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Different Ways Of Wearing Wedding Rings

The gleeful nature of weddings with traditions and customs well intertwined with its weddings and engagements is the season to celebrate. It is the period of utmost joy and also marks the beginning of a new chapter. A milestone that two individuals promise to step together and walk by. The bond of wedding or engagement is associated with the ring. 

Wedding or engagement rings are one of the most crucial matters that need to be taken into consideration. However, it is a matter of serious concern to understand how one should wear their wedding ring. There might be several questions that might be sprung up in your mind such as is there a particular way one should wear their wedding ring? In this article, we will try to answer all the questions which you might be having. 

Wear The Wedding Ring Before The Engagement Ring 

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The most common way of carrying both weddings as well as engagement rings is to first wear the wedding ring which is followed by the engagement ring. It is because the wedding ring holds the utmost significance commonly to a majority of couples. This particular tradition dates back to the Ancient Egyptian Society where they believed that the vein from the ring finger of the left-hand goes directly to the heart. Therefore, wearing the wedding ring inside that of the engagement ring will signify the direct contact of the love for their significant other to that of their heart. 

Owing to the deep intricate meaning of the tradition, the custom of wearing wedding rings inside engagement rings is honored by several modern brides. You can remove the engagement ring on the day of the wedding to signify the new chapter thus giving the wedding ring the utmost significance to mark the new beginning. It, however, depends upon your personal choice and preference you can decide to keep the engagement ring somewhere secured in a locker or you can also choose to wear the engagement ring on top of the wedding ring. 

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Engagement Ring Before Wedding Ring 

Although it might be contradictory to the traditional way of wearing the wedding ring, it is your personal choice and you should make the final call. Going by the logical point of view it should technically be in this manner. It makes more sense to wear the engagement ring first which is followed by the wedding ring because it is the manner through which one received the rings. Placing the wedding ring outside to that of the engagement ring has a deeper metaphorical meaning attached to it. While an engagement ring is a symbol of promise, a wedding ring is the symbol of the completion of that promise. But at the end of the day, the way you decide to wear your engagement and wedding ring should completely depend upon your preference. 

Opt For Wearing The Rings On Separate Hands

The growing concept and new fashion trends of stacking wedding rings have been introduced in the industry. Going by this trend you can easily wear an engagement and wedding ring on two separate hands. Breaking the shackles of the age-old tradition you can make your new custom which makes you comfortable the most. Also with the introduction of stackable wedding rings, and if you are someone who has an eye on such rings it would be advisable for you to wear the rings on separate hands. 

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Is There A Right Way? 

When it comes to the question of how one should wear the engagement and wedding ring there is no fixed proper justification to it. As similar to the process of choosing the perfect wedding ring, the process of wearing the rings has no fixed way. It depends completely on your personal level of comfort and the way you desire to wear your precious wedding as well as an engagement ring. At the end of the day always remember it is your ring and your opinion should hold the utmost importance. 

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