Cushion Cut Diamond Earrings

Cushion Cut Diamond Earrings: An Essence Of The Past

A glimpse from the magnificent glory of the past with an essence of absolute astonishment, cushion-cut diamonds will make it an authentic way to plunge through your heart and develop a special place at the bottom of your heart. Precious diamonds of the world such as the Hope Diamond, the Regent Diamond, and the entire collection of diamonds making the Napoleon Diamond Necklace ironically have one common distinguishing feature in them. They are all cushion cut diamonds, a designing style that has been popularized since the nineteenth century.

Absolute wonder of subtle cushion cut diamonds makes the diamond exhibit a phenomenal glamour. Notably, the Hope Diamond which is of 45.52 carats in total, the Regent Diamond is 140.64 carats, and lastly the Napoleon Necklace weighs 263 carats in total. It is the precise swift cushion cut which helps in bringing out the shine and sparkle adding new life to the diamond.

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Evolution of the Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion Cut Diamond Earrings

The cushion cut diamond owes its origin to the old mine cut. These old mine cuts were commonly found and used amongst the early diamond mines located in Brazil. The 58 facet cut was the most commonly used design which was used and preferred for all types of diamonds until that of the late nineteenth century. Owing to the explicitness of this vintage cut design cushion cut has now been placed within the paradigm of timeless dimension.

Morphology of the Cushion Cut

When you intently try to understand the anatomy of the cushion cut diamond a generalized question will strike your mind. You will simply wonder what makes a cushion cut diamond sparkle. As mentioned before, the 58 facets introduced in the cut is one of the most astonishing features of the diamond. But apart from the facets, yet another striking feature about the cushion cut diamond is the diamond’s fire which plays a significant role in shaping the diamond. The diamond cut has a crown-like appearance at the top with a deep paved pavilion at the bottom. The square-shaped diamond has rounded smooth edges resembling that of a pillow.

Apart from the above mentioned feature one of the most awe striking features about cushion is the absence of a well prescribed guideline for the cut. The lack of a structured guideline makes every cushion cut diamond unique from each other. The variations in availability of the cushion diamonds is closely associated with the difference in names such as modified cushions, crushed ice cushion cut, classic cushions, and others.

How can you adorn a cushion cut diamond earring?

The brilliant feature about the cushion cut diamond is the versatility is closely knitted with it. Not only does cushion cut diamond look exorbitant in earrings but also looks absolutely wondrous as a form of engagement ring as well as on pendants. Wearing a cushion cut diamond as any typical form of ornament is always going to be a definite success in lighting up the aura of the room.

Adorning a magnificent piece of cushion cut diamond is bound to be the talk of the room amongst the crowd. Be prepared to dazzle up the evening by adorning a classic vintage cushion cut diamond earring and steal the spot completely to yourself. Setting itself apart from the more common typical standard round shaped, princess, oval shaped or even asscher cut; cushion cut diamond earrings will lead its way owing to the uniqueness and exclusive look it exhibits.

A slender long chic dress with tied hair or even open hair associated with a pair of stilettos or the way you feel like adorning your cushion cut diamond earring will elevate your presence in the room. The unique specialty of cushion cut diamond earring is that it will not only look stunning with a modern flashy outfit but it will also look endorsing over a traditional ethnic outfit.

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Simple Diamond Stud Cushion Cut Earring

Simple Diamond Stud Cushion Cut Earring

If you are looking for something simplistic yet elegant having the minimalist touches to it, a simple diamond stud cushion cut earring is going to fulfill your purpose. The elegance demonstrated by the classic subtle cushion cut of the diamond when coupled with ingenious white gold will allow the diamond to radiate and shine in the best possible manner. The profoundness of using white gold is, it will never outshine the beauty of the diamond and will also never be a distraction. Hollywood icons such as Audrey Hepburn, who outshined herself by adorning a pair of cushion cut diamond earrings.

Halo Cushion Cut Diamond Earring

Halo Cushion Cut Diamond Earring

If your desire is to set yourself all out and make a jaw dropping entry to an event, then fashion icon Marilyn is going to be your motivation. Garner the attention of the people by embellishing a pair of halo pave cushion cut diamond earrings. You can add more drama to the earring by associating it with classic yellow gold. The contrast pop of color will not only make your earring shine bright but will also make you look ravishing.


The touch of old with the minimalist approach, make your appearance exclusive with a pair of cushion cut diamond earrings. Cushion cut diamonds with its elite appearance will help you elevate your confidence in any event making you look ravishing and help you sparkle in the dark.

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