Different Earring Styles

Make a Bold Appearance with Different Earring Styles

Whether it be for a fashion event or a traditional occasion, there are different styles of diamond earrings available for the varied events. There is an interesting way of selecting the perfect type of earrings which is going to suit you the best. Finding the right pair of earrings can be sometimes tiring especially when you are unaware of what in particular you are looking for. In this article we are going to guide you, with the different kinds of earrings which are available in the market. Depending upon certain characteristics such as the length of your hair or the event or even your physical attribute you can make your purchase.

Types of Diamond Earrings

Chandelier Diamond Earrings

Chandelier Diamond Earrings

Diamond Chandelier earrings will make an exquisite appearance in any flashy event engaging the attention of the crowd. Associated with a neatly tied bun or with a sleek ponytail, the dangling earring will help you elevate your standard. Visually appearing like the teardrop resting on the neck, the chandelier diamond earring will create an illusion of an elongated sleek tender looking neck that is desired by everyone.

Chandelier diamond earrings will look absolutely stunning when associated with a diamond necklace. However, if you are willing to wear it alone without any further jewelry the dramatic look of the earring will never fail you to steal the spotlight.

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Round Cluster Diamond Earrings

Round Cluster Diamond Earrings

With warm small curls or loosely down hair something edgy and shimmery will look amazing. For short hairs with bob cuts or perfect natural curls smaller sized round shaped cluster diamond earrings will look gorgeous. It is very commonly experienced that stubborn long strands of hair often get tangled with the clustered earring. It will create a complete chaos and no one wants to put themselves into such a scenario.

Clusters of small diamonds of equal diameter and size are accentuated together in a paved manner giving a visual appearance of one large majestic diamond will make you look stunning. The shine and glimmer from each small diamond will give a very glamorous look to your personality.

Diamond Hoops

diamond hoops

Perfect for all the people who want to show off their long hair keeping it open in any particular event. Diamond hoops will look flawless when you want to show off your long hair allowing the wind to keep it flowing in the air. When associated with white gold as the base metal, diamond hoops will make you look ravishing with the perfect minimalist natural makeup look and long strands of air flowing freely. The channel setting of the diamond used in the diamond hoops goes along with the lustrous long locks of hair.

Diamond Stud Earrings


One of the most classic types of diamond earrings available in the market is the good old diamond stud earrings. Suitable for both men as well as women, the gender neutrality of stud earrings makes any outlook highly endorsing in nature. Solitaire diamond stud earring brings out the excellence of the diamond used in the earring. The majestic piece of a single diamond at the center that allows the light to radiate through thus increasing the brilliance of the earring is what makes stud earrings the most popular choice.

 The specialty of diamond stud earring is it can be worn for any event. Depending upon the usage of the diamond stud earring, it is wise to choose the carat weight of the diamond earring accordingly. The chic tender design of the diamond stud earring gives a very overwhelming outlook to your personality. Diamond stud earrings are also one of the most popular choices of earrings amongst the celebrities.

Dangle Diamond Earrings

Dangle Diamond Earrings

Two classic shapes of diamond earrings are the teardrop earring and the dangle earring.  A pair of extravagant leaf styled dangle earrings, with the stretch of small accentuated beads of black and white diamonds paved adjacent to each other will help you shine in the dark. Round shaped diamond earrings gives a visual appearance of a larger sized diamond earring as compared to the actual carat weight of the diamond earring. Stud or clustered diamond earrings will not go well along with comparatively cylindrical or round facial attributes, but round stud earrings with the visual delusion it creates appearing to be bigger in size will make you absolutely stunning.

Rectangular Shaped Diamond Earrings

Rectangular Shaped Diamond Earrings

Square or rectangular shaped diamond cut earrings such as princess cut diamond earring or asscher or even the cushion cut diamond earring are growing popularity. The sleek sharp edges of the princess cut, showing the art of fine craftsmanship makes the diamond highly illuminating. The sharp edges of the diamond bring out the shine and shimmer of the diamond making it look dazzling in any particular event. Such earrings make a perfect choice when you want something to wear on a regular basis.

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Colored Diamond Earrings

Colored Diamond Earrings

Coming to the huge spectrum of the huge availability of diamonds, the specialty of diamonds is the huge range of shapes, sizes and colors in which diamonds are available. Ranging from mystic dark red to piercing black, diamonds also appear in soft blush tones of pink, wild dark blue as well as in the hues of yellow. The presence of intrusions in such diamonds makes it grade slightly lower in the scale of purity. But colored diamonds when associated with small accentuated beads of paved transparent diamond will look ravishing when adorned.

Final Verdict

Choosing the right pair of diamond earring will ultimately depend upon you. There is a huge availability of different earring styles and setups. Before choosing the final one always take a keen look on the availability of different kinds of options. Take into consideration your personal taste and preference and also the level of comfort which you expect from any particular style of earring. Diamonds are an asset for life and it is always essential to make your final purchase depending upon the easiness exerted by the earring.

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