Touch of Modernity on the Classical Vintage Styled Cushion Cut Earring

With a variety of options which are now widespread in the market, buying the perfect pair of diamond earring can be slightly overwhelming. But, given that the joy which is brought by the right choice of earring is immeasurable. Are you wondering which kind of earring should you go for? We got you covered. In this article, we are going to discuss the cushion cut diamond earrings and give a detailed analysis about everything you should know about the cushion cut diamond earring.

What is Cushion Cut Diamond Earring?

Cushion Cut Earring

Before knowing anything about the shape and pattern of this particular kind of diamond earring, it is very essential to understand what cushion shaped diamond earring is. With the touch of modern alteration to the old mine cut, cushion shaped diamond earrings have the perfect blend of modernity as well as vintage outlook associated with itself. Mine cut, which was very commonly used and a very popularized design, cushion shaped diamond earring owe its originality to the vintage grips of mine cut which was a very commonly used shape during the Victorian as well as Georgian Era.

As the name suggests, the cushion shaped diamond exhibits an outlook that looks similar to a cushion. The square shaped diamond with rounded corners is similar to cushions, and such earrings have been gaining popularity gradually in the market. Such a kind of diamond cut comprises larger facets although the cuts which have been used are not as prominent as other types of diamond earrings such as round cut or the princess cut diamonds. As a result of which cushion diamonds will not be able to present a very high level of brilliance as compared to the cuts as mentioned.

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What do you need to consider while buying Cushion Cut Diamonds?

Cushion Cut Earring

With the difference and variation in taste and preference, Cushion Cut Diamonds are often preferred by the ones who want the touch of subtleness associated with the diamond earring. Although there is proper guidance on the kind of cushion cut diamond one should be purchasing, there is a generalized guideline which needs to be adhered to while purchasing the cushion cut diamond earring.


The most important consideration before purchasing cushion cut diamond earring is the length to width ratio. Depending upon the ratio of the diamond one can classify cushion cut diamond as a square or perfectly square or rectangular in shape. Looking for a classic square shaped cushion cut diamond earring? The ratio in such a scenario is going to be between 1.00 and 1.09. On the other hand if you are willing to go for a cushion cut diamond earring which resembles almost to the shape of a rectangle, the ratio is going to be 1.15 and 1.5.

Choosing the kind of cushion cut diamond for yourself will solely depend upon the personal choice and preference of the individual. However, it is generally seen that people who prefer cushion cut diamonds have a tendency of choosing very slightly rectangular shaped cut diamond earring with a ratio which varies between 1.15 and 1.2. Along with considering the ratio of the diamond one also needs to consider the depth percentage. The most preferable depth percentage and table percentage of cushion cut diamond is usually under 70%.


One of the most important considerations before purchasing a diamond is having the adequate knowledge about the Golden 4Cs rule. The 4cs indicate Color, Clarity, Cart and Cut. It is advisable when you are choosing the color of the diamond earring you should go for those cushion cut diamonds which have a color grading from H and above.

While looking at the clarity of diamonds, one particular thing should be noted. While choosing the cushion cut diamond choose the diamond which has a comparatively higher degree of clarity because cushion cut diamond exposes more flaws as compared to other cuts. Choose a higher efficiency with the touch of a higher degree of precision for the cushion cut while looking at the cut of the diamond.

Lastly, for the carat weights of the diamond choose the diamond which will make you feel the most comfortable. After going by a thorough analysis of the previous three important factors you will be able to decide the carat weight which you are willing to choose. It will totally depend upon your personal taste and preference.

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What kind of metal will go best along with the cushion cut diamond earring?

Once you have finalized the cushion cut diamond the next important question that now arises is what kind of metal should you be choosing? Let us give a quick insight about the kind of metals which will look absolutely stunning when paired with cushion cut diamond.

Metals like white gold and platinum owing to their color will look marvelous on cushion cut diamond. The subtle touch of metal will allow the diamond to shine with its brilliant exquisiteness. While on the other hand, choosing metals like yellow or rose gold will add contrasting color to your diamond earring making it shine bright even in the crowd giving a slightly dramatic outlook to the earring.

Word of Caution

You will come across various sites having a variety of collections of cushion-cut diamond earrings. However, before making your purchase always look at the authenticity of the site. It is also advisable to keep a number of options before finalizing the one you are willing to purchase.

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