Gold Stud diamond Earrings

The Enduring Journey Of Gold Stud Earrings

With the evolution of time, the choices and preferences amongst the customers also change. New trends are set which beguile the strong fascination of people. However, whenever we speak of gold stud diamond earrings we always tend to fall back on the rich classical taste of ornamental styling. Making itself comfortable and also taking the lead, gold stud diamond earrings have successfully placed themselves within the look of a timeless dimension. Be it as a present for someone or to treat yourself with a luxurious gift, gold stud diamond earrings will always be a doubtless success to win the heart.

What kind of gold stud earring should you purchase?

The most ironic part of purchasing diamond and gold ornaments is there is no right or wrong. The most important factor that you should consider before buying is your personal level of comfort. However, when you are purchasing your gold stud earring there can be certain additional criteria which you should keep in mind. This article will give you a proper knowledge for the key to find the perfect pair of gold stud diamond earring.

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Shape of Diamond

Gold Stud Earrings

One of the most important features before choosing the gold stud earring is to have a proper glance at all the different kinds of diamond shapes which are available. There are different kinds of shapes of diamonds that are available in the market. Ranging from heart shaped diamonds to round shaped diamonds you can also choose geometrical shapes like oval and square shaped diamonds. Depending upon the facial structure for the person you are purchasing or even for yourself you need to pick the right one.

For a person who has a spherical or a diamond shaped face, the princess cut of the diamond will enhance the beauty of the person even further emphasizing on the cheekbones. Princess cut is a sharp edged square shaped diamond that elevates the beauty of the gold stud earring.

While on the other hand, if the person has a comparatively broader face that is square or rectangular shaped, cuts such as cushion cut diamond, or round cut diamond, or even marquise cut diamond will look explicit on the person. Such cuts create an illusion of a bigger diamond visually as compared to the actual size of the diamond.

Give Emphasis on the Metal Carat

Before choosing the metal karat it is very necessary to fix a budget. It is not wise to go beyond limits to purchase your gold stud diamond earring. The higher the metal karat you are going to choose higher is going to be the price of the earring. If you have a low budget and constraints on your budget you can definitely go for 14k gold metal. 14k gold indicates it is going to comprise 58.3% of pure gold. However, on the other hand if you are choosing a gold karat of 18k it is going to comprise 75% pure gold. As compared to the 14k, the 18k gold karat is going to be way more expensive.

There is also something ironic about gold stud earring which you should keep in mind. If a gold earring has higher content of gold in it, the softer the earring is going to be which will make the earring even more vulnerable. As a result of which 14k gold stud earring is the most preferable one. However, on the other hand, higher the composition of gold in the earring, it will have a direct impact on the color of the earring it is going to exhibit. If you are choosing an 18k gold stud earring, it is going to exhibit a vibrant yellow hue.

Apart from the 14k and 18k gold karat metal which are commonly and widely used there are also two different availability of gold karat. They are mainly the 24k gold metal and the other one is 10k gold metal. 24k gold metal is the purest form of gold and therefore, it is never suggested to wear as a jewelry setting. While, on the other hand 10k gold comprises less than 50% of pure gold. This indicates that such a set up will have higher content of base metals in the alloy which is not suitable for wearing as it can initiate and aggravate discomfort and can also cause allergies. Although the low price of the 10k gold karat can be very tempting it is necessary to understand the later consequences. It will be of no use to you if you spend your money on something which you won’t even be able to adorn yourself with.

Kind of Setting

gold stud diamond earring

The setting of your gold stud earring will influence the final outlook of the earring. Predominantly there are two typical settings that have been highly popularized and also the favorite amongst the customers. The first one is going to be the classic prong setting. On most occasions, the four-prong settings are used but you can also opt for six or even three prong settings. Prongs are small tiny metals that provide support and help to hold the diamond at a place in the center.

While the other setting is the bezel setting, where the diamond is mounted on the circular gold surrounding at the base. The gold setting helps to hold the diamond in place providing security to the diamond thus by encircling it with a tight grip. Bezel setting will give a more traditional look to your earring.

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Tone of Gold

A very common misconception that arises while purchasing gold stud earrings is the only color in which gold is available in yellow. Dynamically, there are three different colors in which gold is available which are the rose, yellow and white. So now the question that arises is which one should you choose? If you are going for a traditional look the touch of yellow color with the contrasting color of the transparent diamond will make you look gorgeous. However, on the other hand, if you are looking for a sleek modern look the definite call for you is white gold. White gold will give the same exact appearance as that of platinum adding the touch of subtleness to the earring. You can also choose, rose gold diamond stud earrings which will give an exorbitant blush look to your personality.

Decide Accordingly

There is a huge variety of gold stud diamond earring which you will find in the market. However, making the final decision will entirely depend upon you. Before venturing for the hunt of the perfect pair of gold stud earring, a fair background knowledge about the different types of gold stud earrings which are available in the market is extremely important.

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