Guide To Buy Stud Earring For Men

Guide To Buy Diamond Stud Earring For Men

The history of men’s diamond stud earring dates back to the period of Ancient Egypt where diamond stud earrings were worn by the upper class men to show off their status in front of the society. Over the centuries different styles of men’s diamond earrings have been in the century. But there is only one particular style of diamond earring which has remained evergreen and didn’t fade out within the race of survival. The good old classic solitaire diamond stud earring has always been under the radar of popularity, continuing with its legacy since the time of antiques.

Now, if you are looking out for the best suitable earring for you then it’s the time for you to join the queue of men who have explicit taste in diamond earrings. Make your bold step now, and choose a diamond stud earring which will not only look elegant but also with its simplicity will elevate your standard. Narrow down your vast variety of options and give a keen focus on the event if you are willing to showcase your prized possession.

How can you find the perfect diamond stud earring for you?

Sometimes it can be slightly overwhelming when you have a varied range of options in front of you. It does get a little confusing. However, with our expert guidance we can navigate you through certain criteria you should keep in mind while choosing your diamond stud earring.

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Choose the Right Diamond Shape

Diamond Shape Earring Size men

One of the most important factors you should keep in mind is the shape of the diamond stud on your earrings. Solitaire diamond earrings come along with different styles and shape which makes the earring look absolutely endorsing. However, it completely depends on the suitability of that particular style on the individual. The shape that you choose will dominate on the entire styling of the diamond earring.

Amongst the men’s diamond stud earring, the round cut of the diamond is the most populous one. The exorbitant shape of roundness adds a unique touch to the diamond. The round shape helps to make your diamond earring shine in the best possible manner. The versatile nature of round diamond stud makes the earring look a piece of art. Other than the round shape of the diamond stud earring, yet another very popular diamond cut is the princess cut. The symmetrical square shape with sharp brilliant edges making the diamond look splendid is another favorite choice among the customers. The sharp silhouette cut in the shape of a square gives a very chic and edgy modern look to the earring.

Apart from the two most populous shapes of diamond, if you are willing to keep a low profile, you can opt for the less chosen fancy shapes on the diamond. Vintage cuts like pear cuts and marquise cuts will look really good when you are pairing your diamond earring with an ethnic outfit. Very similar to square shape cut, cuts like cushion cut, Asscher cut as well as emerald cuts where the edges of the diamonds have a more subtle touch to it and precise sharp cuts on diamonds are not incorporated.

Choose the Right Diamond Setting

Diamond Setting Earring Size men

A very important yet sometimes overlooked step is to choose the right set up for your diamond stud earring. We advise you to choose the final setting of your diamond after you have chosen the shape of your diamond stud earring. Choosing the right diamond setting is highly essential as it is going to dictate the entire outlook of the diamond earring.

The setting of the diamond earring indicates how well the diamond is protected. The diamond setting on the earring implies the manner in which the diamond is placed upon and mounted on the base metal frame. Two major common suitable diamond solitaire stud earring set ups which are used are the prong setting and the bezel setting.

The prong setting is the most common and also one of the most popular settings which are preferred by all irrespective of their gender. Prongs are small tiny metal features that help and support to keep the diamond at the center of the earring. Prong settings have been immensely popularized over centuries now. The classic sleek look that the setting exhibits with the touch of sparkle in it makes the diamond stud earring splendid. The small open sides of the set up enables the light to enter through the diamond, making the earring shine bright. The prong setting is used to bring out the maximum shine from the diamond.

Unlike, prong setting, the bezel setting upholds the touch of vintage feeling with the diamond. The diamond is placed adequately within the encircling surrounding of the base metal. The look expresses a smooth delicate ring of metal upon which the diamond is mounted. The look adds the touch of simplicity within the diamond stud earring. Such a setting is suitable not only for any particular event but can also be adorned on a regular basis.

Choose the Right Diamond Size

Diamond Stud Earring Size men

It is very important to understand that the size of the diamond will not dictate over the outlook it expresses but will also dominate the comfort level. After you have picked your shape and setting, the most important step now is to choose the adequate size which will look captivating on you. Diamond earrings come along with a variety of sizes, but the right size will help you to elevate the entire appearance. While choosing the diamond earring you have to carefully look at the quality of the diamond and the size of the diamond.

The carat weight of the diamond will play a significantly important role in determining the size of the diamond stud earring. The carat weight indicates the measurement of the mass of the diamond. Depending on the carat weight you can develop a fair idea on the size of your diamond.

Diamond stud earrings are available in a variety of ranges. Ranging from 0.5 to 2 carat, choosing the right carat weight is your final call. However, always remember that the carat weight of the earring gets divided between two earrings. For example, if you are choosing a pair of 2 carat diamond stud earrings, each diamond earring will have 1 carat of diamond each. 1 carat of diamond stud earring will measure around 6.5mm. While for a pair of 0.5 carat diamond stud earrings, each diamond earring will weigh 0.25 carat each.

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Choose the Right Color

An equally important determinant factor for choosing the right diamond stud earring is choosing the right color. It is a common generalized misconception that diamonds can only refer to the transparent pure diamonds. The pure transparent diamonds are the most popular ones and have the highest degree of clarity making them the most expensive ones.

However, if you have budget constraints you can also opt for colored diamonds. Ranging from royal red to majestic blue and outstanding eccentric black which looks more masculine in nature, these diamond earrings will be comparatively cheaper as compared to the transparent ones.

Black diamond stud earring has been growing its popularity since the last decade. The black color gives the earring an additional touch of boldness and masculinity making it perfect for men to adorn themselves in any particular chic event. Owing to the inclusions such as graphite and few others, black diamonds score a grade lower as compared to the transparent diamond making them comparatively cheaper.

Your Final Decision

At the end of the day it is very important to understand that there is no right or wrong in choosing the perfect diamond stud earring. Choose the one which you feel the best and most comfortable in. For base metals you can choose white gold or platinum so that the metal doesn’t outshine the beauty radiated by the diamond.

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