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This Wedding Season Give A Touch Of Blush To Your Engagement Ring With Rose Gold

Let’s be honest, the butterflies in your stomach and the constant feeling of overwhelming is a true sign that your wedding bells are ringing now. With the wedding season around, there’s a lot of planning that has to be made. However, the utmost important preliminary step is choosing the right engagement ring.

A ring which signifies the bond of unity forever and will make you nostalgic for the further coming years of your life needs to be chosen with utmost care. Nothing matches the elegance of a classic solitaire diamond ring paired with the touch of rose gold as its base metal.

 What makes Rose Gold gain Popularity?

It is often the white gold or platinum and sometimes the yellow gold which is commonly used as the metal for the engagement ring. However, there has been a change in the pattern very recently. The shift in pattern to something more subtle and adds more blush to the engagement ring giving a feminine vibe has been becoming increasingly popular.

Often associated with different names such as Pink Gold or Red Gold, the Rose Gold will have its own ruling way to pierce through your heart at its first glance. The soft temperament of the Rose Gold with the contrast of color with that of diamond, customers now prefer the combination as their engagement ring.

Can Gemstones be used as an Alternative to Diamonds with Rose Gold?

rose gold Engagement Ring

Certainly! There is no hard and fast rule that rose gold engagement rings will only suit itself with diamonds. You can definitely opt for gemstones to add that additional vintage look to your look. Whilst, for further enhancing and elevating your engagement ring you can opt for the combination of both diamond and gemstone. For example, if you are looking for something like the Calista Ring. Such rings will have a soothing combination of warm pink Sapphires with diamonds accentuated on the rose gold. The soft blush of the rose gold complements phenomenally to the gorgeous hue of pink and white.

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How much Carat of Rose Gold should you choose for your Engagement Ring?

There is no specific answer to this particular question. It will solely and completely depend upon your range of budget and the carat size you are willing to choose. However, we will guide you knowing the difference between the carat size and the outward appearance they will exhibit. For a comparatively smaller carat of rose gold such as 9 carat, the appearance will be darker and coppery in color. However, on the other hand carat size which is comparatively higher such as 18 carat of rose gold will demonstrate lighter color. Owing to the slight difference in appearance we often suggest choosing a higher carat of rose gold to give a more subtle look.

Why is the color of the Gold “Rose”?

Usually the composition of the rose gold varies between the different alloys. However the standard rose gold alloy usually comprises Gold (75%), Copper (21%), and Silver (4%).

What will make you choose Rose Gold?

rose gold ring

There is no one concrete reason behind this question. There are several reasons which will contribute and play an important role in determining the reason for the growth in popularity of the rose gold.

1.       A Better Alternative

Rose Gold is a comparatively better alternative to that of white gold as well as platinum. It is very commonly seen, the standard subtle white gold or platinum is go to choice for many jewelry chains. Therefore, standing apart from the crowd the warm tone of rose gold becomes as one of the most suitable alternatives of the general standard metal.

2.       Touch of Warmth

The soft hue of pink adding the touch of warmth owing to the presence of Copper makes the metal shine bright when adorned. The visual appearance exhibited by rose gold is spectacular owing to its exquisite color.

3.       Contrast Of Color

The pop of color demonstrated by the rose gold goes along brilliantly with the transparent pure diamond. The contrast of color between the soft warm pink and white makes your engagement ring look stunning.

4.       Rose Gold Goes along well with all Gold Colors

A very important key essential feature about rose gold is its unique potentiality to go along well with different gold color combinations. It will not only look fascinating to combine rose gold with classic old yellow gold but the combination of rose gold with white gold is also mesmerizing.

5.       Comparatively Less Expensive

An important consideration before venturing into any purchase is fixing a budget. As compared to the other metals such as white gold or platinum which is even higher in price, rose gold are comparatively cheaper but has high intrinsic value.

6.       Goes with the Flow Of Modernity

With the change in the modern fashion trends, rose gold has been gaining more popularity. From general ornaments to high end professional jewelries rose gold has been in great demand. Suiting itself within the trend of contemporary fashion, rose gold is a brilliant choice.

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Vintage Rose Gold Engagement Ring

vintage rose gold engagement ring

Rose gold engagement rings can be custom made as per according to one’s personal taste and preference. Apart from the trend of modern fashion, rose gold makes an exquisite option for vintage engagement rings. The unique combination of rose gold with vintage design and antique details engraved on the ring makes it highly exemplary. If you are someone who is looking for the touch of old times in your engagement ring, rose gold is definitely going to be an amazing choice for you.

Set Apart With Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Rose gold engagement rings are slowly and gradually becoming highly trendy and the soft blush tone adds the feminine elegance to the ring. At the end of the day it is your day and you have to make the final call. Before choosing and finalising your engagement ring take an intent look at all the options which are available in the market. Be it the modern look you are going with or vintage touch that you want to incorporate, a rose gold engagement ring will make a brilliant choice either way. Focus on the details and also fix a budget before venturing. Being comparatively cheaper, the rose gold engagement ring becomes a top notch for the customers.

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