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Gorgeous Prong Setting For Every Occasion

Amongst the different variations of settings that are available in the industry, nothing will be able to compare itself with the outstanding nature of the prong setting. A setting that is now placed within the loop of timeless dimension has been one of the most popular settings for diamond stud earrings for ages now. The setting on the diamond earring will have a great impact on the outlook demonstrated by the earring. It depends upon the setting and the cut used on the diamond that the brilliance of the diamond is going to be exhibited.

Looking for an elegant, sophisticated minimalist yet simplistic setting? The ever-beautiful endorsing prong setting on the diamond is the one for you. It might be difficult for you to comprehend the different kinds of settings that are used on the diamond without having proper knowledge about the settings. Therefore, in this article, we are going to focus on the prong setting which is the most commonly preferred setting on the diamond earring.

What is Prong Setting?

Before going to the qualities and the pros and cons of this kind of setting we need to first focus on what is a prong setting? One of the most preferred kinds of diamond settings is commonly used on diamond stud earrings; prongs are small tiny metals that surround your diamond. Prongs cradle around the diamond making it highly secured and the diamond remains fixed at the center. Apart from the functional criteria of the prong, it also makes the earring look astounding in nature.

Prongs add the touch of elegance and exorbitant feature to the diamond earring. Prongs add further beneficial features to the diamond thus making the diamond to shine bright. Use of prongs will help you to see the edges of the diamonds and also the top of the diamond, making it look bigger in size as compared to the carat weight of the diamond used.

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Types of Prong Settings

There are a number of prong settings which are used on the diamond earrings. Some of them are as follow:

Three Prong Settings

Three Prong Setting

The most interesting fact about the three prong setting is that it is usually never preferred for rings, however; three prong settings make an excellent choice when it comes to choosing the diamond earring. This minimalist setup will enable you to focus on the diamond which is used in the earring. It also increases the reflectance capability of the diamond allowing light to enter through the earring. This helps to create a visual delusion of larger sized diamonds, as the view of circumference gets increased. Three prong settings with 14K white gold metal will look astonishing on the diamond earring and can be adorned at any event.

Four Prong Settings

Four Prong Setting

One of the most commonly preferred prong settings is the four prong settings for an average carat weight diamond. Four prong settings is an excellent choice which makes your diamond highly secured and also provides for a well balanced surface area. Coming with the higher degree of assurance four prong settings on a diamond earring can be worn even on a regular daily basis. As similar to three prong settings, the four prong settings is also an open design which allows the light to radiate through the diamond making it shine brighter. Four prong settings are usually used for diamonds which have a carat weight below 2.00.

Six Prong Settings

Six Pring Setting

Six prong settings will give a completely different outlook to your diamond earring as compared to the three or four prong settings. Surrounding itself and giving the shape of a crown base set up encircling the dainty diamond providing a high level of assurance and having a very strong grip on the diamond, such a setting will cover a larger surface area as compared to the previous settings. Six prong settings will also allow light to pass through the diamond and are commonly used for diamonds that are 2.00 carat or above.

Eight Prong Settings

Eight Prong Setting

One of the rarest used prong settings is the eight prong settings. Eight prong settings will have a higher level of security and will give you the utmost assurance that your diamond is completely secured. However, such a setting is usually used for diamonds weighing 3.00 carat or above.

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Choose your Prong Setting Carefully

Depending upon your carat weight of the diamond you should be choosing your prong setting. It will be of no use to accentuate the implementation of eight or six prong settings for a diamond earring weighing 0.75 carats. This rather prevents the light from radiating through the diamond and will also cover the entire surface area. Choose the prong setting according to the weight of the diamond used in the earring.

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