Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Make a Bold Statement With Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Breaking the shackles of the stereotypical society, black diamonds are now becoming the modern sensation. With the evolution of the thought process, there has been a vivid change in the taste and preferences of the public. Colorless transparent diamonds which have been in very high demand for centuries are now closely followed up by the eccentric beauty of the captivating black diamonds. Grading itself slightly lower on the scale of purity, black diamonds are the second most popular diamond choice among the public.

Black diamonds have a long history attached to them. Presently considered as the “Fancy Black”, the black diamonds were once considered to be an outskirt in the society bringing about death and misfortune. Being held within the lower stratum based on its historical background, black diamonds have now come along a long way.

Black diamonds have regained their virtue since the late 20th century. when jewelers started looking at it as a valuable asset that can set new standards within the industry. The dramatic outlooks of the black diamond owing to the inclusions have since then started becoming a fashion statement. A magnificent piece of dazzling dark-colored black diamond with a set of small beads of transparent white diamond-paved along its edges makes the ring look absolutely stunning.

Over the recent years, the trend of black diamond rings has been coping up in the fashion industry. The exposure of the sanctimonious altruistic engagement rings with black diamond accents is now being popularized by movies and celebrities. The dramatic appearance of the Black Diamond engagement ring in the popular Hollywood movie Sex in the City 2 has been a major turn up for the industry of black diamond.

Overview of Black Diamond

It is a very common question that comes to mind while thinking of black diamond as the color. Setting itself at par from the transparent white diamond, black diamonds have been formed in a very similar manner as that of the transparent diamonds. However, the only striking difference between the two is the presence of inclusions in black diamonds which imparts the dark color to the diamond.

Inclusions play a very important major dynamic role in imparting the dark color to the diamond. Although inclusions maybe sometimes considered as interior imperfections as it lowers the grade of diamond on the scale of purity, such inclusions play a significant role in making the diamond look black. Inclusions of large quantities of minute mineral particles such as pyrite, graphite, or even hematite during the process of crystallization have resulted in the black color in the diamond. Black diamonds also include several fractures which can also impart the color black to the stone and sometimes it is also because of the process of graphitization.

These additional inclusions lower the grade of the diamond imparting a strong dark color to the crystal. Diamonds are generally the hardest stone available and the durability of diamonds is extremely high. But as compared to the transparent diamonds, the black diamonds are slightly fragile although their durability as compared to other gemstones is way more committed. As a result of which black diamond although it may appear bigger in size as compared to the transparent diamond but will still be comparatively cheaper than pure transparent diamonds. Therefore, if you have a clutch on your budget black diamond makes a perfect choice in that case.

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Black Diamond as Engagement Rings

Black Diamonds make a perfect engagement ring if you want to set the bar thus by bringing about a revolution in the common thought process of the masses. The dark emphasizing black color of the diamond with delicate fractures and inclusions in it making it slightly fragile is a brilliant option for an engagement ring.

Black diamonds are very hard to handle. The delicate gemstone is tedious to cut, shape, design, and polish making the ring look an absolute wonder when adorned. A black diamond engagement ring with small transparent pure diamonds encircling the astounding beauty will make the ring highly praiseworthy.

Paved Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Paved black diamond engagement rings make a brilliant option owing to their spectacular look. The stunning art of the metalwork with dramatic diamond setting paved along the sides of the metal surrounding the large piece of black diamond looks marvelous.

Milgrained Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Milgrained Black Diamond Engagement Ring

A black diamond engagement ring in the shape of a migraine is also a very popular and common design. Very similar to that of a paved engagement ring, 14 accents of transparent diamonds are mounted on the metal surrounding the black diamond giving a high appreciable visual appearance. The contrast between the black and the small transparent diamonds looks stunning on the engagement ring.

Shank Halo Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Shank Halo Black Diamond Engagement Ring

An endorsing circular piece of black diamond situated at the center with its edges surrounded by small beads of transparent diamonds makes the ring a piece of art. Commonly used 0.16 carats of small transparent diamonds that surround the striking black diamond, the contrast between the two gives a jaw-dropping look.

Tapered Halo Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Tapered Halo Black Diamond Engagement Ring

The petite halo design consisting of 0.32 carats of transparent diamonds encircling the centerpiece of black diamond giving a distinct vibrant contrasting look to the ring is an absolute beauty. The diamonds have been aligned in such a manner that it provides a prominent feature to the ring.

Raised Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Raised Black Diamond Engagement Ring

The accentuated feature of black diamond placed slightly in an angular manner giving an appearance of raised gemstone placed on the metal surrounded by small paved transparent diamonds makes the engagement ring look extremely beautiful.

There is a huge variety of options that is available for you to choose from among the black diamond engagement rings. Therefore, if you are wondering to make a bold decision by choosing a black diamond as your engagement ring, have a holistic approach towards the availability of choices.

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Black diamond engagement rings look an absolute eloquent beauty when coupled with accentuated small transparent diamonds. The black diamonds which are now being progressively becoming a fashion statement make an extraordinary engagement ring. The classy edgy eccentric color of black diamond makes a bold dynamic icon as an engagement ring. So, this festive season if you want to make your bold statement opt for the gorgeous black diamond engagement ring.

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