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Key To Find The Right Size Of Diamond Earrings

Looking for the right diamond stud earring but unsure what would look the best on you? We got you covered on this. This article will help to navigate you in the process of choosing the quintessential diamond stud earring which will look alluring upon you. It can be sometimes really confusing in choosing the right size of diamond earrings when you are constantly contradicted by the thoughts of choosing a particular style of diamond earring.

Diamonds are expensive and therefore, making an investment in diamonds will serve a lifelong purpose. The benefit of acquiring diamonds is innumerable, however; getting caught up with the wrong size of diamond earrings can be extremely unfortunate. When you are purchasing a diamond it is very essential to look at four key elements which is a more technical language is considered as the 4Cs of diamonds by GIA. The 4Cs stands for the carat, color, clarity, and cut. Depending upon these four attributes the price of the earrings will vary. Let us help you in addressing the different sizes of diamond stud earrings that are available.

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What are the different diamond stud earring sizes available?

There is a wide range of sizes that are available in the market. Depending upon your own choice and preference you can opt for the one which seems perfect to you. Stud diamonds embrace the quality of aristocracy and elegance about themselves. Perfect for any occasion stud diamond earrings can be adorned with any kind of outfit, be it ethnic or even on a very regular day-to-day basis.

The average standard size of a stud diamond earring is 0.25 carat. The small dazzling central piece of diamond gives a shine that can seemingly captivate the gaze of the others present in the crowd. 0.25-carat size diamond stud earrings will look good on any outfit. The minimalist touch gracefully associated with simplicity makes the stud earring unique from the rest. The carat size is going to be divided into two earrings making the look very subtle in nature.

There is the availability of diamond stud earrings in a variety of sizes. Up next is the 0.33-carat size diamond stud earring. The size of the diamond stud earrings will go up to a range of 1.25 carat. There is a huge difference between the different carat size diamond earrings as each pair will give a completely different outlook. However, it is a preferred choice among the customers to opt for a pair of earrings that are below 1.25 carat owing to the practicality served by the earring.  

The increase in the carat size of the diamond will involve the use of larger-sized diamonds in the stud earrings. The larger the size of the diamond the radiant energy exhibited from such diamonds would be sparkling. The endorsing beauty will make a dramatic look when worn to an event. However, the comfort provided by bigger-sized diamonds would be slightly lower as compared to the smaller-sized earrings.

If you are willing to buy a pair of diamond earrings for any chic flashy event it is advisable you can opt for 1 carat or 2-carat diamond earrings. The carat size of the diamond is going to be divided in between the two earrings respectively. For example, for 1-carat pair of earrings, each earring will have 0.5 carats each respectively. Accordingly, for a pair of 2-carat diamond earrings, each earring will have 1 carat of diamond respectively.

The increase in the carat size of the diamond earring will result in an increase in the price of the earrings. A pair of 1 carat and 2-carat earrings can be pricey, however, the dramatic look represented by such earrings cannot be compared to another pair of earrings. But at certain times, there is a downside to such higher carat size diamond earrings. It is often seen that the wow and appealing feature that is often associated with diamond is subjugated as the pressure exerted by the higher carat diamond earring makes the earlobe look droopy in nature.

It is advisable before purchasing your diamond stud earring to take a conscious look at the different carat sizes and the one which you seem would look explicit on you. Also, it may sound a little vague, but the size of the earlobe will play a major determining role. For a small earlobe, 0.25 or 0.33-carat size diamond will look stunning. While for a larger-sized earlobe if you are willing to carry it out you can opt for 1 carat or 2-carat diamond earrings. The final decision has to be taken by you only.

Understand how carat influences the size

diamond carats

After giving a quick insight on the different availability of carat size diamond stud earrings we will now like to guide you on how carat can affect the size. Carat influences the size of the diamond which is used in the earring. But before anything, let us explain to you the concept of “CTW”. CTW is the abbreviation for “Carat Total Weight”. This means the total weight of the carat used in that pair of diamond earrings. For a pair of 1-carat diamond earrings (CTW) the carat is going to be divided into 0.5 carats respectively in each diamond earring.

Now let us give you a broad analysis of how the carat of the diamond is influenced by the size. For a pair of 2.00 CTW, each diamond CT is going to be 1.00 carat where the size of the earring will be 6.5MM each. A pair of 1.50 CTW each diamond CT is going to be 0.75 carats where the size of the earring will be 5.8MM each. While a pair of 1.00 CTW each diamond is going to be 0.5 carats where the size of the earring will be 5MM each. A pair of 0.75 CTW each diamond CT is going to be 0.375 carats where the size of the earring will be 4.67MM each. For a pair of 0.50 CTW, each diamond CT is going to be 0.25 carat whereas the size of the earring will be 4.1MM.

Apart from the above-mentioned carat sizes, there is also an availability of different carat size diamond stud earrings. For example, there is a wide collection of earrings that have carat sizes such as 1.25 CTW, 0.62 CTW, 0.40 CTW, 0.33 CTW, and last but not least 0.25 CTW. With the increase in CTW, the size of diamond stud earrings will increase and vice versa accordingly.

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It is important before you venture into purchasing, to fix a budget that you can afford. Diamonds can be expensive and it is advisable that you should remain within the budget which has been decided by you. Before buying your diamond stud earrings look at the authenticity of the shop from where you are purchasing your diamond. Lab-grown diamonds will be comparatively cheaper than the mined diamonds, it will be evident from the price itself.

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