Need to know about Solitaire Diamond Ring

Need to know about Solitaire Diamond Ring

In its true sense Diamond Solitaire can be referred to as any particular piece of jewelry that comprises a single diamond in it. The absence of any other diamonds around the precious diamond at the center or even at the center helps in illuminating the true virtue of the diamond that has been placed as the centerpiece of the jewelry. The idea of a Diamond Solitaire is to focus on the magnificent piece of gemstone that is used showcasing the work of delicacy. As Diamond Solitaire uses only one single astounding piece of gemstone it demands the viewers to focus on its visual outlook as a matter of true admiration.

Diamond Solitaire is commonly associated with the concept of a typical ring that consists of a single masterpiece of a diamond. The presence of one single diamond at the center of the ring paired perfectly with white or rose gold or even platinum gives a stunning appearance to the ring. Diamond Solitaire can also be used in ornamental styling for earrings, bracelets, nose pin, necklace, or any jewelry that comprises only one single diamond in it.

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Classic chic Diamond Solitaire rings are a beauty in itself. The ring consists of a single diamond stealing the glances of the public with its radiant vibrating beauty and the aura it surrounds itself with. There is complete absence of any further diamonds studded across the main single piece of gemstone. The general idea of Diamond Solitaire Ring is to provide a clean, classic and simplistic yet magnificent appearance to the ring.

Diamond Solitaire rings form an age old traditional set up of engagement rings. Diamond Solitaire rings are the personal favourite of people because of the aristocratic look with a classic design consisting of a single transparent alluring piece of diamond in it. People have often signified Diamond Solitaire rings with the purity and a symbol of true everlasting love shared between the couple. Therefore, whenever it comes to an engagement ring Diamond Solitaire Rings always takes the first place in the mind of the individuals.

The speciality of the Diamond Solitaire Ring is the exclusiveness that it has within itself. The fine diamond that has been designed with the utmost perfection is highly in demand especially when people think of a special event that they want to cherish in their life. Diamond Solitaire Rings are not only the popular opinion and choices for engagement purposes. But also such rings are high in demand for anniversary gifts, birthday gifts celebrating a milestone or even for a personal achievement.

Diamond Solitaire Rings are generally supported by prongs. There can be the presence of about four to six prongs in the ring which gives complete support to the particular diamond that is present at the center of the ring. The grip of each of the metals supporting the diamond to be held back in place providing a strong foundation is the key element for the presence of prongs. Prongs can be of varying shapes such as rounded, V-shaped prongs, pointed needle-like or it can also be a flat-shaped prong. There is going to be a variation in the shape of the prongs with the change in the shape of the diamond.

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Types and Variations in Diamond Solitaire

Diamond Solitaire makes an excellent choice for a variety of kinds of ornamental styling. The variations in the diamond with changes in the shape and size displaying a classic outlook making the jewellery to stand apart from the general crowd is the embedding speciality of the Solitaire. Giving a look of timeless dimension solitaire diamonds has several varieties which are supported firmly by the strong grip of the prongs used. Securing the place of the diamond at the centre giving an outstanding look diamond solitaire is an art in itself.

Without any further delay let’s take a quick glance at the varieties of Diamond Solitaire. Depending on the shape and size of the diamond used in the ring, diamond solitaire rings can have several patterns such as Cathedral Solitaire Set Up, Knife Edge Set Up, and Split Shank Solitaire Set up. Even on the basis of the number of prongs there’s another set of diamond solitaires.

Cathedral Set-Up of Solitaire

Frequently, regarded as the set up having the “high profile” the top notch design setting has an arched design which looks similar to the roof top line of a cathedral church. The arch designed shape of the diamond gave an extraordinary look to the ring. The diamond is raised high at the centre of the ring, giving an impression of sumptuous outlook. The diamond is placed in a manner such that it seems that it is floating above the band creating a delusional image.

Knife Edge Set Up Of Solitaire

The knife edge set up gives a needle-like pointed vision of the diamond solitaire at the center of the ring. The pointed and more angular look of the diamond helps in giving a shiny vibrant outlook of the diamond and its intricate design that has been used. The knife-edge set up is made in a manner that helps in drawing in more attention to the crowd making the diamond look bigger with its sharp edges.

Split Shank Set Up Of Solitaire

In this kind of setup there is a presence of shank that is generally split into two as it reaches the centre of the gemstone. The entire set up has been designed in such a manner that the main gaze and attraction of the design falls at the centre helping the diamond of the ring to have the main spotlight.

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Prong Set-Up of Solitaire

 The common configuration used in the diamond solitaire set up is the use of prongs. Prongs with a four and sex setting helps to hold the diamond at its place having a strong grip over the gemstone. This set up is commonly used which provides a firm grip over the diamond that is placed at the centre of the ring making the crystal look vibrant.

Last but not the least there is another set up of solitaire that is the Tiffany type. One of the most famous set ups was originally designed by Tiffany & Co. The marvellous set up uses the six prong design. The use of six prongs has been intricately designed to focus on the radiant look of the diamond. Within the use of Tiffany setup there is also implication of six prongs set up as well as knife edge set up. The use of these two techniques has been implemented in order to give a more angular look to the gemstone making it look bigger which helps in drawing in more attention from the public gaze.

Solitaire Diamond as Engagement Ring

Solitaire diamond rings are the most populous choice of engagement rings owing to the impressive design and skilfully crafted shape of the diamond that is used in such rings. Solitaire engagement rings can have different shapes and sizes and depending upon this the prices of the rings can vary indefinitely.

If you prefer to have a simple yet elegant look in your ring it is advisable to opt for Oval Cut Diamond that is embedded on the platinum ring. The simplistic view of the diamond which is held firmly by a flat shaped designed prong around its centre provides an impressive outlook to the ring.

If you are looking for something majestic with a touch of aristocracy in it, Cathedral Design set up is your call for your special day. The look is often considered to be the high ended profile look. The coruscating look makes an impression of being exalted. On your special day, it is an inevitable design which is going to draw the attention of the mass.

There are a variety of diamond solitaire rings that are available and according to your preference, you can choose one. However, before choosing any diamond ring for your special day have a brief look at the golden 4C’s (Colour, carat, clarity, and cut). There’s a variation in price depending upon these mentioned factors. The transparent diamond is the higher is going to be the price because the level of purity of that diamond is also going to be higher.

Availability of Solitaire Diamond

Being one of the popular choices of diamond, Solitaire Diamonds are commonly found in all jewelry shops. However, before making your final decision it is wise to look at the purity and the 4Cs that make the diamond one of the precious gemstones. It is no secret that diamonds are very expensive. Therefore, you have to be very careful about the choice that you make.

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Conclusion Thoughts

Apart from offline stores, Solitaire Diamonds are also available online. There’s a vast range of websites that provides you with the opportunity to offer you brilliant-looking solitaire diamonds. But before purchasing it, make sure about your budget and also about the authenticity of the website.

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