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Diamond Drop Earrings For The Perfect Occasion

Often considered as one of the most significant parts of the entire jewelry collection, earrings make an outfit shine in the best possible manner. Attached to the earlobes, earrings help to give perspective to even a simple outfit. It depends upon the taste and choice of the individual when it comes to picking up the best-suited earring for a special occasion. Diamond stud earrings are phenomenal and will definitely serve the purpose of giving the most glamorous look. There are different kinds of earrings and each earring has its own specialty associated with it. In this article, we are going to focus on the special design of the diamond drop earrings.

What purpose do earrings serve?

 With the passage of time, the significance of wearing earrings has been becoming significantly important. Earrings have become a symbol of embracing womanhood. The elegance that the pair of earrings exhibit creates a room for grace and sophistication. Regarded as the sign of unique identity earrings makes a woman look more confident thus embracing the delicate yet firm characteristics of women. When it comes to diamonds, earrings become a piece of art. The ornamental piece which is admired by many women adds confidence to their personality.

Diamond earrings have been a symbol of grace and a true paradise for women for decades now. Exhibiting a wondrous beauty, it is hard to find an ornamental beauty that can be compared with earrings. There is a wide range of earrings available in the market. Each of the earrings is unique in its own way and has been designed differently. Depending upon the carat and size of the diamond earrings the prices of the earrings are going to vary.

What is Diamond Drop Earrings?

drop earring

As the name suggests itself, diamond drop earrings are one of the most sparkling and captivating pair of diamond earrings. Very well closely connected with the name of the diamond earrings, drop earrings are the ones where the diamond attached to the earrings falls in the shape of a drop. In these kinds of pairs, the diamonds which are attached to the earrings make an appearance of a pear-like drop of the diamond that falls or drops from the earlobe.

Diamond Drop Earrings look spectacular when carried out with any kind of formal or ethnic outfit. Giving a spell-bounding appearance diamond drop earrings have been designed in such a manner that it holds the utmost capability of stealing the spotlight in the show. Most diamond drop earrings appear in one single piece. The diamonds are fitted in a manner that allows a little motion of the diamond as it drops from the earlobe.

There are certain exceptions where the earrings are not in a complete whole piece. In such cases, the diamonds which are attached to the earrings are kept hanging at the bottom. There are also earrings where the top part of the earring has accentuated diamonds embedded on the ring while the bottom part of the diamond is an eye-capturing dazzling piece of gemstone that falls from the earlobe.

In most of the diamond drop earrings, the earring comes as one whole piece. There is the availability of different sizes of diamond drop earrings. However, due to the inflexibility of the ring diamond drop earrings are not usually very big. But depending upon the carat size of the diamond the prices of the ring will vary invariably. As very similar to diamond drop earrings, if the diamond has been cut in the shape of a pear-like feature such earrings can be named teardrop earrings.

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Different Kinds of Drop Earrings

As mentioned earlier there is a wide range of availability of different kinds of drop earrings. However, the most commonly found drop earrings are diamond drop earrings. In this article, we are going to discuss the availability of some of the drop earrings present in the market.

Diamond Drop Earrings

Diamond Drop Earring

One of the most commonly available yet the most elegant pair of drop earrings are diamond drop earrings. The exquisite glamour exhibited by such earrings adds an additional wow factor to the entire range of collection to these kinds of earrings. Suitable for any kind of special occasion diamond drop earrings will make your appearance outshine everyone else present in the room.

The sumptuous piece of diamond which drops from the earlobe and is attached to the earring makes it absolutely splendid. One of the biggest advantages of such a ring is that diamond drop earrings are not very large. This makes the earring very comfortable to wear as it gives a subtle outlook to your appearance. Such earrings can also be custom-made as per the preference of the customer.

Apart from using only transparent pieces of diamonds, one can also choose colorful diamonds to show the beauty of the earrings. Colored diamonds such as furious red diamonds or princess-like pink diamonds and even blue or yellow diamonds can be used to make the earring look absolutely splendid.

Pearl Diamond Drop Earrings

Pearl Diamond Drop Earrings

Having a very similar concept to that of diamond drop earrings such kind of earrings makes the appearance very elusive in nature. The graciousness of the pearl adds a very fine element to the earring. In pearl drop diamond earrings the earrings are attached to magnificent pieces of pearls.

The earrings appear in one whole complete piece. In such an earring set, the top part of the earring has small pieces of diamonds arranged in the form of like hoop structure which is then attached to flawless-looking pearls at the bottom. One of the biggest advantages of pearl diamond hoop earrings is that the pearl adds flexibility to the ring. Unlike diamond drop earrings which are very inflexible pearls add motion to the ring.

There are different designs that are used in pearl diamond drop earrings. In some pearl diamond drop earrings, a single small piece of diamond is used on the top which remains attached to the earlobe while the bottom part is attached to one of the rarest pearls available. With the use of different availability of pearls, the price of the earrings will increase accordingly.

Filigree Drop Earrings

Filigree Drop Earrings

Filigree Drop Earrings are very different from the normal standardized diamond drop earrings as discussed above. These kinds of earrings possess the traditions of old heritage culture. The time symbolic-designed drop earrings hold sentimental and emotional values attached to them.

Designed in a very intricate manner, such earrings exhibit the fine designs which have been implemented by using gold. Creating an airy space in between the design filigree drop earrings is mostly done by a gold setting which is attached to a gypsy gemstone at the bottom of the ring.

Filigree drop earrings are available in different earring settings. However, the specialty of such earrings is that such drop earrings are made by the fine delicate use of gold. In such a set up white, yellow as well as rose gold settings are used to give out the traditional outlook from the ring. Attached itself to Amethyst, Garnet, and sometimes even Blue Topaz such earrings bring out the charismatic character.

What kind of metal setup goes along with Diamond Drop Earrings?

Nothing compares the endorsing scrumptious white gold base setting in a diamond drop earring. Whenever we use the term gold very frequently people associate it with yellow gold. However, the underrated white gold which is now being very commonly used as an alternative to platinum as it gives the same exterior outlook to that of platinum at a comparatively cheaper rate makes the earring look marvelous.

A four-to-sex prong setting used in the earring to hold the piece of the diamond together adds a striking feature to the ring. The small white gold base setting metal prongs add a touch of elegance and also acts as a functional element to the ring.

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Although there is a wide availability of diamond drop earrings in the market it is important to have some basic knowledge about the earring before you indulge yourself in buying an expensive ornament. It is no secret diamond earrings can be very pricey. Therefore, before buying keep the budget fixed. Diamond drop earrings are slightly hard to manage and thus before buying it is advisable to make a cautious decision.

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