Radiant cut diamond ring

Uniqueness Of The Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

In the world of diamond, you will come across few spectacular ornamental pieces which will simply enchant you with its absolute elegance and grace. If you are someone who is on the hunt for an exceptional treasure adventure, then one such piece of jewelry which you can definitely vouch for is the radiant cut engagement ring.

We understand the entire hectic schedule the couple has to go through before the marriage. From picking the right ring to deciding the venue and choosing the dress; it sometimes can be really exhausting. With everything going on at the same time you might feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right ring. An engagement ring is the ultimate symbolization of the eternal love that two individuals share with each other. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss the entire concept of the radiant cut engagement ring to provide you with the guidance which you might need.

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Origin of the Radiant Cut

Radiant cut diamond ring

Dating back to the late 20th century, in the year 1977 the radiant cut was first developed by jeweler Henry Grossbard in New York. The relatively new design which was developed in the very recent times has been truly adored by the customers owing to its wondrous features.

The radiant cut is a hybrid of diamond shapes. It is the combination of the vintage looking step cut emerald shape diamond and the brilliance of the round cut diamond. The perfect fusion of these shapes has resulted in the birth of the radiant cut. The unique combination of the two has resulted in bringing out the sparkle and grace of the diamond thus by also conserving the intensified depth of the diamond. The outstanding appearance of the radiant cut makes it one of the most special and preferred diamond rings in the contemporary era.  

The radiant cut comprises 70 facets in total which are either rectangular or square in shape, which is dependent on the exact proportion of the ring. Along the sides, the cut exhibits straight crisp features while the edges are beveled which acts as a protection of its uprightness.

One of the most exceptional features of the radiant cut diamond is that the large number of facets incorporated within the diamond creates an impression of a “kaleidoscopic” effect or “crushed ice” effect. This enables in bringing out the shine and shimmer of the diamond in the most perfect manner. The biggest advantage of such an effect is that it possesses the capability of concealing the small inclusions which might be present on the diamond. It not only enables in enhancing the color of the diamond but also allows in creating a visual illusion of a larger carat weight as compared to the actual carat size of the diamond. For a couple who are with budget constraints, the radiant cut diamond engagement ring will definitely be able to solve the requirement purpose for you.

Gaining immense fame especially in the 1980s the radiant cut diamond ring was a huge success. But with the change in times, radiant cuts are now more often incorporated within the vintage engagement rings. For more, antique looking rings and vintage styled rings radiant cut is closely associated.

Symbolic Metaphor of Radiant Cut

Radiant cut diamond rings

Although the radiant cut has been developed very recently, ironically it is highly rich in symbolic meaning. Before purchasing the radiant cut it is very important to decipher the symbolism of the radiant cut.

Before going to any details, let us first reveal the true symbolism of the shape. The unique combination of the emerald cut associated with the brilliance of the round cut making the diamond look rectangular in a manner shows the firmness of the ring. The closely associated metaphoric meaning is the strong and stable relationship that is shared by the two individuals. The dependability and reliance that are mutually shared by both the spouses in the relationship can be understood from the unique shape of the cut.

The firm straight lines along the sides with beveled corners of the rings show the dynamic combination of the people present. Someone who has the insight of understanding deep meanings, yet very trendy and outgoing, filled with creativity is the personality type; which is symbolic to the shape of the radiant cut.

The ring which has been brought into the market in the very recent period adds modernity to the ring. Therefore, any bride who is looking for the sleek modern design to their ring, can opt for the radiant cut. While on the other hand, the radiant cut can also be further incorporated in some antique cuts as well as vintage cuts; therefore for individuals who are looking for something traditional can also opt for the radiant cut engagement ring.

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What should you keep in mind while choosing the Radiant Cut Engagement Ring?

Radiant cut diamond rings will not only spell bounding in a solitaire engagement ring but also when associated with three stone rings or halo or pave setting diamond rings, the shine of the radiant cut will always be enchanting. The modern engagement ring which has been discovered very recently is perfect for those couples who are looking for something which is trendier. On the other hand, some antique, as well as vintage diamond, rings also incorporate the unique radiant cut within their designs. But at the end of the day, it is your day and your special moment. Therefore, decide very carefully and also keep the golden 4C rule in mind.

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