Emerald Engagement Rings

Make Your Day Memorable With Emerald Engagement Rings

The deep green gemstone with a soft delicate appearance has been very high in demand for centuries. The precious gemstone with a velvety textural appearance has been considered as one of the most royal alternatives of engagement rings. Upholding the traditional customs associated with sentimental values emeralds bring about the essence of antique and vintage with the touch of modernity.

Customers are trying to withhold and opt for a traditional outlook on their special day of the wedding and even consider opting for a traditional engagement ring emeralds are the perfect choice for them. Emeralds which are very rare to find bring about the prestige of heritage and aristocracy about themselves. The dark green color gemstone has been considered a very popular alternative engagement ring choice. Engagement rings of emeralds are available in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Depending upon the requirement of the customer, it can be customized in an antique manner or vintage manner of royal manner as well as a simple yet elegant manner.

What are Emerald Engagement Rings?

Unlike any other gemstones or crystals, emerald engagement rings hold a very unique meaning. Emerald holds historical meaning to it. The precious vibrant gemstone which once symbolized gods and goddesses and was worshiped as their entity in the form of gemstone in ancient cultures holds a very sentimental value. The gemstone has its religious significance and is therefore considered as very auspicious as well as sacred. Different cultures have their own significant sacred traditions attached to emerald making the gemstone a significant spiritual entity.

The meanings of emerald engagement rings have been now modified as time has evolved. In the present situation, an emerald signifies the love that is meant to be a huge success. The strong emotional attachment with undying love and support coupled with a loyal commitment to each other’s respective partner that emerald represents has further increased the virtue of the gemstone. The sentiment of living together for the entire life that is signified by emerald has made it a very popular choice for engagement rings for the last few centuries.

 It is also believed that gifting an emerald will bring about a lifelong commitment and happiness in the conjugal life. The gemstone which is considered a lucky charm and blessing hold a very royal outlook to it. Therefore, when emerald is used as an engagement ring it adds a further majestic element to it.

From where did Emerald Engagement Rings come?

The history of emerald rings dates back to the ancient times of 4500BC. It is believed that the earliest civilians of the Sumerian Civilization started with the trend of wearing emerald rings. It was considered that the emerald is a gemstone of medical significance. Sumerians used to adorn the ring on the left ring finger as they believed that Emeralds possess an anti-inflammatory impact, which is very essential in curing swollen eyes.

As a result, loved ones used to give each other emerald rings and used to wear the ring on the left ring finger to help themselves to get rid of the swollen eye. It was also considered emeralds brought about good luck and symbolizes a healthy lifestyle. With the gradual passage of time, the significance of emerald became more and more popular and became a prestigious gemstone worldwide. Unique antique-styled Victorian emerald engagement rings with intricate prominent edges and cuts became highly popular worldwide over time.

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Diamond Emerald Engagement Rings

Emerald engagement rings with diamonds are a very popular and exclusive choice in the industry. A classic traditional solitaire emerald ring has been one of the most popular choices among the masses. The simplistic nature of the significantly large centrally allocated emerald associated with an elegant looking white gold or platinum band used as the base metal looks exceptionally beautiful when adorned. The subtle color of the white gold or platinum does not overpower the radiant beauty of the solitaire emerald that has been placed delicately at the center.

The delicacy of the solitaire emerald ring will be further elevated when accents or beads of small transparent diamonds are added along the edges of the dark green hue. The addition of diamonds makes the ring look absolutely splendid, adding sparkle to the ring. Diamonds add a wow factor to the ring making it look more dazzling as brides prefer enjoying their engagement ring which has a little more dramatic touch to it.

Another popular kind of emerald engagement ring is the emerald halo engagement ring. The halo emerald rings are a beauty of their own looks magnificent when adorned by the bride during their special day. Halo engagement rings can be broadly divided into two major types. There are halo emerald rings where there is a presence of a circular large piece of transparent diamond situated at the center which is surrounded by the halo of emerald. While another popular type of ring is where a central eye-catching piece of emerald is situated with accents of smaller diamonds encircling the halo emerald. Both of the emerald rings are equally brilliant and unique in their own respective manner. The combination of emerald with diamond looks absolutely stunning when adorned by the bride emitting an exceptional beauty and aura from the ring.

The Classic Signature Emerald Cut Morganite Engagement Rings

The classic elegant-looking signature emerald cut morganite comprises a paved setup. The paved setting is associated with a diamond halo mounted in a Cathedral setting. The central magnificent piece of morganite is then encircled by accentuated diamonds of fine size. The diamonds are set in such a manner that they either encircle the entire morganite or go along halfway to the band.

The standard measurement of twenty small diamonds which approximately weighs nearly 13 carats is further associated with four emerald cut diamonds which weigh nearly 21 carats. It is then flawlessly surrounded as against the central magnificent piece of emerald cut morganite. With the rosy blush tone of the morganite gemstone when paired with the rose gold band the engagement ring looks absolutely divine. With a 14 carat rose gold band holding the endorsing beauty of the emerald cut morganite paired with accentuated diamonds makes the ring look spectacular.

Emerald Cuts On Engagement Rings

There is a wide variety of emerald cuts that are used on engagement rings. Depending upon your choice and preferences the rings can be customized. One of the most popular emerald cut engagement rings is the emerald cut itself. The emerald used in the ring is cut in such a manner that the appearance of gemstone looks elongated making a visual appearance of enlarged gemstone which has been perfectly mounted at the center. The shape of the emerald cut has been designed in such a manner that it focuses on the elegant beauty of the gemstone that has been placed at the center. Making the ring look explicit emerald cut is an excellent choice for an engagement ring.

Round Cut Emerald Engagement Rings

Round cut emerald ring

Placed next to the emerald cut engagement ring is the old classic traditional round cut emerald engagement ring. The solitaire rings with an exorbitant gaze stealing emerald that has been cut professionally in a round shape and placed at the center of the ring makes a perfect engagement ring. The ring will be further complemented with small gemstones or crystals accentuated along with the emerald.

Oval Cut Emerald Engagement Rings

Oval cut emerald ring

Among the solitaire emerald engagement rings, the oval cut is a very popular choice. Very similar to that of the emerald cut, the oval cut on the solitaire emerald ring will make the gemstone look elongated. The visual appearance of the emerald can be slightly delusional. The oval cut makes the central gemstone appear bigger in size than the actual carat. As a result of which, such cuts focus entirely on the coruscating green emerald that is placed at the center. Such kinds of cuts are highly preferable in engagement rings and look exceptionally nice on women with smaller hands.

Cushion Cut Emerald Engagement Rings

Cushion cut emerald ring

The specialty of the cushion cut is it is vividly used to give the antique vintage look on the engagement ring. Cushion cuts are an essence of history where the cuts involved are not very sharp. The edges of such designs are cut in the form of squares. However, there are no remarkable sharp edges as used in modern cuts. The soft delicate cut on the edge giving a more blunt shape along with the squares are cut gives a very subtle look to the engagement ring.

Princess Cut Emerald Engagement Rings

Princess Cut Emerald Engagement Ring

The unique princess cut on emerald gives a royal look to the emerald. The dark green hue of an emerald when cut in a majestic manner elevates the standard of the ring. The elegance of the princess cut designed in a perfectionist manner looks divine as an engagement ring. If the dramatic glorifying cut of emerald is associated with small beads of diamonds surrounding the emerald the ring becomes a complete wholesome masterpiece.

3 Carat Cut Emerald Engagement Rings

3 carat cut Emerald Engagement Ring

As suggested by the name itself, the weights of the emerald in such kinds of rings are nearly 3 carats.  Gemstones as well as diamonds are weighted on the basis of per carat. With the increase in each carat, the price of such rings will also keep on increasing. A well-designed and intricately cut stunning spectacular 3-carat emerald cut engagement rings possess the utmost potential to capture the hearts of the bride. For a 3 carat of emerald engagement ring an adequate cut should be used which will not outshine the beauty of the gemstone. Rather, the cut will give more dominant emphasis on the awe-inspiring central masterpiece. The elegant boogie look of the engagement ring itself stands as an iconic fashion statement.

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Set Up used in Emerald Engagement Rings

One of the most common yet extremely pretty settings used in a solitaire emerald engagement ring is the use of a prong setting. Even on a tri-emerald stone setting the use of prongs looks stunning. The use of multiple prongs across the edges of the deep green hue emerald looks marvelous especially when the prong is made up of white gold or platinum metal. Usually, four or six prong settings are used in such settings. One of the biggest advantages of using prongs is it not only adds beauty to the emerald ring but also acts as a very functional unit. Prongs help to keep the emerald in place making the ring shine in a royal elegant manner.

Pave setting is yet another popular setup that is used in the emerald engagement ring. In such a setting individual facets of emerald, gemstones are paved on the ring. The ring is customized in a manner that serves the taste and preference of the customer. The pave setting creates an exceptional phenomenal look to the ring setting itself apart from the normal traditional rings. Solitaire and tri-stone rings are very well complemented with a paved setting.

Apart from the two settings mentioned above another very popular kind of setting is the halo set up of the emerald engagement ring? The halo setting is a very commonly used setup that is used on the emerald engagement ring. Emerald engagement rings are brought because it adds a traditional vintage outlook to the engagement ring. The halo setting has a unique combination blending perfectly both the elements of an antique vintage look with a touch of modern look associated with it. As a result of the unique look exhibited by the halo setting, brides prefer the halo set up on their emerald engagement rings.

A pop of color to the traditional transparent diamond engagement ring has been even popularized by Hollywood celebrities. The dynamic color of green coupled with transparency looks wonderful on the engagement ring. Celebrities like Jackie Kennedy have been spotted with diamond emerald engagement rings. Halle Berry has also adorned herself with a stunning-looking 4-carat emerald diamond engagement ring. Emerald diamond rings are also a popular choice of engagement rings among royal families. The vintage look of the ring makes it look wondrous and is also a symbolism of rich taste in a jewel.

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