Vintage Diamond Earrings

Jaw Dropping Vintage Diamond Earrings

When you are in the hunt for finding the right pair of diamond earring there’s a number of things which need to be kept in mind before making the final purchase. However, it is always very important to understand and have a perspective before buying your diamond earring. Important considerations such as the event for which you are buying, what kind of design you are willing to purchase and most importantly the budget that you have in your mind are really important.

If you are looking for something different which can uphold the emotional sentiments and also has the touch of tradition associated with itself, vintage diamond earrings are the one that you will want to emphasize on. Surprise your loved one with a pair of breathtaking vintage diamond earrings for this festive season. It can be slightly overwhelming with the huge variety of options which are available in the market. In order to have a proper perspective, in this article we are going to give you our guidance in finding the right pair.

Types of Vintage Diamond Earrings

There are a number of vintage diamond earrings which are available on the market. Varying from different shapes to designs with variation in sizes, we are going to list down the different vintage diamond earrings which will make the best surprise present for your loved one.

Diamond Stud Earring


Classic vintage styled diamond stud earring is always the safest option when you are highly unsure about the kind of earring you should be purchasing. The good old styled stud earrings owing to its excellent beauty that it exhibits have successfully placed itself within the paradigm of timeless dimension. The diamond stud earrings make a brilliant choice owing to its practicality. Diamond stud earrings can be worn at any particular event and goes along well with all outfits. A striking cushion cut or princess cut used on the solitaire diamond stud earring will add the element of vintage touch to your earring.

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Diamond Hoops


Although diamond stud earrings will make a classic choice, diamond hoops will help you look more dramatic in nature adding the blend of fashion trends to your earring. A pair of diamond hoops will not only make the earring highly nostalgic in nature, but with the dazzling beauty exhibited by diamond hoops it will indefinitely bring about the glimpse of smile and excitement in your partner’s or loved one’s face.

Drop Diamond Earrings

drop diamond earring

Simple yet majestic paired together results in the formation of diamond drop earrings. Make your partner completely stunned by gifting a pair of flashy yet elegant-looking pearl drop earrings dangling from the earlobe. The drop earrings allow movement of the earring at the bottom with every movement of the head. One of the most common examples is featuring 56 perfectly round accentuated transparent diamonds, along with milgrain that adds the vintage touch to your earrings. Drop diamond earrings will make a brilliant choice in any particular event.

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Contrast of Color

Looking for something out of the box? Then pair your diamond earring with the pop of color in it. Make a vibrant dynamic appearance Surprise your loved one with a pair of astonishing diamond earrings. You can pair the diamond earring with bright red ruby or royal sapphires or subtle pearls. There is an availability of different gemstones in the market which can go along perfectly well with your diamond earring. You can also pair your transparent diamonds with colored diamonds. However, the use of gemstones will add a vintage look to your earring. Gemstones played a very important crucial role during the Art Deco period and associating your diamond earring with gemstone will indefinitely make your partner look extraordinary in any event.

Final Verdict

It is always advisable before you make your final purchase to always look at the different options which are available in front of you. It is advisable not to buy any diamond earring at first glance. Keep your options wide and choose the right pair accordingly.

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