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Diamond Hoops To Satisfy Your Soul

If you are wondering whether to make your next purchase something special and out of the traditional norms of diamond studded earrings diamond hoops are going to make a perfect choice. One of the trendiest fashion statement diamond hoops with small distinctive and spectacular diamonds mounted on the base metal of subtle white gold or classic platinum will definitely win your heart. Varying over different sizes and shapes diamond hoops are widely available all over the market. If you are wondering, which type of diamond hoop will suit you the best we got you covered in this article?


Various Sizes of Diamond Hoops

Diamond hoops are mainly available in four different types of sizes ranging from the smallest to large hoops. Diamond hoops are an iconic fashion statement owing to its shine which it exhibits when worn. One of the biggest advantages of splurging into such an adventure will be the spotlight that you will be gaining. A little different from the traditional diamond earrings, diamond hoops not only go amazing with any kind of trendy, ethnic, or formal outfit but also will definitely be able to win the gaze of the public. With small-shaped diamonds placed in different kinds of settings, the earring has an aura of its own. Diamond hoops are not only available in transparent colorless diamond forms, but are also available in other colored diamonds.

Depending upon your style statement you can opt for the size of your desired diamond hoop. To make sure that you are choosing the right size of hoop make a cautious note about the kind of hoop size that goes well with your personality. There is a large variety from small-sized diamond hoops to the ones which cover the entire ear lobe.

The Huggie Sized Diamond Hoops

Huggie Sized Diamond Hoops

Considered one of the smallest diamond hoops of all, the huggie diamond hoops look exceptionally trendy when worn with formals. The huggie diamond hoops owe its derivation of the name from “hug”. These kinds of small-sized diamond hoops are so small that they appear to look like hugging the earlobe. Huggie seized diamond hoops, looks highly delicate and extravagant, and gives a very classic outlook to the attire. Usually, consisting of a set of petite pave diamond setting the huggie sized diamond hoops look marvelous when worn.

Owing to the small size of the hoop, such kinds of diamond hoops are generally wider, making the diamonds look distinctive and visible. With a set of diamonds paved on the base metal the sparkly outlook that the hoop exhibits makes it look absolutely stunning in any event. Huggie sized diamond hoops can also be worn on a regular basis giving an everyday chic look. The subtle tenuous look of such hoops gives an additional touch of embarking excellence.

The Small Sized Diamond Hoops

Small Sized Diamond Hoops

Following up the huggie sized diamond hoops, the next in line is the small-sized diamond hoops. Small diamond hoop Earrings have an average diameter of 8mm to 13mm. The diamond hoops have been made in such a manner that it lies very close to the ear, however, yet maintains some distance preventing the hoop from hugging the earlobe.

Among all the available sizes of diamond hoops in the market, small-sized diamond hoops are popular in demand. The small diamond hoops are the most preferable sizes among the masses. They look absolutely splendid when worn. Small diamond hoops can be worn alone and hold the potential to give the right justice to the outfit it is paired with. The elegant-looking diamond hoop owing to its noticeable beauty attracts the majority.

The Medium Sized Diamond Hoops

Medium Sized Diamond Hoops

An upscale version of the small-sized diamond hoops is the medium-sized diamond hoops. The sleek tender designed medium-sized diamond hoops have an average diameter of around 14mm to 40mm. Such kinds of diamond hoops have been made with lower carats of diamonds and can be worn on a day-to-day basis.

Medium-sized diamond hoops look jaw-dropping when coupled with a traditional or formal outlook. It will be able to elevate the entire standard of the outlook with its dazzling sparkle which makes the outlook look ravishing. There is also the presence of heavier medium-sized diamond hoops with higher carats of diamonds which are comparatively wider than the lower carat hoops. Such diamond hoops can be worn on special events and the glamour radiating from the diamonds will definitely steal the spotlight.

The Large Sized Diamond Hoops

Large Sized Diamond Hoops

The highly dramatic large-sized diamond hoops are over 40mm in their diameter. The dramatic size of such oversized diamond hoops is sometimes listed in inches. Upscaling from the medium-sized diamond hoops, the large-sized diamond hoops have been made in a manner that covers the entire ear lobe. A highly fashionable style icon, the large-sized diamond hoops pairs very well with any kind of formal or chic outfit. Coupled with a pair of stilettos and a high ponytail, the large-sized diamond hoops will not only steal the gaze of the audience but will also give a high boost to your confidence.

The Diamond Hoops Set Up

There are several sets up which are used on the diamond hoops. With every different set up a new different diamond hoop is customized and made. As a result of which each looks unique and spectacular in its own way, making the diamond hoops distinctive from each other. However, among all the setups the prong setting is the most common one. Not only adding a taste of modern fashion to the hoop, but prongs also play a very important functional role.


The Standard Prongs Set Up

The Standard Prongs setting is one of the most common types of prong setting that is available. In such a setup, each diamond in the hoop is held firmly by tiny metals. Standard prong setups have about four prongs that hold the diamonds firmly in place. Sometimes, the standard prong setting also comprises six prongs as well as three prongs. The three-prong setting is known as the martini prong setting.

Commonly used by the jewelers, the standard prongs setting is the most variably available setup that is used among the majority of diamond hoops. The prongs add an additional feature of elegance to the diamond hoops making the ornament look enchanting. Diamond hoops with standard prong set up look very fashionable and classy.

The Shared Prong Set Up

The intricately designed shared prong setup has a very similar outlook to that of the standard prong setup. The only striking difference between the two, unlike the standard prong setting, in the shared prong setting the diamonds share a similar setting as that of the neighboring diamond. The shared prong between two adjacent lying diamonds adds a feature of striking brilliance. The diamond to prong ratio is comparatively lower in such a setup where lesser numbers of prongs are made to use. The look of the shared prong setting will be even elevated if the prongs are placed in a vertical manner holding the diamonds in the hoops, instead of using the prongs along the edges of the diamonds on the hoop. The look will create a chic modern minimalist yet extravagant outlook.

The Pave Prong Set Up

Among all the kinds of setups used in a diamond hoop, the pave prong setting is the most delicate one. Hoops that exhibit very small delicate diamonds often feature the pave prong setting in them. In a pavement set up a series of small beads of a base metal such as white gold or platinum is used to hold the diamonds in place. The look creates an absolute wonder allowing the shiny sparkly diamonds to shimmer glamorously. The line of small diamonds gets the complete liberty to shine in its own manner rather than be overshadowed by the hedges of the metal prongs as similar to the standard prong setting.

The Channel Prong Set Up

The vibrant-looking channel prong setup is very different from the rest of the diamond hoop setups. In such a setting, the diamonds are placed very close to each other rather than standing alone distinctively as in the case of the standard prong set up. The logic of the prong used in the previous setup is very similar. Prongs are used in this kind of setup as well to hold the diamonds firmly in place. But the diamonds are placed in such a manner that it forms a line shape attached against one another.

The chains of diamonds used in a channel setting are then held securely with the edge of the base metal. The highly polished sophisticated look that such a setup exhibits will surely be the showstopper at any event. Such a sleek professional design with intricate design has the potential to make the heads turn.

Apart from the most commonly used diamond hoop settings as mentioned above bezel setting or half bezel setting are also used. In such a kind of design set up small diamonds are mounted on top of the small circular or semi-circular lined molds that are created on the hoop giving a highly professional and trendy outlook to the diamond hoop.

Most of the diamond hoops are made in 14k gold as their base metal. The most commonly used metals are white gold and platinum. Metals like yellow gold, rose gold and sometimes even silver are also used giving the outlook a wow astonishing feature.

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