Oval Diamond Stud Earring

The Enthralling Enchantment Of Oval Diamond Stud Earring

Oval cut diamond stud earrings have always occupied a very special place within the hearts of the customers. The icy edgy appearance as executed by the preposterous cut earring falls within the loop of a timeless dimension. Perfect pair of earrings for any occasion will make your heart melt with its first outlook glance itself. Oval stud earrings go along well with any kind of outfit elevating your standard in the crowd.

The sparkling dazzling beauty radiates an exorbitant illuminating brightness making it shine even in a dim background. The classic cut of the diamond stud earrings have been popular for a few decades and have never failed to cease its popularity, meanwhile continuing to rule its royalty within the industry with its brightness.

Buying a pair of diamond earrings of any carat weight and size can be overwhelming. With the variety of options which are available, it is very important to pick the one which will suit you the best. In case you have been wondering to go for something simple yet elegant, we got you covered. In this article, we are going to give you an insight on the classic oval cut diamond earring.

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Why will you choose Oval Cut Diamond Stud Earring?


Before buying a pair of oval cut diamond stud earrings you need to shift your generalized perspective to a more narrowed down path. The classic oval cut design on diamonds has been a great success and has been a fashion statement for decades. It has never faded out from the trend. So here are some of the benefits of choosing oval cut diamond stud earrings.

Exhibit Larger Appearance

One of the biggest disadvantages of oval cut diamond stud earring is the appearance that the earrings express. The captivating beauty possesses the unique specialty of piercing through the heart of the customers.

At the first glance people will never be able to have a fair idea about the carat size of the diamond. Oval cut on diamond makes the diamond look bigger in size as compared to the actual size of the diamond. There is a very general misconception where people are of the opinion that carat indicates the size of the diamond. In fact, the carat weight defines the measurement of weight of the diamond.

However, both of them are very closely related to each other. The carat weight will determine the size of the diamond giving you a fair idea about what the size of the diamond stud earring can be after you weigh the diamond carat on the earring. Diamonds with higher the mass of measurement will look larger in size as compared to diamonds with smaller mass. With the variation in carat weight the diamonds are going to exhibit different outlooks accordingly.

Oval diamonds make the earring look considerably bigger in appearance as compared to the actual carat weight of the diamond used in the earring. Compared to the other geometrical shapes, an oval cut will make the diamond bigger than all the other cuts which are used. The underlying phenomenon for such an appearance is, in oval cuts the diamonds hold a larger proportion of their mass on the surface of the table. Diamonds are generally viewed from the top as a result of which the mass of the diamond which is held mostly at the top of the diamond makes the diamond earring look bigger in size.

Oval cut diamond stud earrings will make the diamond earring look larger in size by 9% as compared to the other diamonds. The significantly high percentage makes the diamond earring extremely popular within the market. With every increase in carat weight the oval stud earring will make the earring look even bigger in size. With the equal amount of spending as compared to other shapes of the diamond cut, oval cut diamonds will be able to give you greater benefit.

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The oval cut on the diamonds falls within the range of fancy chic shaped diamond earrings. Within this category all the different unique shaped diamonds are arranged and the not cut which is not taken into account is the classic old round cut. The diamonds with fancier shapes are comparatively cheaper as compared to the round shaped cut on the diamond. One of the most important reasons behind this logic is because there is generation of more waste of raw diamond when the round cut is used on the diamond as compared to the other shapes which are used.

Oval cut diamonds owing to their unique fancy shape is comparatively more affordable to that of round cut diamond. If you compare two similar 1 carat of diamond earring, one with an oval cut while the other with a round cut, there is going to be a marking variation in the price. A pair of one carat oval cut diamond earring can vary somewhere between $650 and $1100 and sometimes even lesser.

With the same carat weight, the remarkable difference in price plays an attractive feature for the oval cut diamond stud earring. You will be able to make a significant saving while choosing oval shaped diamond earring over the round shaped diamond stud earring.

Degree of Brilliance and Shine

One of the most important impending criteria which is fully satisfied and covered by the oval shaped stud diamond is the appearance as exhibited by such a cut. It is very commonly found; the cuts which fall within the range of fancy tend to sacrifice their ground on the level of brilliance and luminescence as displayed by the diamond.  

Round shape and cut on the diamond is the classic shape which will embrace the quality of shine and brilliance the most amongst all the different cuts. As a result of which, the price charged by round symmetrical shape is comparatively higher than the rest. But if you are looking for an equally amazing alternative with a more budget constraint oval cut diamond is the one for you.

The modified version of the round shape diamond with multiple intricately cut facets which helps in radiating the shine from the diamond helps in increasing the degree of brilliance from the diamond. When looked at once glance, you will not even be able to differentiate between the different degrees of radiance as displayed by the oval and round cut design. Amongst all the other fancy cuts which are used on the diamond, oval cut on the diamond have the maximum degree of brilliance. The similar degree of glory is shared by pear as well as marquise cut. However, unlike princess or cushion cut they give a more matte finish to the diamond sacrificing the criteria of brilliance.

Uniqueness in Styling

Oval Stud Earring

A pair of oval stud earrings will be able to steal the glance of the people even more a particular distance. The ravishing beauty with its dazzling shine can easily captivate the hearts of the others. The visual appearance of making the diamond look bigger in size also helps to reduce the flaws present in the diamond.

The shape of the oval cut, which is a modified version of the round cut, gives an additional unique feature to the diamond.  The elongated shape of the diamond adds sophistication to the diamond earring making it strikingly appreciative when adorned.

Many celebrities have been spotted adorning themselves with the oval cut diamond stud earring owing to the exquisite grace as reflected by the cut. The shape which is a dignified fashion statement in the market makes the oval cut diamond fall within the loop of timeless dimension. The pure beauty with the radiant cut gives an extra-ordinary shine to the earring making it look highly fashionable.

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Range Of Variation

Unlike the round shape cut, which is available only in one simple styling; oval cut diamond stud earring has a varied range of different options where each of the styling of diamond is unique in its own way. In spite of different names used there are many shapes which look very similar to each other giving the same visual appearance. However, one of the most unique features of oval cut diamond stud earring is the difference in visual appearance as revealed by the different carat weight oval cut diamond earrings.

With the difference in carat weight there is going to be a variation in the ratio of length to width. In such a case the diamond earring will look different with even the slightest variation in the carat weight making each diamond earring unique displaying separate shine from each individual pair of earring.

Make your Choice Wisely

It is very important to understand what kind of cut you are exactly looking for. There are certain scenarios where an oval cut diamond earring is unable to bring out the radiance. Depending upon your suitability and level of comfort, you should make the final decision whether to go with the oval cut or choose something different.

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