Anniversary Gifts for your Significant Other

Anniversary Gifts for your Significant Other

Looking for an extraordinary present to give your significant other on the very special and auspicious day of your anniversary? We got you covered. Anniversaries mark the day of togetherness and harmony between the two individuals. And if you are willing to take a step further and give your significant other one of the rarest yet exclusive presents there is going to be no other match as that of diamond.

There is a wide availability of different kinds of diamond jewelry to present as a wedding anniversary gift. Ranging from diamond earrings to necklaces depending upon your budget you can opt for one. However, with the development of technology and the intricate design of diamonds that are now available there is going to be no match with that of an awe-striking diamond bracelet.

The highly professionally made diamond bracelets go along with almost every outfit thus by elevating your look. Diamond bracelets have a wide variety in style and size. One of the most unique features of such bracelets are they can be personally customized depending upon the choice and preference of the customer. They not only look stunning for any particular event but make an excellent piece of jewelry for day to day look. You can also make an outstanding look by adorning the stunning piece of ornament as your office look and be assured to be in the spotlight.

The architectural design of diamond bracelets differ from each other with the kind of set up used for a particular bracelet. There is a wide availability of designs for diamond bracelets such as the curved design, added prongs design, line chained design, sleek satin and many more. So depending upon the type of diamond bracelet you are willing to choose you can customize the design as per your choice and preference.

The Tennis Diamond Bracelet

An exquisite collection among all the diamond bracelets available in the market, the tennis diamond bracelet tops the list. Skillfully designed diamond bracelet with small beads of diamonds linked together forming a chain giving a seamlessly dimensionless outlook. The tennis bracelet has been designed in such a manner that it can be adorned by both men and women. Tennis bracelet has two different kinds of set up which are:

Prong Set up

Prong Setting

The most iconic yet traditional classic set up on a tennis bracelet is the prong set up. The small base metal projections having a firm grip on diamonds adds volume to the bracelet. Prongs offer additional security to your diamonds holding it in place. The number of prongs used in a tennis bracelet will vary with the number of diamonds you want to incorporate in your jewelry. Number of prongs used will also vary with the size of diamonds. Large sized diamond carats will be held together firmly with the help of four to six prongs as compared to the small diamond carats which can be held together by two to three prongs.

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Bezel/Half Bezel Set Up

Bezel/Half Bezel Set Up

The modern chic designed bezel/half bezel set up that has been intricately designed setting itself apart from the traditional design. The bezel set up on a tennis bracelet involves a circular designed bracelet where the diamonds are mounted on the circles holding the diamonds firmly. Half bezel is very similar to that of a bezel shaped tennis bracelet. The only difference is that in a half bezel set up there are going to a chain of half circles where the diamonds will be mounted on that half circle giving it an extravagant look.

Cuban Link Bracelet

Cuban Link Bracelet

The highly fashionable and explicit Cuban Link Bracelets never goes out of fashion. The classic Cuban Link Bracelet with shiny sparkly diamonds embedded on it will definitely be able to win the heart of your significant other. The style icon pairs extremely well with all kinds of outfits. Cuban Link bracelets are considered to be as one of the most iconic ornaments of the contemporary times thus by stealing the gaze of the public in general. As very similar to the tennis bracelets Cuban Link bracelets can also be adorned by both men and women.

Bangle Diamond Bracelet

Bangle Diamond Bracelet

Bangle diamond bracelets don’t follow any particular design as Tennis bracelets or Cuban Link bracelets. It comprises small circles of diamonds, or chain like diamonds, and sometimes even diamonds which have been placed in a scattered manner. Diamonds don’t follow any particular movement in a bangle diamond bracelet. Bangle Diamond Bracelets have two kinds of set up which are:

The Pave Set up

The Pave Set up

The classic old traditional pave set up consists of diamonds which are embedded professionally on the metal. Mostly, the base metal used is white gold or platinum. On the base metal of white gold small studs of diamond are embedded giving it a sophisticated look.

The Channel Set-Up

When a continuous set or series of small diamonds are placed within the base metal giving it an outlook of a channel that kind of design is considered to be as the channel set up. Giving a simplistic chic yet extravagant line of neutral transparent color the design has the ability to captivate the viewers with its illustrative charming beauty.

Other kinds of Diamond Bracelets

There is a huge variety of diamond bracelets that are available in the market. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are other diamond bracelets such as Cuff Diamond Bracelets, Tungsten Diamond Bracelet, Charm Bracelets, and many more.

Cuff Diamond Bracelets are an elegant piece of art which goes exceptionally well with outfits during a special event. The name suggests the pattern of this bracelet. It is available in the form of transparent white diamonds which have been placed in the form of a cuff. But apart from the transparent diamonds used another very popular type of cuff diamond bracelets are the use of multi color diamonds. Colored diamonds may be used to give a radiant outlook to the bracelet.

If you are looking for something innovative and have a budget constraint Tungsten Diamond Bracelet is the one for you. Popular among the youngsters small pieces of diamonds embedded on tungsten steel can be adorned by both women and men.

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Conclusion Thoughts

Bracelets not only make an exceptionally brilliant gift option but also stand out the best amongst the crowd. Gifting your significant other something thoughtful and cherishing the strong bond between the two individuals on the anniversary day will make your partner fall in love with you all over again. So this wedding anniversary date steals the spotlight. Gift your partner an amazing diamond bracelet signifying the bond of commitment and eternity. The gesture of love combined with a diamond bracelet will definitely be able to make your special day a little more special.

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