Vintage Engagement Ring

The Evolution of Vintage Engagement Rings

We often come across the term vintage. Especially, while we are looking for designs in jewelry terms like vintage, antique, modern and unique are commonly associated. We classify the designs on the basis of their evolution. There are certain people who opt for something that marks the nostalgia of old times. In such circumstances, the term vintage hits the spot. However, what marks the difference between a vintage ornament and a modern ornament is clearly the design of the jewelry.

It is very commonly perceived that something that is antique and was high in fashion years ago is termed as vintage. But there’s a common misconception that anything which is antique and symbolizes a particular era will be highly expensive and wouldn’t match with the fashion icon of the modern trend. Vintage designs are preferred for the taste of sophistication and uniqueness. Among all the vintage ornaments available vintage engagement rings are the most captivating ones.

There’s a vast variety of vintage jewelries available in the market. Ranging from vintage style earrings to pendants and even bracelets there is a huge collection of antique ornaments that are available for you to choose from. However, a vintage designed engagement ring will definitely win your heart with its scrumptious beauty.

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How can we classify an engagement ring as “Vintage”?

In the jewelry industry, there is a very broad line difference between antique and vintage. So before you get confused let’s have a fair idea of the difference between the two. When we refer to an engagement ring as vintage it implies that the design of the ring is at least 20 years old. While, on the other hand, an antique engagement ring will imply that the design of the engagement ring is at least 100 years old.

While in the hunt for the perfect vintage engagement ring, most often it is seen the customer is actually looking for a retro base themed engagement ring. The design of the ring will somewhere resemble the years between 1940 -1960. A very special trait about vintage-styled engagement rings is that the designs used in the ring are very elaborative.

The Vintage Styled Engagement Rings

Vintage engagement rings symbolize heritage and therefore, it is very popular among the people. The intricate design with soft delicate touches in the engagement ring makes the ring look distinctive from the modern technologically advanced engagement rings. The touches of perfection in the vintage rings have been greatly admired by the people.

Vintage Sapphire Engagement Ring

Vintage Sapphire Engagement Ring

It is believed that the Romans were the first ones who introduced the concept of engagement rings. The introduction of the concept of the engagement ring was brought about to test the true intention of the grooms. In 1215, it was made a mandate by Pope Innocent Ill that there is going to be a fixed period of a wait between the engagement and the day of marriage. It was believed that during this period if the color of the sapphire engagement ring changes or fades away it would be an indication of an untruthful man. Similarly, the sapphire engagement ring was also considered as a medium to testify the fidelity of the wives when their husbands returned from their Crusades.

The popularity of the engagement ring started in the 14th and 15th centuries. Among the royal families colored gemstones such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds, etc. were used as the key gemstone for the engagement ring.

Sapphires, rubies, and emeralds became even more popular during the time period between the 18th and 19th centuries. Large quantities of diamonds were mined from South Africa and Brazil resulting in a sharp decline in the price of diamonds. People, therefore, concluded by thinking that the availability of gemstones such as sapphires is rarer and was more precious and worthy than transparent crystals.

In the Victorian Era (1835-1900) Sapphire engagement rings were high in fashion. During the Victorian Era, the design of the engagement ring was simplistic in nature. The use of yellow or rose gold was in common with elegant-looking designs. The use of floral and leaves with mill grains engraved along the edges of the ring was highly in common. Therefore, if you are looking for a Victorian Era-inspired vintage sapphire ring who can definitely opt for such a design. The cut of the gemstone involved a classic princess cut or square cut with no sharp edges as contradictory to the modern rings.

Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

Vintage diamond engagement rings are one of the most exquisite-looking jewelry available in the market. The timeless dimension is one of the most unique characteristics of such engagement rings. The unique-looking engagement ring adds an additional value and personality to it. There is a wide variability of different antique and vintage engagement rings that belongs from different eras. Ranging from The Victorian Era to the Art Eco Era there is a wide range of design. Vintage diamond rings make a very classical choice and each era has its own special trait and element which brings out the exquisite character of the engagement ring.

From the Edwardian Era to the Victorian Era the halo princess cut diamond engagement ring was high in fashion. Very intricately designed in such an engagement ring, the princess cut of the diamond is placed within a spherical milgrain-embedded diamond halo set up. The halo setting is designed in the shape of an inter-twisted leaf life structure or nature-inspired theme giving a very decadent look to the ring.

Another prominent cut of diamond setting used in this period is the halo engagement ring with a twisted diamond band. With a touch of modernity in it, such rings have a central altruistic piece of radiant diamond placed inside a halo setting while the bands of the ring are made of white gold mostly. On either side of the band, the diamond in the center is attached with a twisted accentuated diamond setting. The design looks phenomenal and makes a wonderful choice for an engagement ring.

A remarkable and distinctive vintage diamond engagement ring can be inspired by the Asscher cut set up used in the Art Deco Era. Introduced in the early period of the 1900s the Asscher cut became highly popular in the 1920s during the Art Deco Era. The perfect symmetric geometrical shape of the cut with the striking elaborative diamond placed at the center of the engagement ring enclosed within an outstanding halo design has been highly in demand for years.

Vintage Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Vintage Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Owing to the delicate blush color of the rose gold, it has been a very popular demand for the metal used in engagement rings. Rose gold engagement rings have been very popular for decades. Gaining its popularity from the Victorian Era where mainly yellow and rose gold was used as the metal for the engagement rings, rose gold adds a very delicate element to the engagement ring. Bringing about the sweet romance in the engagement ring a cushion-cut set up with paved diamond placed at the center of the natural halo looks extravagant. Making a fine choice for an engagement ring such ring will definitely make your special day even more memorable. Knife-edge solitaire diamond ring which has been cut in a round manner and held by a six-prong setting of rose gold makes a remarkable vintage rose gold engagement ring.

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A vintage engagement ring brings an essence of tradition and heritage associated with it. The touch of old-time entangled with modern finishes vintage rings makes a fine choice for your special day. If you are willing to plunge yourself into the delicacies of vintage-styled engagement rings, know all the different kinds of cuts and designs which the market has to offer to you. Also, it is very important to fix a budget and then make a radical choice.

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