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Get Lost With The Meritorious Beauty Of Princess Cut Engagement Rings

It is often the shine and sparkle of the glamorous diamond which acts as the driving force while choosing the right engagement ring. The engagement ring will not only symbolize the bond of togetherness but will also be cherished by an individual forever for life. The sparkle exhibited by the diamond from the engagement ring will be able to match with the glimmer on the eye of yours. However, within this huge dynamic of different designs, cuts, shapes and colors choosing the right engagement ring can be overwhelming and it’s perfectly fine.

Engagement rings should bring out the true bond of happiness and love that the couple carry for each other. It is therefore very important to choose the perfect engagement ring. Whenever it comes to engagement rings, the most common cut is the princess cut which is highly preferred amongst the customers. Apart from the high end princess cut other royal cuts such as round cuts or oval cuts are also preferred. In this article we are going to discuss the uniqueness of the princess cut and will give a complete guide to it.

What is the Princess Cut?

Princess Cut Engagement Ring

The term Princess Cut was first used in the 1960s. To indicate and describe a cut which is completely different from the other cuts, which in today’s term is used as a profile cut, the princess cut was established. It was first created by the diamond cutter named Arpad Nagy who invented this cut. In all its true sense, the princess cut gained its popularity after being strongly established in the 1970s by Betzalel Ambar, Ygal Perlman and few others.

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How does a Princess Cut appear?

The princess cut diamond is a square shaped diamond that will feature an inverted pyramid and four diagonal sharp edges. The sharp edges and the square shaped high profile cut allow the light to reflect through the diamond increasing the level of brilliance in the diamond. Because of the presence of several facets the shine from the diamond is exhibited in the best possible manner.

The sharp cuts which have been induced within the princess cut enable the shimmer and sparkle to glow out in the most astonishing manner. The most striking distinguishing feature about the princess cut is the way it brings out the radiance from the diamond making it highly versatile in nature. It allows the light to refract in a large quantity making it glow even in a dark background.

The princess cut features nearly around 57 to 76 facets which enables in bringing out the brilliance and excellence from the diamond. Greater is the number of facets the more sparkle the diamond will be able to reveal. Princess cut varies in different shapes and sizes ranging between square to rectangle. Therefore, princess cuts are available in different ratios such as 1.0 which looks more square shaped while 1.2 which will give an appearance of a rectangular shape.

What makes Princess Cut Special?

Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Although there are several reasons why one should choose princess cut, in this article we are going to focus on certain important features which make the cut extraordinary in nature. The cut which has gained a substantial fan base in recent history is one of the most popular cuts which is commonly preferred by the brides owing to its modern outlook. The brilliance of the cut makes it shiny and will be a complete success in stealing the gaze of the crowd. So without any further ado let us discuss the few important special features of the princess cut which are as follows:

1.       The Radiance and Adroit Nature of Princess Cut

Princess cuts are modern designs which are highly preferred by the brides in the contemporary era owing to the brilliance and minimalist nature executed by the cut. The slender cut design in the form of a square or rectangle can be associated with a variety of settings and styles. Princess cut diamond will not only look ravishing with white gold or platinum but also look equally jaw dropping with yellow or rose gold.

2.       Grace and Glamour

princess cut diamond ring

The elegant grace of princess cut is what makes it completely stand out from the rest. The chic tender cut brings out the maximum sparkle and brilliance from the diamond making it the center of attraction. When it comes to engagement rings, it is a lifetime investment and no cut can match with the vibrancy of the high end princess cut. The sharp edges of the diamond giving a perfect angular shape to the diamond makes it look exorbitant when you are adorning it.

3.       Comparatively lesser Diamond Wastage

One unique quality of princess cut is, it commonly uses a ton of rough diamond while preparing the cut. Unlike brilliant cuts like round diamonds which generate a lot of waste, princess cuts will on the other hand use 60% to 70% of the rough diamond. In such a scenario very little rough diamond is wasted making it more economic in nature.

4.       Cheaper than High Profile Brilliant Cuts

High end profile cuts such as round cuts on diamonds will be featured for nearly around three quarters within the industry. It is also one of the most commonly preferred engagement rings apart from the princess cut in today’s time. However, the price tag which is associated with round cut diamonds is more expensive than that of the princess cut on the diamond. The main underlying reason behind this is the princess cut will generate way less wastage of rough diamond as compared to round cut diamonds. Princess cuts will generate somewhere 30% to 40% lesser wastage as compared to round cut diamonds.

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So are you prepared to choose the right Engagement Ring?

After going through all the available options which are available in the market, the most important conclusion which you need to arrive at is choosing the right engagement ring. For a princess cut diamond, nearly 1 carat of the rough diamond will be able to generate a 0.8Oct to 0.9Oct polished diamond. So it is always advisable to choose a diamond ring that has a carat size of 1 carat or more for bringing out the maximum elegance and brilliance.  

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