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Guide To Get The Certificate of Authenticity For Diamond Earrings

Make your diamond secured by obtaining your certificate of authenticity today. However, are you feeling a bit lost in the process of finding the certificate of authenticity for your diamond? This article will help you provide the necessary guidance that you need.  A certificate of authenticity is extremely important as it validates the diamond which you have purchased. We are going to help you understand what a certificate of authenticity actually is and how you will be able to obtain it.

What is the Authenticity Certificate for Diamond?

GIA certificate

In general, sense whenever a commoner hears about the certificate of authenticity for the diamond jewelry, people are commonly shrouded by the misconception that it will define only the validation of the diamond which you have purchased. People are often of the opinion that the certificate of authenticity will verify whether the diamond you have purchased is real or fake.

But in the true sense, the authenticity certificate will give you a detailed document and report on the grading of the diamond by the jeweler. The certificate of authenticity will give proper guidance to the diamond grading scale. The popularly used term is often confused by the people, but it is important to understand the difference and the requirement of such a certificate.

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How can you define a Grading Report of Diamond?

The terms Diamond Authenticity Certificate, Diamond Grading Report, and Report of Diamond is often used as simultaneously as alternatives for each other. This might make you wonder what purpose such a report or certificate serves.

The Diamond Certificates are the certificates which are issued by the laboratories of gemmology, which give a brief report on the individual independent gemstone. The certificate evaluates the properties of the diamond which is used in the ornament and assesses the entire result and grades the quality of the diamond accordingly on the basis of the qualities it possesses.

Acquisition of a grading report or a diamond certificate doesn’t guarantee that the diamond used is of high quality. It merely gives the grading score of the diamond to explain the properties of the diamond which has been used. The properties which have been used for the process of evaluation give a detailed analysis of the characteristics of the diamond.

This implements a grading report that can possess the report of a low graded diamond as well as the report for a high graded diamond. Possession of a diamond certificate will help you understand the accurate measurements of the diamond you have purchased and will also give you an extensive idea about the physical properties of your diamond.

Information Received from Diamond Certificate

With the variation in the laboratory, there is going to be a difference in the information as revealed by the grading certificate. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) includes key essential information such as the diamond color, clarity, cut, and carat size. It will also reveal information about how well polished the diamond is and the symmetry of the cut that is used in the diamond.

There might be some additional information that can be obtained from the report. The report might comprise the level of brilliance or the illuminating power of the diamond, the reflection symmetry, the fluorescence as exhibited by the stone, and many more.

The process by Which You Can Obtain Diamond Certificate

One of the best and authentic ways you can obtain a diamond certificate for your diamond earrings is to send the crystal to one of the laboratories for its grading. Few prominent laboratory centers which can provide you with a grading certificate are the Gemological Institute Of America (GIA), the AGS (American Gem Society), and the EGL (European Gemological Laboratory). Other prominent laboratories from where you can obtain a diamond certificate are IGI (International Gemological Institute), HRD ( Hoge Raad Voor Diamant), GSI ( Gemological Science International), and many more.

If you want to get a grading result for your diamond earring, it is important for you to understand in such a scenario you need to take the stone out from the earring. In order to receive an authenticity report, the laboratory requires the loose diamond in order to carry out an efficient analysis of the diamond.

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Do you have the need for a diamond certificate?

It is important for you to understand the actual need for a certificate of authenticity for your diamond earring.  Before sending your diamond to the laboratory you will have to ask yourself is it really worth getting a diamond certificate.

In the case of small carat size diamond earrings, diamond authenticity will not possess much importance. Carat weight which falls under 0.2 or have a carat weight of 0.33 carat which are comparatively cheaper in price, it would be slightly unnecessary to spend a sufficient amount for obtaining a grading report.

In certain scenarios when you know that the diamond is real and the weight of the diamond is modest and extravagant the certificate of authenticity wouldn’t be a requirement. However, for a pair of diamond earrings of 2 carats, verifying your diamond and receiving a graded report will be essential.


It is not always necessary to obtain a Certificate of Authenticity for your diamond earring. Depending upon the carat size and your requirement the final decision has to be made by you. It is wise not to be overwhelmed by the idea of obtaining a report because it doesn’t verify the validity of your diamond. A diamond certificate will simply comprise the physical properties of your diamond.

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