Customize Your Own Rose Gold Wedding Band

Customize Your Own Rose Gold Wedding Band

Considered as one of the most spectacular base metals, rose gold has been gaining immense popularity since the past few decades. The spectacular color is highly a fashion statement in contemporary society. The norm of using platinum or white gold as the base metal for the wedding ring has been shifting its dynamic. With the growing popularity of this sweet romantic colored base metal people are now looking for alternative options. Rose gold symbolizes the color of love blended with harmony and peace makes a perfect choice for a wedding ring.

New modern couples are now emphasizing on the incorporation of this sweet yet dazzling color base metal as their wedding ring with sparkling diamonds embedded on top.  Setting apart from the traditional customized engagement ring rose gold rings outshines its beauty in the most spectacular manner. With the touch of an antique and unique look to it, if you are in search of something captivating, a rose gold wedding ring with intricately designed diamonds mounted on top of it is the most accurate choice. It will not only look elegant but will also reinforce the feelings of love and belonging.

One of the biggest advantages of rose gold wedding rings is you have the liberty to customize your own wedding ring. Therefore, on the basis of your choice and preference you can incorporate the changes you desire to bring about. Customized rose gold wedding rings are a true symbol of love. Here are some ideas for your customized rose gold wedding ring.

Vintage Rose Gold Wedding Ring

Vintage Rose Gold Wedding Ring

Vintage-inspired rose gold wedding rings never go out of trend. Have a strong inclination towards the Victorian or the Edwardian Era? You can incorporate the antique designs of those prosperous eras in your own wedding ring. Vintage rose gold wedding rings are a standard choice because the antique designs are evidently brought out on the surface of the base metal. An antique design on rose gold looks marvelous.

Wondering how you can incorporate the outstanding designs of the two dimensionless eras in your own wedding ring? We got you covered on that. If you are willing to go for a design inspired from the Edwardian Era, incorporating the intricate complex designs of floral and mil-grain would make your ring look outstanding. Small diamonds are then mounted on the raised borders surrounding the mil-grain giving it a flawless look. For, the Victorian Era opting for leaves or vines in the design with small dot diamonds embedded along the edges of the leaves or on the vines gives a highly elegant look.

Solitary Rose Gold Diamond Wedding Ring

Solitary Rose Gold Diamond Wedding Ring

The classic traditional solitaire rose gold diamond wedding ring will always be top-notch. The extravagance with the blend of sophistication makes the ring highly versatile engaging the gaze of everyone. Although, channel set diamond rings comprising sets of diamonds have an aura of their own nothing matches with the magnificent solitaire diamond ring.

One single magnanimous shining diamond fixed at the center of the ring makes a brilliant choice of wedding ring. Solitaire rings have been the preferred wedding ring for many since ages. The classic styled ring never goes out of fashion as it emphasizes on the bond of uniqueness.

One majestic diamond placed at the center of the ring paired with rose gold elevates the entire standard of the ring. Owing to its elegant and aristocratic look, a solitaire ring can be worn alone. It is ought to be the center of attraction on your wedding day and goes perfectly well with the wedding outfit.

Streamlined Rose Gold Wedding Ring

Streamlined rose gold wedding bands are slightly under-rated. The chic sleek design of the band with a set of diamonds mounted on the band looks exceptional. The channel set of diamonds arranged in a series embedded on the gorgeous rose gold is highly admirable. Depending upon your preference you can customize the carat size of the diamonds. The inclusion of more diamonds will make your budget slightly expensive.

Quite different from that of a solitaire diamond ring, a streamlined rose gold wedding ring makes a brilliant choice for a wedding band. If you are opting for something different, a series of small black diamonds embedded on the rose gold will further elevate the standard of the ring. A center line of black diamond with the combination of rose gold looks marvelous and will definitely be the stealer of several gazes.

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Rose Gold Wedding Ring with a Set of Five Diamonds

One diamond seems to be a little boring for you? You can now opt for something dramatic yet highly engaging as a wedding ring. A set of quintet diamonds mounted on top of the rose gold makes the wedding ring extremely eye catching. Five big distinct diamonds skillfully crafted upon the chic rose gold makes the ring look very versatile. However, you can change the carat of the diamond depending upon your own choice and budget. The standard carat size of the ring is, it comprises diamonds of 1/10 carat each.

Rose Gold Wedding Ring with Swirl of Diamonds

A very unique shape of the wedding ring rose gold diamond wedding rings can be customized into different shapes and patterns. An arc-like feature with a swirl pattern where the diamonds are embedded following the design pattern looks highly fashionable and modernized going by the standards of contemporary society. Giving the shape of an infinity symbol, the ring reinforces romance with the blend of modernity in it. Such diamond rings can also be further customized. You can also opt for the inclusion of multi-colored diamonds placed in the manner of a ribbon shaped.

Rose Gold Wedding Ring with Rows of Diamonds

If you are looking for something highly sparkly rose gold wedding ring with rows of diamond is the call for you. Stacks of diamonds arranged in rows giving a massive outlook to the ring blended with a level of proficiency and elegance in it the ring brings out the shine and sparkles from the set of small diamonds embedded in the ring. A small bead of diamonds stacked in rows brings out the right proportion of sparkle making the ring look absolutely gorgeous when worn.

Rose Gold Wedding Band with Distinctive Bold Shaped Diamonds

Rose Gold Wedding Band with Distinctive Bold Shaped Diamonds

There is no rule set for how your wedding band is going to look like. It is your day to cherish the bond of togetherness with a lifetime commitment of love and security for your partner. Therefore, set yourself apart from the common notions of wedding band. A bold shaped diamond wedding ring shaped in the form of an eternity ring with a clear big distinctive set of diamonds paved on the edges of the rose gold gives a highly interesting look to the ring. Depending upon the carat size the bolder the diamonds will look on the ring giving an exquisite look to your wedding ring.

Rose Gold Wedding Band With Upside Down Diamonds

A typical design of a knife edge diamond ring is a spectacular choice for a wedding ring if you are looking for something out of the box. The sleek tender rose gold metal lining in the middle creates two dimensions in the ring. The diamonds are then mounted at the top and the bottom of the ring making the ring look highly classy and sophisticated.

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Conclusion Thoughts

Rose gold diamond wedding rings bring about the sweet gesture of love through its mesmerizing color. The modern trend of rose gold as base metal goes along well with not only bands but rose gold diamond sets, looks equally extravagant. Rose gold diamond sets of earrings, necklaces, bands, bracelets and many more are a popular choice in the present fashion industry. There are a number of options available in the market giving you the liberty to choose and match your wedding ring with any set of rose gold ornaments for your special day completing the look.

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