Diamond stud Earrings

Guidance To Buying Diamond Stud Earrings

Are you wondering whether to invest your money in something which is going to be highly profitable in the long run? We are here to provide you with quick expert guidance on how investing in diamonds is going to be beneficial. Considered one of the best ways of investment, diamond stud earrings make an essential wardrobe staple. The simplistic yet elegant-looking diamond stud earrings make a noteworthy option if you are willing to make your investment into diamonds.

It comes as very little shock that diamonds are expensive. However, making an investment in diamonds is always returned with a higher degree of benefits. Diamonds are one of the hardest crystals which are available on Earth. Therefore, diamonds can be considered as one of the best mediums which will give higher returns compared to any other tangible goods.

Diamond stud earrings give an elegant outlook and matches exceptionally with different kinds of outfit. The fashion style icon is also comparatively the easiest form of investment as the price of diamond stud earrings varies from an affordable range to an exorbitant range. It is important to understand the kind of diamond stud earrings you are willing to purchase. This article will give you complete guidance in this particular field.

Make sure you pick the right size

It is very important to have knowledge about the size of the diamond earring which you want to purchase. The shape and size of the diamond stud earrings will completely depend upon your personal taste and preference. The budget also plays a very crucial role in dictating the size of diamond earrings that you are willing to purchase.

It is a very common misconception that the bigger the diamond stud earring is the better is going to be the earring. There is no actual connection between the size and the quality of the diamond used in the earring. While purchasing a diamond one of the most important key elements one should keep in mind is the golden 4C Rule which involves cut, clarity, carat, and color. Depending upon the 4C the price of the diamond is going to vary.

It is advisable to keep in mind certain things before you venture into your purchase. Before buying your diamond keep in mind the size of the diamond. If you are willing to buy a bigger size diamond it will include the exposure of more flaws present in the diamond. Bigger size diamond stud earring will give a better look of the cuts which have been used in the diamond. Be careful about the carat size of the diamond. If your pair of diamond earrings weigh 1 carat in total this signifies that each earring will have a weight of 0.5 carats. Choosing a higher carat of diamond earrings will be definitely beneficial if you choose a diamond of high quality. This will result in a significant increase in the price of your diamond earrings.

The size of the earring is greatly influenced by the style and setting of the diamond mounted on the earrings. If you are choosing a pave or a cluster setting in your diamond earrings with small diamonds clubbed together. Smaller diamonds are comparatively more affordable than single big diamond stud earrings. If you purchase four 0.25 carat or three 0.33 carat diamonds and compare it with 1 single carat of diamond, the smaller earrings will be comparatively cheaper.

Choosing the right size of diamond earrings is extremely necessary as the right diamond earring will help you to boost your confidence. Choosing unique triple diamond unique designs can create a great impression adding a wow feature to the diamond earring. On other hand, a single magnificent piece of diamond on the earring will look absolutely stunning on some. It depends upon the suitability of the earring on an individual’s personality.

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Choose the Best Clarity for your Diamond Earrings

Diamonds are an investment for a lifetime. When you are willing to spend a part of your fortune on purchasing diamond stud earrings it is advisable to buy the best. Color and clarity go simultaneously hand in hand. Both of the qualities play an extremely significant role in determining the price of your diamond earrings. The higher the clarity of the diamond earring the higher is going to be the price of the earring.

The clarity of the diamond is the measure of the intrusion present in the diamond. A diamond that is measuring higher on the grade scale of clarity the higher is going to be the price of a diamond. The higher is the clarity the more radiant and transparent your diamond is going to be.

Colored diamonds will measure slightly lower in the grade scale of clarity because these diamonds comprise certain inclusions in the diamond. Transparent diamonds have the highest clarity among all diamonds. Black diamonds owe their color to the inclusion of hematite, granite, and some other minerals. As a result of this black diamonds will scale lower as compared to transparent diamonds and are comparatively cheaper.

The clarity of the diamonds is measured on a grade scale from FL which signifies flawless to I2 (Included). The kind of diamond stud earrings you should choose is probably SI1 which is Slightly Included. The SI1, Slightly Included are one of the best kinds of diamond earrings that are affordable, and the inclusions present in the diamond are not visible through naked eyes. Diamonds having clarity beyond VVSI1 (Very, Very Slightly Included) are comparatively more expensive and it is evident from the price tag at which these diamonds are sold.

Choosing the Right Color for Your Diamond Stud Earrings

The color of the diamond has a great influence on determining the price of the diamond. The grade of the color of diamond varies between D having the highest score to Z which holds the last position in the color grade.

The grade of the color of the diamond depends upon the transparency of the diamond. The more radiant and transparent and colorless the diamond is, the greater is going to be the grade of the diamond. Diamonds with grade D are one of the most expensive diamonds which are available in the market. When you go further down in the grading scale the transparency of the color is replaced by yellowish or grayish tinges present in the diamond.

When you are buying your diamond stud earring opt for the ones which have a grade varying between H-J. Even if you compare diamonds having a score between E-G will appear exactly the same to you to the ones having a grade between H-J in naked eyes. However, diamonds with a range of grading scores between H-J will be comparatively cheaper and will serve the same exact purpose.

There is a huge variety in the range of colors that diamonds have to offer you. If you have a budget constraint and yet looking for something exclusive, colored diamonds will serve the purpose for you. Extremely eye-catching colored diamonds have been gaining immense popularity. Apart from transparent white diamonds, there is a huge range of various colored diamonds which are available. Ranging from red to pink to bluish and even eccentric black colored diamonds is available in the market.

Although with the variation in color of diamonds there is going to be a difference in the grading of the diamond. But it is also important to understand that grading of the diamond shouldn’t be an important influential factor when you are deciding to buy your diamond stud earring.

What kind of cuts and settings are best for your diamond stud earrings?

While purchasing diamond stud earrings one needs to keep in mind some essential features. The cuts introduced in the diamond and the settings used in the diamond earring will make a great difference. The cuts and settings will also determine the shape of the diamond. Among all kinds of cuts, the princess diamond cut and round solitaire cut diamonds are the most famous ones. Owing to the popularity of these cuts, such cuts are very commonly found in almost all kinds of stores.

Apart from the above two mentioned cuts, there are a number of cuts that can be used in shaping the diamond. Each cut has an influence on the shape of the diamond. Square-shaped cuts are very similar to the princess cut. The square-shaped diamond earrings will make the diamond look absolutely splendid owing to the sharp edges which are present in the diamond. The cuts have been introduced in a more prominent manner bringing about the shiny element of the diamond.

While on the other hand, a cushion cut diamond earring which will have a very similar appearance to that of a square-cut diamond. The only difference between the cut is cushion cut diamond will be more subtle in nature. The cuts introduced in the diamond aren’t very edgy as a result of which gives a matte look to the diamond.

Circular cut diamond earrings which have a very symmetrical shape associated with them. Each cut has been introduced in the diamond in a professional manner. The symmetrical shape that is exhibited by the circular, as well as square shape, makes the diamond look bigger in appearance.

There are different kinds of settings that are used in the earrings. Each set has its own unique set up which makes it visually distinctive from the other one. Let us give you an insight into the different kinds of settings that are used in a diamond earring.

Prong Set Up In Diamond Stud Earring

One of the most commonly used settings in a diamond stud earring is the prong setup. Prongs are small metal-like claws that hold the diamonds in place. Prongs add exceptional beauty to the diamond and are also beneficial as it helps to keep the diamond firm at the center.

The most commonly used prong setting is the use of four to six prong set up in the diamond. Prongs make the earring look even more attractive. However, depending upon the size of the diamond the number of prongs used can be varied. If the diamond has a bigger carat size the number of prongs will also increase. In such cases, you can opt for six to eight prong settings. However, if the diamond is of a smaller size you can opt for a three to the four-prong setting.

Bezel Set Up In Diamond Stud Earring

Bezel Set Up In Diamond Stud Earring

A very popular kind of setting used in diamond stud earrings is the use of bezel setting. The circular shape metal on which the diamond is placed helps to keep the diamond firm and steady in the middle. The metal used in the earring surrounds the diamond giving a spectacular look to the diamond. The only disadvantage of the bezel setting is that metal covers a substantial part of the diamond below and therefore, this might make your diamond look smaller in size. However, if you are buying your diamond stud earring to wear on a regular basis, a bezel setup is the best kind of setting for you.

Basket Set Up In Diamond Stud Earring

Basket Set Up In Diamond Stud Earring

As the name suggests it is self-explanatory, the set up of the diamond has been shaped in the form of a basket Having a flat bottom the metal has been shaped in the form of a basket holding the diamond in place. This setup gives a bigger appearance to the diamond and helps to radiate the sparkling element of the diamond. A basket setting in a diamond stud earring is generally preferred by the customers because of the comfort that it provides when worn.

Crown Set Up In Diamond Stud Earring

Crown Set Up In Diamond Stud Earring

Crown setting in the diamond earring gives an exceptional outlook to the earring. The crown setting provides a very secure setup for the diamond. The metal which has been shaped in the form of a crown has a firm grip on the diamond making the diamond look bigger than the actual carat size. The crown setting has been gaining popularity over the last few years owing to the more fashionable and trending look in which the setup gives, customers have been preferring the crown set up lately.

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It is now your final call to choose the right diamond stud earring which will help you to shine in the event. Choosing the perfect earring will not only make you look ravishing and astounding but will also bring out the confidence in your personality. Diamond stud earrings will go best with white gold or platinum as their base metal. However, yellow gold as well as rose gold will also make great alternatives.

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