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Need To Know About Tennis Chain

One of the most elegant looking diamond jewelry items Tennis Chain is a popular choice of a masterpiece in order to quench your thirst for extravagance. Tennis necklaces are also one of the most misunderstood jewelry in the market. People often get confused between Tennis necklaces because of their wide range of availability in the market. Tennis chains look very similar to the tennis bracelets which are available. The only distinguishing feature about tennis chains is that it is bigger than the bracelets.

Tennis Chain

Tennis Chains are often considered as one of the finest pieces of diamond jewellery and is also the most favourite ornament among those who have an exquisite taste in diamond shopping. Encircling the neck the piece of art is a chain of series of shiny sparkling diamonds arranged in the form of an array of a string giving a sumptuous glace. Tennis necklaces vary in size and shape and depending upon your own personal choice it can be custom made. Tennis chains are comparatively bigger than tennis bracelets as it covers the neck with its elegant grace. Tennis necklace consists of a series of diamonds arranged together making an absolutely gorgeous diamond stand.

Tennis chains are mostly known for its minutely crafted intricate design by the skilful craftsmen. Tennis necklace is an arrangement of a series of small diamonds linking together against each other held firmly by the prongs attached to the metals. Sometimes the shape of the diamonds can also be like beads making the look of the necklace even more intimidating owing to the delicate work that has been put into the design. The sophistication of the tennis chain makes it worthy of the price that an individual has to pay for purchasing the absolute beauty.

The reason behind the Name

Although there is no significant reason that can suggest the true meaning of the name, the name tennis necklace has evolved from the name tennis bracelet. The tennis chain looks completely similar to a line and should be preferred to be called as a line necklace. But before the availability of tennis necklaces, tennis bracelets were made widely available in the market. In order to have parity with the name of the bracelet, the name tennis necklace was put into use.

However, there is an interesting story behind the tennis bracelet. Previously known as line bracelet or eternity bracelet, the name tennis bracelet was given because of the famous tennis player named Chris Evert. The name owes special thanks of gratitude to her because of her sensational style in the tennis court which made the name of tennis bracelets popular worldwide. The US Open Championship of 1987 gave rise to the term tennis bracelet.

Chris Evert was wearing her lucky tennis bracelet during the match that flew away from her hand as she was playing. The piece of jewellery was deeply significant to her as a result of which she had to stop the match in order to search for her tennis bracelet. The news became viral and widely popular worldwide giving rise to the name tennis bracelet in place of line or eternity bracelet.

Tennis bracelet gained its popularity and became widely known worldwide. The meaning of the tennis bracelet has evolved over the years which have passed by but the significance of the story still makes it widely known. There’s a wide range of variety of types of diamonds used and even the colours of diamond can also vary intensely from necklace to necklace, but the importance of tennis necklace has been accepted and delighted by those who have an expensive taste in jewellery.

Tennis Necklace is gender-biased?

The answer is an absolute no. It is important to understand the true perception of adoring yourself with a piece of jewelry. Most of the necklaces are made in mind to be adorned by women for a special occasion. However, tennis chains and necklaces are made in such a manner that they can be worn by both men and women. In the present era, tennis necklaces are highly recommended by men because of the chic look that it gives. Embracing tennis chains have become very popular among men who enjoy adorning themselves with classic yet elegant pieces of jewelry.

Tennis necklaces owing to its simplistic yet sophisticated look are equally enjoyed by both men and women. It is not only magnificent but the diamond chain can be paired with any clothing. The modern technique of designing has given the necklace associated with a sleek cut gives an extraordinary look to the necklace. Even celebrities like Drake, Bella Hadid, Karli Kloss, Asap Rocky , Timotheé Chalamet, etc. have adorned themselves with tennis chains making it look flawless on them.

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Number of diamonds in a Tennis Necklace

There is no standard number of diamonds which are fixed for a tennis necklace. However, a dignified elevated tennis necklace usually comprises 62 diamonds. Each diamond weighs somewhere around 0.2 carats, making a total of 12.4 carats, as the accumulation of the 62 diamonds. The diamonds generally used most often are the G/VS diamonds which are frequently paired and associated with white gold or for an even more sophisticated look it is paired with platinum. The work of diamonds is extremely intricately done giving an elegance look. The diamonds are usually placed and fixed on top of 18K gold which nearly weighs around 40g.

However, tennis necklaces can be personalised and be custom made. So depending upon your personal preference and choice you can even include more diamonds on the basis of your criteria. The size of the tennis necklace can also be altered. If you want it to be in the form of a choker tightly attaching itself to the neck you can one for yourself. On the other hand, if you are looking for something longer you can custom make your design.

Where can you wear a tennis necklace?

It is very easily misinterpreted that tennis necklaces can be worn for only special occasions. Well that’s not the situation at all. There are several reasons why people are opting for tennis necklaces. The simplistic yet alluring masterpiece is a perfect excuse for you to pamper yourself. Tennis necklace can be a perfect present to give someone as an engagement gift, anniversary gift, etc. Owing to its light weight the chain can be worn not only on special occasions but also can be worn as an ornament on a day to day basis. The biggest advantage of a tennis necklace is that it can be paired perfectly well with any type of clothing. The chic glamorous ornament has an aura of its own which makes it distinct and stands out distinguished from the rest.

How much can you expect for the price of the Tennis Necklace?

It is an extremely important consideration before buying your jewellery. It is important for you to fix your budget according to your preference before pursuing to finalise the ornament. Often customers get dissatisfied with their choices after hearing the price of expensive jewellery. But expensive jewellery have a reason for the high price that is charged for the ornament. The intricate and fine work of cuts with a degree of purity should be checked before purchasing any piece of diamond jewellery. Diamond tennis chains usually cost above $1,500. However, there’s a huge wide range of price that is charged for different types of tennis necklaces.

If you are looking for a designer tennis necklace the price of such jewellery can rise above $30,000. It also varies with the number of diamonds included in the necklace. The prices will keep on increasing when a number of diamonds are included within the necklace. Also the metal used for binding the diamonds together will also play a very important role in determining the price of such elegant pieces of art. If the base of the metal used is platinum to hold the diamonds together firmly at its place with prongs the [rice of such necklace will be higher as compared to the white gold base.

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Conclusion Thoughts

However, it doesn’t mean that using a platinum base will make it look even fancier than the white gold one. It clearly depends on the variety of choices by the customers. Depending upon your budget you can make your choice accordingly. The clearer and finer the cut with a higher degree of clarity of diamonds used in your necklace, you can expect an increase in the price of the necklace. Presently, the most expensive tennis diamond necklace in the world is the Cullinan Heritage weighing around 507.55 carats comprising 11,551 pieces of crystals which have a combination of white and pink diamonds. The purchase has been made by a Hong Kong-based jewelry company and also has jadeites within itself.

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