All About Cocktail Ring

All About Cocktail Ring

Large, oversized, dramatic, and sparkly rings which are bound to drive the attention of the mass are the perfect classic examples of cocktail rings. The sophistication of the ring with marvelous design is what makes the ring stand out from the others. Ladies adorn themselves with luxurious cocktail rings in a party, occasion, weddings, etc. giving them the perfect excuse to shine out loud. Cocktail rings are designed keeping in mind the power it possesses to turn the heads of the masses around.

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Custom styled cocktail rings with diamonds embedded over white or rose gold metal is the top notches. The extravagance look which is associated with the cocktail rings is something highly appreciable and worth noticing. Owing to the high degree of professionalism that the ring exerts it is also known as the statement ring. 

Overview of Cocktail Rings

So before buying you must be wondering what cocktail rings are actually? There must be several questions in your mind related to the precious art which can spin your head round. So let us first brief you about the concept of cocktail rings and what makes them so precious.

The timeline of cocktail rings dates way back to the 1920s. During that period of that cocktail rings were highly in fashion and were vastly enjoyed by the ladies having a rich classic choice to flaunt themselves. These rings stand apart from the classic styled rings owing to the dramatic outlook which it provides making it highly demanding. Going back to the 1940s cocktail rings gained a high raise in popularity when women started participating in protests. Women used to protest the ban against alcohol while drinking it; meanwhile flaunting their cocktail ring. Cocktail Rings were considered to be a high profile fashion trend back in those days. The ring somehow lost its significance but owing to the intricate designs with classic flashy look it provides the demand for such dramatic rings that have been accelerating in the market. The demand for cocktail rings with beautiful precious to semi- precious gemstones used in it keeps on fluctuating but there has been a gradual rise in the demand in the present era as women prefer to wear these rings in parties giving a proper justice to their outlook.

Cocktail rings vary over a wide ring with the base metals used and the shape it comes along with. These magnificent rings can be made up of white gold, rose gold, silver, platinum where diamonds are studded on top of the base metal. There can also be a variation in the number of diamonds used. Usually, rings that are completely made of diamonds can become highly expensive. Therefore, people also opt for some semi-precious stones which can cut down the budget slightly. The size of cocktail rings is comparatively bigger as compared to the normal rings and therefore it demands the instant gaze of the people. However, to stand apart from the crowd it is preferable to design your precious piece of art with diamonds embedded in it. Diamond cocktail rings can be expensive but they are also your assets that remain inevitably luxurious and are also a matter of timeless dimension.

The specialities of cocktail rings are the difference in its variation. Cocktail diamond rings can be custom made according to your choice and preference and therefore it depends upon you what kind of gemstones you prefer to choose. The variations in the design for such rings can be brought about by the settings of the diamond. There can be small diamonds encircling the centre bigger diamond giving it a sophisticated majestic look. There are also cocktail rings which use the combination of transparent diamonds embedded on the sides with black diamonds at the centre of each twirl making it look flawless.  Cocktail rings are one of the favourite pieces of ornaments for the younger generation because these rings can be paired along with a simple neck piece or could be easily worn alone.

Different varieties of Cocktail Rings

There are several types of cocktail rings when it comes to designing. If you are willing to pick cocktail rings be prepared because your head will probably spin with the variety of intricately designed cocktail rings available in the market. There are spiral rings, floral shaped, antique designed, animal designed and much more available choices for the cocktail rings. The popular choices for cocktail rings to go with are yellow gold, rose gold and platinum. Diamonds studded over these metals gives a chic look to the masterpiece.  

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Cocktail Ring Types

Diamond Cocktail Ring with Amethyst

The beautiful purple coloured semi precious amethyst looks significantly outstanding when paired with white gold or platinum. Big piece of amethyst with intricate cuts and jaw dropping designs with beads of small diamonds used looks spectacular. Amethyst crystal itself possesses an aura which when properly paired with the right metal and use of proper design can make your cocktail ring look breathtaking.

Diamond Cocktail Ring with Oval Shaped Tourmaline

Tourmaline gives a visual impression of ruby. The red coloured gemstone which is different from ruby yet giving the complete impression of ruby is an excellent alternative when you want to keep your diamond cocktail ring within your budget. Big centre fitted tourmaline associated with smaller shaped diamonds along the sides giving a spiral look to your cocktail makes an excellent appearance. The show stealer red tourmaline coupled with classic transparent white diamonds orders for the gaze and immediate attention of the people.

Diamond Cocktail Ring in Floral Shape

Another excellent way to display the true delicacy and essence of cocktail ring is to design it in the paved floral manner. Diamonds placed and shaped marvellously in the form of a flower giving a brilliant outlook will simply make your day. You can pair floral shaped diamond cocktail rings with gold, silver and platinum depending upon your choice of preference.

Diamond Cocktail Ring with Emerald Stone in Marquise Shape

Cocktail ring with diamonds shaped in marquise style surrounding a huge precious resplendent emerald located at the centre coupled with gold or platinum will be sufficient enough to make you the star of the show. The elegant beauty can become slightly expensive however, the outlook it will give once adorned is worth the price. So if you are looking for extravagance this is your call.

Diamond Cocktail Ring with Vibrant Opal

The colourful, joyful and fiery opal makes a brilliant match when paired with small diamonds surrounding it in the shape of a spiral or floral form. Associating the opal and diamonds with gold and platinum will be an excellent choice giving your outfit the proper justice.

Be Cautious before Buying

It is always wise to know from where you are buying. There are several websites on the internet which claim them to be the authorized ones. But be aware of the sites and it’s best to buy your precious gemstone from the ones which are highly popular. You should also keep in mind from where the website is deriving their diamonds from. Whether these diamonds have been derived from mines making them natural diamonds or whether they are lab grown.

Another, important thing you must look into is the setting used for designing the cocktail rings. The design and the cuts used in making the ring will enhance the beauty of your ring. Cocktail rings can be purchased online as well as offline. If you are buying the cocktail ring offline take a note on the structure. The delicacy of the structure is an identifying factor which will symbolize whether your ring is properly designed or not. Look for the durability of the structure making sure it is hard and very firm. The use of prongs at the right places to have a complete grip over the diamonds embedded on the ring and the parts where the ring has been twirled should be looked carefully.

Look at your budget before making any hasty decision. Diamonds are expensive and when coupled with intricate design, gold or platinum and size which are bigger than normal rings, cocktail rings can become expensive. It is always wise enough to have a budget in mind so that you can refrain yourself within that.

Last but not the least, take a look at the style. It is important for you to understand whether a cocktail ring would match your vibe or not. Cocktail rings are a true masterpiece but it doesn’t vibe properly with everyone’s style icon. Therefore, before purchasing make sure that the ornament goes perfectly exquisite with your style. It will be of no use if you spend a fortune on buying a masterpiece which you can’t even flaunt.

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Conclusion Thoughts

Cocktail Ring helps you look dominant and powerful giving an elegant as well as sophisticated look to your outfit. It demands the immediate attention of the people surrounding you. So this year take a bold step towards your fashion statement and adorn yourself with an exclusive Diamond Cocktail Ring.

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