white sapphire ring

All About White Sapphire Rings

A white sapphire engagement ring is one of the most enthralling and fascinating among the other engagement rings. The bewitching beauty is not only elegant in looking but is also very affordable as compared to the rest. The marvelous-looking prestigious white sapphire makes an exceptional choice when used in the engagement ring. Comparatively, cheaper in price than the transparent diamonds white sapphires make a dazzling look when adorned as an engagement ring.

What are white sapphires?

Having a quality of gem-like conundrum white sapphires are usually transparent or white in color. Gem-like conundrums which are red in appearance are considered to be rubies, while on the other hand the entire white gem-like conundrums are categorized under the white sapphires.

Although the most commonly found sapphires are the blue gemstones which are more expensive owing to their increase in demand, white sapphires are commonly used as an alternative to diamonds in the engagement ring. Having a very similar appearance to that of diamonds, white sapphires makes a brilliant choice if you have a budget constraint.

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white sapphire ring

Why will you prefer White Sapphire?

White sapphires which are commonly used as an alternative for diamond engagement rings are commonly preferred for the following reasons.

Cost Effective

White sapphire engagement rings are comparatively cheaper than diamond engagement rings. One of the most important reasons for choosing a white sapphire as your engagement ring is cost-effectiveness. Giving a very similar visual appearance to that of diamond, white sapphires make a perfect alternative to diamonds. White sapphires are the least expensive gemstones among all the available gemstones in the market. They are cheaper than the yellow, pink as well as blue sapphires. In spite of the rare availability of the white sapphire, the subtle-looking blue sapphires are more expensive.


Among all the advantages of choosing a white sapphire as your engagement ring, one of the biggest advantages of choosing white sapphire is durability. The resistivity degree from scratches and the hard texture of the gemstone makes it highly durable. White sapphires will measure 9 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. This makes white sapphires the second most durable gemstone among all of the available crystals and gemstones present in the market. However, when compared to the durability of diamond white sapphire will take a step back because diamonds are the most durable crystals present on the Earth which scores a complete 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness.

Availability in All Shapes and Sizes

Adding to all the benefits of white sapphires, yet another important consideration that should be taken while choosing white sapphire as your engagement ring is the availability of the gemstone in different shapes and sizes. White sapphire engagement rings can be customized as per your choices and preferences. Therefore, white sapphires are readily available in kinds of shapes and sizes.

Choose AAA-Rated White Sapphire

As very similar to that of diamonds, white sapphires are also measured on a scale of gradation. The highest quality sapphire will have a grade which is denoted by AAA. A typical AAA graded sapphire will represent the top 10% of the sapphires available in the market. The AAA sapphires are of the best quality having strong durability and will also have a brighter appearance to them. The brighter the appearance of the sapphire the whiter and more transparent the sapphire will look. It is often believed that the brilliant quality AAA graded sapphire doesn’t have any match to itself. Therefore, while choosing white sapphire as your engagement ring it is advisable to always choose the best quality sapphire. Moreover, as white sapphires are cheaper than most gemstones there is no reason for the customer to choose nothing but the best.

What metal should you choose to pair with white sapphire?

It is a very important and frequently asked question. While choosing the metal to pair with white sapphire one should keep in mind certain things. White sapphires will go exceptionally well with any metal. However, if you are willing to make a dramatic and elegant appearance on your engagement rings metals like rose gold or yellow gold will look ravenous. The contrasting pop of color from the metal-binding gemstone at the center gives an explicit shine to the engagement ring. White sapphires also look lavish when paired with white gold. Giving an extravagant look you can opt for white gold as the metal for the engagement ring to pair it with your sapphire.

What kind of white sapphire to pick?

Yet another similar characteristic of white sapphire to that of a diamond is that both the gemstones are available in their natural forms as well as lab-grown. It is advisable that while choosing white sapphire as your engagement ring prefer choosing the natural white sapphires. It has been seen that the natural white sapphires are more durable than the artificially grown white sapphires. Artificial synthetic white sapphires are grown by different companies across the globe. However, the problem with the artificial white sapphires is that there is a variation in the shade of white. For the purest form of shade of white, natural white sapphires are always preferable. And, natural white sapphires are one of the least expensive among all the available colored sapphires in the market. Therefore, it makes no sense for you to choose something which is not the best.

Where can you purchase white sapphires?

White sapphires are available more or less everywhere. Just a word of caution before venturing into your purchase have a fair proper knowledge about the availability of the sapphire. From where the sapphire has been mined and whether it is natural or lab-grown. The increase in carat of the sapphire will also result in an increase in the price of your engagement ring.

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Looking for something elegant yet have a strong clutch on your budget white sapphire will be the appropriate option for you to go with. The subtle setting of the white sapphire on your engagement or wedding ring will make you look sanctimonious on your special day.

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