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Need To Know About Diamond necklace

Diamond necklaces are astonishing and the most sophisticated pieces of neck jewelry. Any jewelry piece made with diamonds is elegant and beautiful. Owing to the pure elegance and charm of a diamond, the diamond necklace is yet another masterpiece made of selected diamonds.

Diamond Necklace

Any design made by an artisan is unique and different, either customized for a client or to be sold in the showrooms.

Diamond necklaces can be of various types. There can be pendants, diamond chokers, simple and basic diamond necklaces, and certain ample heavy necklaces. Each of these has a huge variety of designs in themselves, ranging from lengths, metals, size of the design, number of continuous diamond connections, types of other gems, sizes of diamonds as well as other gems, and finally the hook to secure the piece onto the neck.

Choosing a necklace

When we choose a necklace there are various factors that influence a necklace and the way it is designed. Specifically for a diamond necklace, there are so many factors regarding the diamond and the type of necklace used that tend to influence a design in a particular way. Let us give you a heads-up on the different types of necklaces you can have designed. 

Types of necklaces

The design of a necklace adds the alluring look to a necklace despite whichever stone/metal you use. While we might be aware of only the basic types of diamond necklaces, here are a couple of lesser known and designed types of necklaces.

lavalier necklace

Lavalier necklace is a type of necklace, which is basically a chained necklace. This chained necklace is attached to the main dangling pendant, which can sometimes be a tassel as well. These necklaces can have additional smaller pendants attached to the main pendant which add more of an ‘oomph statement’ to the wearer’s attire.

It is a subtly edgy piece one can prefer to wear on certain occasions of minimum yet impactful accessories. This is due to the slight art nouveau impact as seen from the designs.

festoon necklace

Festoon is particularly an older style of necklace and has an edge of antique aura in the design. The design constitutes a central piece of stone of design or dangle and a couple of chains or drape sort of designs joined at two points on either side.


Chokers have recently received a lot of attention and were in the trend during the old romantic times. These are tighter necklaces that can be worn fitted at the base of the neck. These were primarily of gold and diamond in the previous times, but in today’s day, everyone is open to experimentation with metals and materials.

Riviere necklace

Riviere necklace is such a delicate and exquisite piece of the diamond necklace. This necklace might as well be considered the epitome of grace. This is a truly delicate and basic piece of a diamond necklace, which in turn makes it all the more classy.

This necklace is longer than the choker but the design appears totally flowing. This owes its impact to the graduation of the stones from small to large from the back to the front. The prong setting is used to fasten the diamonds in place, in place of the scallop setting of the olden times. This open setting was preferred to make a huge impact on the viewer with the brilliance of the diamond set in the necklace so elegantly.

bib necklace

Certain necklaces are fit for certain occasions. Bib necklace is one such exceptional piece of necklace. This necklace is almost as long as the Riviere and has a gradual thinning of design towards the outer edges. The designs can be of various typologies and can be made of a diverse variety of gems and metals as well.

They are a very impactful piece of jewelry and are sure to make a statement on the wearer and viewer. They are primarily worn occasionally due to its visually heavy perception and physically heavy to pull off all the time.

negligee necklace

This necklace is strikingly similar to the lavalier necklace. The only difference being that instead of a single hanging piece, we see that there are two gems or diamonds hanging from the center, each of an asymmetrical length.

collar necklace

These are very similar to the choker necklaces. The difference being they are worn higher up on the neck than that of chokers and are much more bound to the body of the wearer. The designs can be fitted into it as it is.

fringed necklace

These are slightly heavy and gaudy pieces of necklaces as compared to the others. The fringed necklace comprises a central chain or necklace design, from which we can observe hanging designs from the chain. These can be either metal, or diamond at the end, or even small diamond-studded hanging at uneven lengths or uniformly, depending on the design.

pendant necklace

Pendant necklaces are very common owing to their versatility as we observe. Pendant necklaces comprise a primary chain of metals like gold, platinum, or silver. The diamond pendant is then hung onto the chain either by sliding it onto the chain or by a hook that has been provided from the diamond pendant.

The pendant can be delicate or heavy depending on the design. This is a very elegant form of a diamond necklace and is preferred commonly owing to its easy customization. 

Diamond necklaces

Pendant necklaces are a very favorite among wearers of all ages, due to their timeless grace. The designs are very versatile and customizable. Pendant necklaces are a symbol of love and are more often than not, gifted to signify love.

It is also said to be a symbol of love due to its full design which represents endlessness.

There are varieties of diamond types available, which can be chosen from a wide array, to suit one’s own design requirement and budget. Diamond pendant necklaces are something that can be customizable to a very huge extent.

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Metals for necklace

The most preferred metal to set a royal or subtle necklace in is always yellow gold. This is a beautiful yellow metal that makes a diamond look pretty and vintage. With intricate designs in the yellow gold, the gold and yellow diamond are all set to make an impact.

While some people can prefer a more elegant and modern look on a necklace, in the case of diamond necklaces, we can always find the one for you. White metals are preferred for beautiful and utterly brilliant designs which are sure to leave any wearer and viewer stunned with the brilliance.

White metals are all set to highlight and bring out the shine of the already brilliant diamond gemstone. With such an elegant look on the neck, any person can sure take over a room full of people.

In white metals, white gold is very much preferred commonly by the people. Yellow gold is plated in rhodium to give such an intense glimmering impact. This piece in white gold is beyond expression and truly speechless. White gold is preferred for its strength in generally 18K. This provides the necessary strength needed for the gold to hold the precious diamond in place.

White gold is also preferred because it is less expensive than the very brilliant platinum and gives a better impact than silver.

Silver is also used, even though rarely, in necklace designs of pure diamond settings. It is very affordable, but the only situation which comes in the course of time is the brilliance of the silver. Silver tends to lose its shine and tarnish over a large span of time, which would in turn make the whole necklace lose its charm in the due course.

Platinum is a very classy and high-class metal that oozes of grace in every way possible by beauty. This white metal brings out the brilliance of the diamonds and enhances the beauty of the diamond necklace. This metal is more expensive than white gold or silver but is of premium quality. Good quality and durability are something we can be assured of as we choose a platinum diamond necklace.

Settings for all necklace types

Necklaces are available in all types and each type comes with a specific setting that is unique to the design of the necklace or in the case of customized necklaces, something which is preferred uniquely by the client.

Similar to the common settings, here there are prong settings, pave, bezel and halo.

There are alternatives to these common settings which are-

Shared prong– in these the prongs are shared among continuous or consequent pieces of diamonds.

Half bezel– in this the bezel setting does not cover all sides of the diamond and hence keeping it brilliant and providing it safety. The diamond is ‘bezelled’ on two sides opposite each other.

Channel– Channel setting is a setting used primarily for aligned back-to-back diamonds. There is a metal wall in between the two diamonds, which holds either of them in position.

Cuts for necklaces

Conventionally we would choose utterly brilliant and flawlessly cut diamonds to bring out the beauty and brilliance in the shine of the diamond. The most preferred cut which is chosen in diamond necklaces is the round brilliant.

Second, to this round brilliant, we observe that the designs can vary based on the cuts. Sometimes the princess cut is seen, sometimes an oval cut. When on certain occasions, there is a central stone that is supposed to be taking the stage, people can prefer less conventional cuts like the pear cut, marquise cut, oval cut, or even the elegant emerald cut.

If one is choosing to go against the conventional idea of a diamond necklace, there is a lesser-known option they can opt for. Uncut diamonds have been a recent trend and they are equally beautiful in all regards, just a little less brilliant as compared to the conventional cut diamonds. 

These uncut diamonds are generally preferred in huge or chunky necklaces, which would be requiring too many diamonds in the design. These tend to reduce the amount of money one would pay for the diamond necklace and can be chosen by individuals who do not prefer a lot of bling in necklaces but have to wear heavy jewelry, due to some occasion.

Types of necklace clasps

spring ring clasp this is generally used for delicate chains. A small lever is used to fasten on the other side. It is a circular clutch to attach to the other side of the chain.

lobster claw this is a clasp that is stronger than the spring ring. This can be used for chains too, and heavier ones than normal chains.

s hook s hook is a very common one used in precious metal chains. Since these metal chains are used to hold heavy diamond pendants, these ones are much more sturdy than the common hooks.

box tab hook box tab insert is used for heavier and chunkier necklaces. This is specifically designed to hold the weight of heavy necklaces together.

the mystery this is a screw-type clasp that is used for mostly choker types and closer to the neck necklaces. This keeps the necklace fastened properly. The weight of the necklace isn’t very heavy.

figure 8 safety this is an extra safety that is there, after the presence of the box tab hook. This is an extra fastener that is used to keep the necklace safe and from loosening and falling.

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Conclusion Thoughts

Necklaces are somewhat like fairy tales because they make us feel like we are the queens and we can conquer everything and anything in this world. This is the power of a diamond necklace, that it gives a certain sense of confidence to the wearer like they can take on the world in any way.

Diamond necklaces are available in a large number of varieties and designs, which are customizable. It is almost like there is a design for everyone who wishes to wear it and own it.

Necklaces are said to highlight the necklines and are even more elegant when worn along with a complimentary neckline of the outfit, so as to not subdue the necklace or even the outfit. Even in their distinct nature, they are so perfectly complementing that one cannot do anything else but adore and admire this gorgeous set of diamond embellishments.

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