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Guide To Cleaning Diamond Earrings

One of the most gorgeous looking crystals which are closely associated with absolute exclusiveness diamonds has their own majestic way of piercing through the heart of the people. The elegance and the aristocracy that it surrounds around itself elevate the entire outlook. The lustrous-looking crystal makes one of the most spectacular jewelry when coupled with a pair of dazzling earrings. Diamond earrings have occupied their place in the loop of a timeless dimension owing to their sophistication and popularity which it has been contemptuously carrying for years. Diamond earrings are a fashion statement and make one of the most wondrous wardrobes stables.

However, possessing something as precious as a diamond does come with some kind of liability. If you want your diamond to exhibit its glamour and shine even years later after buying it, it is very important to care about your diamonds. In this article, we are going to give you some tips on how to clean diamond earrings that will never allow the diamond to fade its sparkle. Keeping your diamond earrings clean is a pre-essential step when you want your diamond earrings to serve their long-time purpose.

The Essentiality of having the Right Equipment

Wondering how to restore the previous shine and sparkle of the diamond earring? It may sound like a complicated process when you are willing to clean your precious investment in the house. But there are ways through which you can remove the dirt, oil as well as smear using a jewelry cleaning kit in your home. There is a wide availability of nontoxic solutions which are used on gemstones and metals. Combining it with a light polish and the use of soft clothing material will help you to recover the old ravishing look of your diamond.

Apart from using the above-mentioned technique, it is also important to have a keen look at the specifics mentioned on the cleaning kit before using it for cleaning your jewelry. There are certain specific techniques that are used for some particular kind of jewelry settings and therefore it is important to consider reading the instructions before using them. Although most of the cleaning kits which are available are nonabrasive, making it very secure for reinstating the glamour back to the diamond earrings, double-checking before using on your gem and metal is always beneficial.

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What Kind of Equipment is required for Cleaning Diamond Earrings?

One of the most essential pieces of equipment which are required for cleaning the minute dirt and smut which stick aggressively along the edges of the diamond earrings is a toothbrush. A soft bristle toothbrush with fine hair brushes is a key tool that is required. The soft strokes on the diamond by the toothbrush will eliminate the chances of harsh strokes on the diamond.  Rough toothbrushes can cause damage to your diamond and therefore, it is advisable if you choose children’s toothbrushes owing to the soft bristles of these toothbrushes.

Using soft clothing material is another important way of cleaning your diamond without fearing the damage on your diamond earring. A soft cloth is required for the purpose of polishing and also for drying the earring. There is a wide availability of small microfiber cloth which is specifically used for the purpose of cleaning your diamond stud earring. In case you fail to find one, you can also opt for a small soft cotton piece available in your house to clean the jewelry. The only advantage of using microfiber is that it eliminates the risk of any particular thread getting caught on the minute openings in the diamond earring. If you are using soft cloth make sure that the clothing piece is properly woven and makes a brilliant absorbent.

Where can you clean your earrings?

Diamonds earrings clean

Apart from the techniques or the equipment which can be implemented for the process of cleaning earrings, choosing a safe secured area for cleaning your earring is very essential. Coming under the umbrella of one of the most important criteria, there have been several instances where people have damaged their precious diamond earrings as well as gold and platinum earrings because of the carelessness of choosing the wrong area. Pay close heat to the key areas or places where you can clean your earrings.

Flat Surface Area

A flat surface area is one of the most important essential areas where you should clean your diamond earrings. Areas will sloping ground or which are in constant motion will make the process harder as there is always going to be a risk of dropping the diamond earring which can either cause harm while sometimes people have also lost their earrings in such a scenario.

Dark Background

It is equally important to keep in mind while you are cleaning your earrings. Choosing a dark background will make you have a better approach towards the cleaning process owing to the contrast in color. Transparent diamonds will not be able to blend themselves in the dark background and therefore, you can have a distinctive look at the dirt or grime present in the earring.

Good Lighting

Before cleaning your diamond earring it is important to take into consideration that the place must have sufficient lighting. A good lighting environment will enable you to look at the dirt with proper clarity which will be beneficial in the cleaning process.

Cleaning near the Sink is a Big No

It is a very important pro tip which you should always keep in mind before cleaning your earrings. Never clean your precious diamond earrings near the sink. There have been several cases where people have lost their beloved diamond earrings as they had mistakenly gone down into the sink.

Additional Tool Requirement

Apart from the tool and criteria which have been mentioned earlier, there is going to be a need for an additional bowl to soak the jewelry. Never soak the jewelry in the sink and prevent any hazard from taking place. It is also advisable if you wear gloves before the cleaning process as it will act as a shield thus preventing smudged fingerprints and oily skin from degrading the look of the diamond earring.

Cleaning Agents which you can focus on

Diamond Earrings

There are a number of options which claim themselves to be the most suitable cleaning agent. However, it is essential to use the best for your precious diamond.

Dish Soap

You can have your faith in using dish soap mixed with lucid warm water. A few drops of liquid soap in the water will be highly beneficial in the cleaning process. You can dip a soft cloth or a piece of microfiber in the mixture in order to remove the stain present in the diamond earring.


Ammonia is a brilliant cleaning agent which is highly beneficial in cleaning the presence of dirt or germs present in your diamond earring re-establishing the previous shine into the diamond. You can mix 2 teaspoons of ammonia in a small bowl of water and gently dip the soft cloth and use the solution to clean your diamond earring. If required you can also soak your diamond earring in this solution for 30 to 40 minutes.

Soda Bicarbonate

Using bicarbonate of soda is also another way of cleaning your earrings. Make a thick paste and coat it properly on the diamond earring. It will act as a wonder if you leave it for ten minutes and later clean it off with a fine brush bristle or even with a soft clothing piece.

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It is very important to understand that there are a number of ways through which you can clean your earring. However, implementing the right technique is a crucial task. It is always wise to gather all the requirements before the cleaning process to avoid a later hustle. The use of polish for restoring the old glamorous sparkle in the diamond can also be needed sometimes. Be careful and extremely gentle with the strokes as your diamond earring is very delicate.

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