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Astonishing Cuts For Diamond Earrings

Looking for a pair of endorsing and ravishing diamond earrings? Choosing the right diamond earring can be slightly overwhelming owing to the large availability of the choices which are available in the market. But making the investment in the right pair is very essential as diamond earrings are an asset for life. The resplendent diamonds executing the shiny sparkles around itself make it worth the praise.

Diamonds are often closely associated with the symbol of majesty and aristocracy. The hardest crystals have successfully been able to place themselves within the paradigm of timeless dimension. Adorning yourself with a transcendentally impressive pair of diamond earrings will be able to steal the gaze of everyone. However, before choosing the pair of diamond earrings it is highly essential to have basic knowledge of the different kinds of cuts that are used on the diamonds.

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Why are Cuts for Diamond Earrings Important?

Cuts play a very key significant role in shaping the outlook of the diamond earring. It also has a significant influence on the price of diamond earrings. Cuts possess the quality to bring out the glossy element of the diamond as well as they can also create an illusion of a bigger-sized diamond for a relatively smaller carat size. So before choosing the cut we need to focus on two important criteria:

Quality of the Cut

Grading of the cut quality is one of the most key essential criteria because it influences the quality and the degree of efficiency of the cut. The higher the quality of grading of a particular cut the more proportional and symmetrical the cut is going to be. The better the symmetry and proportionality of the cut the higher the radiance and reflectance of the diamond is going to be. The illumination of shine and sparkle is going to be immensely dictated by the kind of cut and the quality of the cut that is used on the diamond.

A bigger diamond will help in expressing more shine owing to the higher degree of cut that is used in such diamonds. On a larger piece of diamond, the use of cut can be more professionally implemented as a result of which the brilliance and shine that is executed are marvelous.

However, if you are opting for a simplistic diamond earring such as 0.5 carats or 0.33 carat of diamond stud earring, in such cases the small size of the diamond will not have much influence on the cut that is used. It is advisable not to obsess yourself with highly intricate cuts on smaller-sized diamonds. The only key feature you should look at before purchasing your diamond earring is the radiance and the dazzling impact that your diamond executes.

Shape of the Cut

Apart from the quality of the cut used on the diamonds another important consideration is going to be the shape of the cut that is used on the diamond. The shape of the cut will influence the price of

the diamond earring and therefore the more intricate the cut is going to be the more expensive your diamond earring is going to be. The shape of the cut is going to be indefinitely visible on a larger diamond as compared to a smaller-sized diamond.

There are predominantly three shapes that are commonly available in the market. The three most common geometric shapes of cut for diamond earrings available are round, oval, and rectangular shapes. Each shape has its unique quality and influences the outlook of the person. While the rectangular cut will look better on people, a broader face on the other hand oval or round shapes will go along well with a comparatively thinner face.

Different kind of Cuts used on Diamond Earrings

There is a wide variable range of cuts that are used on the diamond earrings. However, the three most predominant cuts which are used on the diamond earrings are the oval, round, rectangular and triangular cuts.

Oval Cut

Oval Cut diamond earrings

Oval cut comprises a branch of other cuts which very closely resemble that of the shape of an oval. It involves the marquise cut, the pear cut, and also the heart cut.

Oval cut as the name suggests which has a geometric appearance to that of an oval which is going to be circular in nature and will closely look like the round cut. The oval diamond earrings make a visual delusion of a bigger diamond size for the same carat.

Marquise cut is very similar to that of oval cut. The only remarkable difference between the cut is the two ends of the marquise cut will have a pointed finish which makes the diamond look even bigger. The pointed ends are surrounded and well protected by the kind of setting used on the diamond, preventing it from hurting the earlobe.

The pear cut is the conglomeration of both the oval as well as the marquise cut. It has an overall outlook as that of an oval however it has one pointed end making it look like a pear.

Heart cut which has a resemblance to that of pear cut, where the diamond is slightly parted at the middle on one end of the rounded side. The heart cut doesn’t give an impression of a bigger size diamond, unlike the oval cut.

Round Cut

Round cut diamond earrings

One of the most popular cuts which are used on diamonds is the round cut. A round cut that brings out the extravagance from the diamond with the intricate cut that is used amplifies the radiance and brilliance from the diamond. Round cut diamond earrings will bring out the maximum level of shine from the diamond making it look extraordinarily beautiful.

Rectangular Cut

Rectangular Cut diamond earrings

Within the paradigm of rectangular cut, there are different kinds of cut that are used on the diamonds. Few most populous cuts such as the princess cut, emerald cut, cushion cut, and the Asscher cut.

Princess-Cut is one of the most widely used rectangular cuts which has been designed in a manner keeping in mind of executing the maximum illumination and brilliance from the diamond. With symmetrical edges, the princess cut has been in demand for ages now. It will bring out the shine and beauty of the diamond making you look spectacular.

Emerald cut falls in the next line of succession and is placed immediately after the rectangular cut. The rectangular-designed emerald cut is yet another popular choice. However, the only distinguishable difference is that the emerald cut doesn’t enhance the beauty of the diamond as that of the princess cut.

Very similar to that of the Emerald cut, the Asscher Cut has a perfectly symmetrical square cut along the four edges. On the other hand, the Cushion cut has a similar appearance to that of a rectangle; however, in such a cut the corners are rounded instead of having sharp edges.

Triangular Cut

Triangular Cut diamond earrings

Triangular cuts which are also called trillion cut or trilliant cut are the most popular triangular-shaped diamond cuts which are used. In such a cut the three sides of the diamond are proportional in length. Although there can be a variability in the length in certain cases, it is not common.

Depending upon your own choice and likability you can opt for the one that you need. The sides or ends of the diamond can have a rounded appearance as well as a pointed appearance. The pointed ends are well protected by the setup which is used in the earring.

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The Ultimate Verdict

There is a wide availability of different kinds of cut which are used on the diamonds. However, choosing the right cut is extremely important. The cut used on the diamond will outshine your appearance and outlook. Before choosing the final diamond earring it is important to look at the different available options which you have and then make your decision accordingly. 

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