Crushed Icy White Diamonds

Crushed Ice Diamond: The Upcoming Great Thing To Celebrate

Crushed Icy White Diamonds

Diamonds have a plethora of cuts. From the vintage old mine cut to the modern radiant cut, each diamond cut has its charm and vibe that cannot be matched or replicated. Though there does exist a certain cut that makes the most use of the refractive and reflective properties of the diamond while not straying away from changes to the all-over cut, and that is modified ‘crushed ice’ diamond cut.

Crushed ice diamond cut can be obtained in almost every standard diamond cut- princess, oval, marquise, pear, etc, but appears most commonly in cushion cut diamonds.

These diamonds are also called modified cushion-cut diamonds and are widely known for their ‘broken glass’ or ‘crushed ice’ like appearance. At first glance it may look like this diamond is made from joining two or more diamonds to make a whole new diamond, but that is not the case. Crushed ice diamonds are deliberately cut in this way by the diamond cutter.

They are quite similar to radiant cut when it comes to their awe-inspiring brilliance. Its uniquely shattered glass effect provides a disorganized, chaotic, and scattered effect of brightness and radiance. The pattern, when viewed from the top, is not perceptible. This gives the diamond a one-of-a-kind, a kaleidoscopic effect that is incomparable to all the other cuts out there.

These icy white diamonds have a gorgeous modern messy look that is favored by a lot of people in jewelry.

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4Cs of ice diamond

When it comes to the 4Cs of ice diamond guided by GIA, there aren’t any fixed guidelines. They follow similar guidelines to cushion cuts since the majority of crushed ice diamonds are present in cushion cuts.

CARAT: Ice diamonds tend to look relatively larger than their present carat weight. They look larger than other cushion cut diamonds of the same carat as well.

CLARITY: When it comes to how clear ice diamonds are, they tend to have more inclusions than most diamond cuts. While regular cushion cut diamonds do a poor job at hiding those inclusions, the ice diamonds do an excellent job in hiding them.

CUT: Cut of the diamond defines how well it corresponds to the light around it and the light that enters it. The small base cuts of ice diamond result in the overall disorganized and scattered dazzle of the diamond.

COLOR: Just like regular cushion cut diamonds, crushed ice diamonds too retain the color more. The tiny cuts at the base enhance the appearance of the color. But the cuts also make sure that the color isn’t that visible due to the scintillation.

Like cushion cut diamonds, crushed ice diamonds too come in a variety of squares and rectangles. Though the best-crushed ice diamonds are those which have a length to width ratio of 1.0-1.2.

It is important to keep in mind that the 4Cs do not define a diamond as a whole, rather the qualitative checks. A diamond with a lower color grade might have an excellent cut that might result in the cut overpowering the color and make the diamond appear white. What matters is the diamond that catches your eyes and pleases your appeal more than how perfect it is.

Why are crushed ice diamonds a great and quirky option?

Crushed Icy White Diamonds

Apart from their unparalleled brilliance and appearance, crushed ice diamonds also offer a lot more pros.

Crushed ice diamonds are much sparklier and offer more scintillation than regular diamonds.

Due to their cut, not only are they amazing at hiding their inclusions but they also do a great job at covering up warmer toned diamonds. 

This would mean that you can opt for the lower grade diamond but receive almost the same quality in appearance and scintillation as that of a higher grade diamond, therefore get a greater quality appearance and pay less.

Crushed ice diamonds are easily more affordable than most of the other cuts in consideration of the fact that most of the rough diamond is used to get a crushed ice diamond as the result of minimal wastage. In fact, compared to regular cushion cuts, a crushed ice cushion cut diamond can cost up to 15% less.

The brilliance of a crushed ice diamond is unparalleled. This cut provides maximum brilliance, scintillation, and fire. And considering the price of the diamond, you’ll end up paying considerably less for a much sparklier diamond.

Crushed ice diamond is the perfect blend of enchanting vintage vibe with modern exactness and accuracy. So if you are looking for a diamond that balances both past and present with chaos, then crushed ice diamonds are the perfect diamonds for you

Regular Cushion Cut Diamond vs. Crushed Ice Cut Diamond

The cushion cut diamond features both these wonderful styles. The only thing common about both these diamonds is the general cut they both are available in- cushion cut.

Regular cut diamonds, also called chunky cut diamonds, have clear and distinguished cuts. When looked at from the top, the lines are straight and direct. Their brilliance is at times similar to the brilliance of round brilliant diamonds. Because of these factors, they are also one of the ancient cuts of diamonds, similar to the old miner cut.

Crushed ice diamonds have a broken, shattered appearance when seen from the top, with no distinguished cut lines. These messy cuts give the diamond a disorganized sparkling dazzle. They also have a flash of better brilliance and a kaleidoscopic appearance compared to the structured brilliance of regular cushion cut diamonds.

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Modified ‘HYBRID’ Cushion Cut

Crushed ice diamonds are modified cushion cut diamonds themselves. The cut makes them sparkle a lot and light up the room when worn. But what if you are looking for a diamond with crushed ice but are not liking the intense brilliance? There is a solution for that as well.

Modified hybrid cushion cut diamonds are a recent addition to the world of diamond cuts. They are a ‘hybrid’ between crushed ice diamonds and brilliant cushion cut diamonds with the facet patterns of the former and facet style of the latter.

The modified facets of the Hybrid cushion cut feature more sparkle and fire with the distinct linearity of the cut patterns. When viewed from the top, the cuts appear clean and neat.

Their overall brilliance is more than that of regular chunky cushion cut diamonds but less than that of crushed ice diamonds. Similar to both the cuts, the Hybrid cushion cut has a larger size for its carat value.

Modified Hybrid Cushion cut diamonds are perfect for people who want to obtain the pros of both the other types of cushion cut diamonds. It still has a classy vibe with a modern touch and a little extra glitter.

The Best Setting For Icy Jewelry

One of the best things about cushion cut diamonds is how versatile they tend to be. This property extends towards the crushed ice diamond as well. No matter what kind of jewelry it is, once it features ice diamonds, its vibe is unmatched and unique with its exquisite and uncommon dazzle and glitter.

Crushed ice cushion cut diamonds can be featured in a lot of jewelry designs. Pendants with a crushed icy diamond will have an intense and sharp appearance. Sitting in the middle of your chest, they will have maximum exposure to light and hence will refract and reflect a maximum of that light making them attention-grabbing.

Engagement rings with crushed ice diamonds will grab the attention of anyone who’d look at your hands. The icy ring as such will be glamorous and dramatic.

A pair of icy earrings having crushed ice diamonds will make a bold statement on their own and make you stand out for wearing them.

Crushed ice diamonds are known for their incredible brilliant ad scintillation. Opting for jewelry that features a single ice diamond such as a solitaire ring or a pair of studs featuring only crushed ice diamonds will add a certain unique flair to your outfit and personality.

When it comes to the metal that crushed ice diamonds need to be set on, white gold is the best option. The icy stone-cold finish of the white gold would highly complement the icy vibe of the diamond making them perfect for each other like puzzle pieces.

If you are looking for a little more drama with these icy diamonds, then to give a contrast to your icy jewelry, try the option for yellow gold. The warmth of the yellow gold would be the opposite of the icy nature of the crushed ice diamond and still make the jewelry look elegant and graceful.

But if what you have in mind is something that screams vintage, then rose gold is right up your alley. The vintage vibe of rose gold with the vintage vibe of the crushed ice diamond will make a piece of jewelry so unique, just for you.

Prong settings are the best when it comes to what is supposed to hold down the diamond. Crushed ice diamond is all about its brilliance and emphasizes that prongs do the best job. They allow maximum light to enter the diamond and make your icy earring pair or icy ring to be the center of attention.

Bezel settings are best to be avoided as the metal strips that surround the diamond to hold it down also block the light entry into the diamond. This causes the diamond to appear dull and comparatively lifeless.

No matter what setting or metal you chose to pair up with crushed ice diamond, you are bound to have heads turned to have a second, or maybe even a third look.

Checklist Of Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Icy Jewelry

When it comes to ice diamonds, it is quite easy to find yourself clueless and not knowing what exactly you are supposed to buy. There are certain things to keep in mind when it comes to buying crushed ice diamonds.

Cushion-cut crushed ice diamonds retain color. Though the final product has gorgeous flashes that conceal the color quite well.

Crushed ice diamond works great when combined with gold, especially white gold and yellow gold. Yellow gold offers a traditional and classic look while white gold enhances the entire icy appeal of the diamond, which makes the white gold a much more popular choice.

When it comes to cushioning cut crushed ice diamonds, the best shape and size are near squares with a length to width ratio of 1.0-1.2. The symmetrical appearance enhances the messy look of the diamond and makes it eye-catching and appealing.

Crushed ice diamonds have a variety of stones that are crushed ice but not brilliant or flashy. They have a dull, watery, slushy, and defective appearance. Not as bright as a crushed ice diamond with a good cut and proper finishing, the slushy watery crushed ice diamond has a dim brilliance. This dim and dull appearance is caused by an imperfect cut of the diamond which causes the light to ‘leak’ when refracted within.

Ideally, in a crushed ice diamond, the light, once entered, has to refract at least three to four times before it escapes out. But in a faulty crushed ice diamond, the light will ‘leak’ off the sides after getting refracted once or twice. This causes an overall loss in its signature brilliance and makes the diamond look lusterless.

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Concluding, if you are looking for a diamond that has an air of vintage glamour while also fitting the standards of modern time, crushed ice diamond is just the right fit for you. Crushed ice diamond has such a unique and distinctive cut that makes each crushed ice diamond unique in its own right. No two crushed ice diamonds are similar in any way, but the overall brilliance.

Like mentioned before, the 4Cs do not dictate the beauty of the diamond. The beauty of the diamond is entirely independent and quirky. The shape and length to width ratio of the diamond carry a lot more weight in the total appeal of the diamond than the 4Cs. The beautiful dynamic of crushed ice diamonds makes it an incredibly unique fit for a unique person who is supposed to wear them.

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