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The Fashion Statement : Diamond Earrings for Women

One of the most captivating and versatile ornamental pieces available in the market diamond earrings has occupied a special place for themselves within our hearts. The final touch of perfection that is often associated with the diamond earrings makes it more explicit than the others. It can be called by different names, such as guilty pleasure or satisfaction of the soul or self-love or gesture of love for a loved person; we have often found ourselves to be mesmerized by the captivating powers of diamonds.

The shiny sparkly hard crystals have pierced through our hearts and have rightly occupied a special destination in our soul. Varying from simplistic to dramatic designs, diamond earrings are available all over the market. If you are willing to plunge yourself into the magical world of diamonds, this article will give you an insight into the different kinds of diamond earrings that are available in the market.

It is not always necessary to have an expensive budget. Diamonds are classified among the top most expensive jewelry available, however, if you take an intent look there is a variety of range in which diamonds are available, and accordingly to that the prices of the diamonds will vary.

In this article, we are going to discuss the different kinds of designs in which diamond earrings are available. We will also give you guidance on the basic kind of settings that are used in the diamond earrings. Apart from the two above-mentioned criteria, it is also important to have a brief knowledge of the kind of metals that are used in diamond earrings. We will try our best to solve the queries which you might be possessing.

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What are the kinds of settings which are used in the diamond earrings?

Diamond earrings have been skillfully crafted by incorporating different settings. Different setups make the earring unique and distinctive from each other. Settings in diamonds play a very crucial role because it depends upon the set up which dictates the firmness and grip of the diamond on the metal. Without any further ado let’s take a look into the different kinds of settings that are used in diamond earrings.

The Classic Prong Setting

Classic Prong Setting Diamond Earrings

One of the most iconic and classic settings which have been used for decades and never fails to go out of trend is the classic prong setting. Bringing about evolution in taste and preference in the fashion world prongs have never failed to fade their glory. Prongs are among the most popular choices of settings that are preferred by the customer owing to the final look that the setup exhibits.

Prong settings come in different variations and picking up the number of prongs depends upon the carat size of the diamond used in the earring. It will also depend upon the choice of an individual. Prongs are small metal-like clutches that hold the diamonds used in the earring in place.

The simple yet elegant looking prongs make the earring look ravenous. The most common prong setting is the use of four prongs which sometimes varies up to six prongs. Depending upon the size of the diamond used in the earring, the use of prongs will vary. In case if the diamonds used in the earrings are of smaller size even three-prong settings can also be used.

Basket Setting

Basket Setting Diamond Earrings

An astounding diamond setup used in the earrings is the basket setting. As can be deduced from the name of the setting itself, the metal has been shaped in the form of a basket. Within the basket loop, the diamond is placed which helps to provide security and firmness to the diamond.

The more modernized setup has been highly popularized in the market as customers prefer to opt for something more trendy and fashionable. The metal has been shaped in a manner such that it has a firm grip on the diamond which is attached to it. One of the biggest advantages of basket setting in diamond earrings is the comfort that the setup provides. It also acts as a shield thus preventing the earrings from digging into the earlobe.

In a basket setup, craftsmen use the screws and nut setting rather than using the old-fashioned push-back frictional setting. The push setting adds more functionality to the earring as it allows the individual to adjust the earring as per their own personal convenience.

Pave Setting

Pave Setting Diamond Earrings

A very common type of setting which has been used for decades now is the halo or the pave setting. A more traditional style of setting that is used in the diamond earring is the pave setting. Pave settings utilize and involve the use of clusters of small diamonds which have been bound together tightly to create an impression of one single large diamond.

A cluster or group of diamonds that look completely identical to each other are laid against each other. Small diamonds are placed parallel against one another without the minimum use of metal in the diamond creates an impression of a magnificent large diamond. This gives rise to an illustration of a paved outlook to the earring.

Paved settings are a major popular choice among the customers owing to the shine that the earrings demonstrate. The sharp cuts which have been used in the diamonds and the cluster of small diamonds in the earrings give an exceptional sparkle. Creating an illusion of a big diamond pave setting also helps the diamonds to coruscate.

Bezel Setting

Bezel Setting Diamond Earrings

If you are wanting something which can give a very traditional outlook to the earring bezel setting is the one for you. Bezel setting provides a very safe and secured holding to the diamond. The metal is shaped in a circular manner and the diamond is placed on the metal which encircles around the diamond. This helps the diamonds to hold onto a particular place. The metal provides a firm grip to the diamond adding security to the earrings.

The bezel setting has been customized with the purpose of providing utmost security to the diamond as the metal ring protects the diamond from accidental glitches. However, there is a slight downside to the bezel setting. It makes the diamond look smaller than the actual carat size as a part of the diamond gets hidden by the metal which encircles the diamond.

What kind of diamond earrings should you buy?

It is a very common question we often come across while deciding on the perfect diamond earring. However, it is important to understand there is no adequate answer to this question. One should have an earring that makes them comfortable and boosts their personality. There is a list of different kinds of earrings which are available in the market.

Martini Style

Martini Style Diamonds earrings

Martini-style diamond earrings fall among the rare designs which are preferred by consumers. The availability of such designed earrings is not as vast as compared to the other designed diamond earrings. The underlying reason for it is the unique shape of the earring. Martini-style diamond earrings reveal a design where the diamonds have been shaped in a conical manner and demonstrate a clean cut. The simplistic and minimalist nature of the earring makes them highly appreciable. Often with martini style, 3 prongs setting is associated with.

Chandelier Style

Chandelier Style Diamond Earrings

Very different from the above-mentioned diamond settings and style chandelier diamond earrings are for occasional purposes. If you want to make a dramatic entry into an event stealing the spotlight chandelier is the call for you.

Glamorous long diamond studded earrings shaped and designed in the form of chandeliers will make a dazzling appearance in any special event. The exceptional work of the craftsmen with miniature diamonds studded on the earring makes the earrings sparkle.

Diamond Hoop

Diamonds Hoop Earrings

Diamond hoops have been slowly gaining popularity over time. The circular-shaped earrings with diamonds studded on them give a very edgy trendy look to the person who is adorning them. Diamond hoops are available in different sizes varying from huggie diamond hoops to dramatic big diamond hoops. Diamond hoops make an iconic fashion statement and look stunning when worn.

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What kind of metal should you choose?

It is highly recommendable when you are choosing your diamond earring to opt for something which gives a very subtle look to the earring. White gold has been highly popularized in the modern era. Whenever gold is introduced we tend to fall back upon the traditional yellow gold. However, white gold makes a marvelous combination with that diamond. If you have a flexible budget you can also opt for classic platinum as this will give the same exterior to that of white gold.

Final Word

It completely depends upon your personal taste when you are buying diamond earrings. However, before buying look at the website from which you are buying and never make a hasty decision. Keep your options wide and it is advisable not to stick to only one particular website.

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