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A beautiful pair of earrings to complement a look or an outfit for an event is a very difficult choice. But with something classic and elegant, we can never go wrong. Such examples of something simple yet beautiful are pairs of diamond stud earrings.

Diamond jewelry in itself is so absolutely graceful that it always makes a look more impactful either in its subtlety or its bold impression. With a piece of jewelry as subtle as a real diamond stud earring, one can never go wrong.


This beautiful piece of stone created with huge impacts on carbon is so beautiful that it always outshines everything else, even with just a single cut of stone. Diamonds are naturally transparent and beautiful. But, there are a couple of factors that determine its beauty when it reaches us finished or embedded in a piece of jewelry.

The factors that contribute to the brilliance of a diamond are- cut, carat, clarity and color. Out of these, color and clarity are predetermined factors. The carat can be altered, but the cut is the first important aspect of a diamond’s brilliance, which can be altered by the intricacy of the craftsmanship.

Diamond cuts are available in a huge variety and can depend on the number of faces and their angle and precision. These cuts are varied and so are the forms of these cuts. The most basic ones are round brilliant, oval, pear, marquise, princess and cushion cuts.

All of these are used in various kinds of jewelry. Their main design is highlighted and adored when the diamonds are used singularly, such as in pendants, solitaire rings or even stud earrings. These delicate pieces of jewelry bring out the actual beauty of all kinds of cuts and thus can be alluring.

Origin of stud earrings

Stud earrings have spanned their impact for a very long time in the history of stud earrings. They were worn around 7000 years back and were started to be worn in Asia. The men in the region generally preferred wearing to depict their social status.

Despite its symbolic origin, we observed that it spread out to all cultures and started being worn by all kinds of people. The social relevance or the importance of the stud earrings evolved over time and every time period had a different kind of design owing to its unique societal relevance.

Initially, the stud earring was designed for men, either to be worn in one ear or both. The history of earring studs went back to Egypt, Greece and Rome, with each region having its own symbolism and meaning after the stud. Eventually, this piece of jewelry stopped being a part of the men’s jewelry.

Once the women started wearing stud earrings, they evolved and much more varieties of earrings came about. Eventually, over time men were banned by the churches from wearing earrings. In modern times, both men and women tend to wear earrings that are not only on the earlobe but other parts as well.

Diamond stud earrings


Choosing a diamond is predominantly based on the color, carat, cut and clarity. Other than these one very important factor to determine which diamond stud earring to buy is the budget which one needs to confine to and finalize.

After this, we choose the diamond cut. Then move onto the metal which we would choose for the setting in the stud earring. Then after, a selection of the metal is done. Generally, one-carat diamond stud earrings are common, considering the weight of 1 carat.

With this most certainly other alterations can be done, either crafted to suit the requirement or narrow down the options by filtering the requirements.

Color is one very important factor. In choosing the diamond. For a rich colour the diamond range is prefered from H to J. But in case the budget demands a crunch, the lesser qualities can be observed all the way from J to Z. If one is ready to expand the budget, there is no clarity like the colorless D.

For the clarity factor, a diamond that includes slight inclusions like blemishes can be chosen. Hence for more affordability, we can choose varieties of slightly included from SI1 to SI2. Even included can be chosen from I1 to I2.

The other very very crucial factor is the cut, which is crafted by us and can be either made better or worse. It highly impacts the size and quality of the radiance which the diamond reflects due to the purity of the shine and reflection.

The cut determines the brilliance of the diamond and the facet numbers indicate how much the light will reflect internally. The proportions, symmetry and intricacy of the craftsmanship will make the diamond more brilliant in its view.

Types of one-carat diamond earring cuts

One carat diamond is the weight of almost a 6.5mm diamond. With this diamond size, one can cut the diamond into various forms which determine the elegance of the diamond on the stud earring.

The first most preferred diamond cut is round brilliant. This is the most common kind of cut as it is a basic form and thus extremely brilliant in the shine it reflects. The alluring nature of this cut is timeless and no matter what jewelry we use it in it is as elegant as ever, and therefore much preferred.

The versatility of this cut is diverse and so uniformly blends in with any outfit or occasion as we wear it. A subtle and yet very gracefully charming statement is set by this cut.

The other cut is a princess cut. This is a common form, and thus very preferred second to the round brilliant. This is a quite complex cut but brings out the brilliance of the diamond to its full potential.

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Diamond stud earring settings

Real diamond earrings are the most versatile and elegant pieces of jewelry anyone can possess. It is very elegant and precious to anyone owning a pair of diamond stud earrings.

There are various settings which make the stud earrings look more beautiful than ever. There are prong settings, bezel and halo. Out of these, the prong setting is the one which is the most brilliant, owing to its openness in the setting.

The prong setting is available in variants ranging from three prongs to four prongs and six prongs to eight prongs.

The kind of prong settings varies too. There are the round prong setting, claw prong setting, double prong setting, etc. In these numerous settings, there is also a difference as to what we see from the side. The differences which we see from the side are of various types like the basket prong and martini prong.

The prong setting even though being a very elegant and brilliant setting isn’t the safest option for a diamond stud earring. The earrings are delicate and sometimes the diamond could slip out due to inconveniences while handling the stud earrings.

The bezel setting is a popular setting owing to the metal cover around the diamond gem. This setting covers the diamond gem from all sides and provides utmost safety to the gem. Hence, this is a very recommended setting to safeguard the gem from falling as well as from chipping due to interaction with hard surfaces.

The halo setting has its own charm and fanbase, it tends to provide a vintage look when needed. This setting is extremely brilliant and tends to be an attractive piece of jewelry when worn. It is bright and the small diamonds around seem to add more brilliance to the way we perceive the central gem.

Diamond earring metals

The metal we use to hold the diamond is a very huge factor in determining the beauty and look of the real diamond stud earrings. Since diamond reflects internally, we can use a metal that makes the gem look bright and shiny or subtle depending on our personal preferences.

Gold is a very common metal used for diamond earrings. The yellow hue of the metal tends to make the shine of the diamond subtle. It is advisable to choose a gem of less pure color so that it blends into the yellow of the base gold metal. This metal gives an antique appearance to the stud earring.

Rose gold is another variety of gold, which is a beautiful pink shade of  bright yellow gold. In this, we can fix a diamond gem for a very elegant look. This is very much preferred with modern looks and outfits on such similar occasions.

White metal is much preferable to fit these diamond stud earrings because they tend to highlight the brightness of the gem and make it look exuberant and charming. White metals like platinum, white gold and silver are the preferred metals. Though, the affordability of silver is high as compared to a diamond and hence very less preferred.

Also, the strength of platinum and white gold is much more to hold the stronger diamonds. White metals add a certain glow and elegance to the already brilliant and white diamond. They are like an ink shade of the canvas which allows the main diamond to take a centre stage, without overlapping the beauty and subduing it.

Diamond stud security fittings

Diamond studs are precious pieces of jewelry and tend to be very accustomed to slipping off. In case of a loose-fitting or any mishap in which the earring is not safely fastened we observe that the security of the stud earring is at risk.

We are at a risk to either lose the earring or even chamfer it in case it slips and falls. Thus, to not be a victim of such atrocities, we might want to be a little more careful about how we take care of our fittings.

These fittings are-

-Friction back- these are generally applied when the earring is curved on the other side. In this, the end of one side clicks and fastens itself onto the indent of the other thin rod entering the earhole.

-Screw back- this is a very secure setting that requires one to literally screw in the back piece and thus provides for a very secure fastening on the back.

-Push back- push back is a very unsafe setting that can allow slipping of the back fastener in certain cases and tend the earring to slip out of the hole.

-Secure back- this is a setting that makes use of locking back, ensuring extra safety for the earring. It is also known as guardian back owning to its safety which is provided. This is generally preferred for earrings over 1-carat diamond in weight.

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Conclusion Thoughts

Diamond studs are a very elegant piece of jewelry. They are the most versatile and yet the most charming ones. They never seem to fail the viewer or the wearer alike. Always a graceful option to fall back on or even have as a first option. If nothing looks well, this will certainly be impactful.

No matter the size of a 1-carat diamond earring or even smaller than that. Real diamonds are always the best friends of any outfit and all outfits.

With their versatile history, we see that they have evolved to take over something very vast and huge as we see the wearers and their requirements increasing in the market.

Despite being so minute and delicate, we can always customise the earrings into any designs we want. Choosing from these is one ride of a task, but there is nothing we would rather do than customize our own pieces of the most elegant jewelry there is.

Ranging from the diamond cut to size to carat to color to the metal setting, the metal type or much more subvarieties in the setting and lastly the fastener at the back.

Choosing is very much of a task, but the end result is always going to something whc=ich is very cherished and admired by anyone who wears it as well as sees it.

Such is the impact of real diamond stud earrings. Oozing of pure elegance and grace.

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