of colourless transparent diamonds, black diamonds are formed under high pressure of the carbon under the surface of the Earth. The mystic appearance of the black diamond is believed not only because of the presence of graphite, but also the inclusion of frequent random clustering all over the crystal. The incredible colour of the diamond absorbs most of the light radiating an impressive an alluring aura of itself owing to its crystal like structure.

Apart from the unique colour of the diamond, black diamonds are one of the strongest diamonds available. Black diamonds comprises a compact structure consisting of small crystals that has been formed by the random and frequent clustering of the crystals. As a result of this white or grey natural lines in the black diamonds are also identifiable.

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Durability and Intensity of Black Diamond

Black diamonds are available in two forms. Natural black diamonds and the other ones are diamonds that have been turned into black through man-made scientific processes. Natural black diamonds are comparatively more expensive than the ones which have been turned into black because of the rare availability of such diamonds. Natural black diamonds also have natural cuts giving them a distinguishable look.

The durability of the gemstones is measured on the Mohs Scale of hardness. Diamonds have the highest durability amongst all the gemstones scoring a 10 on the Mohs Scale. Although, all diamonds are equally very durable and hard, black diamonds are harder as compared to the transparent ones. The compact structure of crystals aligned together makes it highly durable. However, before venturing into any purchase of black diamond you need to verify the saturation of the diamond.

The uniqueness of the black diamond is even worth the craze because of its rarity and availability in only one particular colour. The contrasting feature of the black diamonds is that these diamonds come along with a single intensity level. Unlike all the other diamonds which are found in different shades of colour black diamonds come with only one single colour. There is a complete absence of shades of colour for black diamond as opposed to the deep to faint shades available for other coloured diamonds.

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Considering Black Diamond Engagement Ring

If you are looking out for something rare and extravagant it can be advised that black diamond is the classic call for you. The astounding marvelous diamond which is found rarely will dignify your standard as you set the bar standing apart from the general crowd. The black diamond engagement ring will harness the attention of the people with it’s exorbitance.

As the demand for black diamonds is rising on the market people are looking for alternatives to their traditional transparent wedding rings. Black diamond wedding ring is a highly recommended alternative owing to its prodigality that makes it irresistible. With the increase in demand for black diamonds people are looking for alternatives and in order to satisfy their thrust for something, lavish black diamond engagement rings are the ultimate best.

If black diamond is paired with a suitable astonishing ring the look of the engagement ring will become absolutely spectacular. But before engaging yourself with the ultimate pleasure of such precious diamonds it is wise to look into the golden 4C rule. Before, purchasing any kind of diamond it is important to take a proper look into the clarity, cut, colour and carat. Even if you are considering buying loose diamonds it is necessary to look into these significant prerequisite four factors. Even though the colour of the black diamond doesn’t have much variation but the clarity and saturation level is highly important.

Before purchasing your black wedding ring you should have a proper insight about the cuts used in your wedding ring. There are different cuts that are implemented and this signifies the precision. The precise and finer the cut is the expensive your engagement ring would be. Finer cuts involve higher degree of precision giving an exclusive look to your astounding wedding ring.

Availability of Black Diamond

Black diamonds are of two types which are the natural black diamonds and the diamonds which have been treated to become black. It is understandable that the availability of natural black diamonds is rare as compared to the crystals which are treated to be as black under laboratory conditions.

However, it can be an intriguing process to differentiate between a natural black diamond and diamond that has been treated as black. The later process is practiced world-wide and therefore, the authenticity can be tedious to find. But the process of identification can be understood through the variability in the price.

The market price value of diamonds that have been turned into black is comparatively significantly lower than the naturally formed diamond. In spite of the variety in change in price it doesn’t implement that natural diamonds are fancier than the ones which have been turned into black. The lack of availability results in the increase in price of the diamond.

If you are looking for black diamonds and have resistance because of budget constraints you can easily opt for black diamonds because they are equally magnificent as compared to natural black diamonds. They serve the same purpose at a more budget-friendly price.

Jewelry Settings of Black Diamond

If you are willing to choose something different and opting for black diamonds be assured that your urge will be completely satisfied. The uniqueness of the colour of black diamonds adds a furious element to such diamonds. The bold outlook of such diamonds when paired with 14k white or rose gold or even platinum the combination is deadly. The pairing of these metals with the black diamond gives a spectacular look adding glamour to your engagement ring.

Black diamonds are also used as pendants, bracelets, and earrings. There is a huge variety of use of black diamonds and it can be custom made as per your given choice. Not limiting itself just to satisfy the urge and needs of women accessory black diamonds are also highly preferred by men. The dark, intimidating and authoritative look that black diamonds impart gives it a stunning perspective. Black diamond men, engagement rings and bracelets are also available with them the muscular vision on a very special day.

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Conclusion Thoughts

If you are wondering about the price of black diamonds it is comparatively cheaper than the transparent ones because of its demand. Transparent diamonds are preferred over black diamonds and therefore are highly expensive. But both the diamonds are formed by the same process apart from the inclusions which are present in the black diamond imparting a unique color to the diamond.

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