Say Yes To Halo Rings!

Say Yes To Halo Rings!

Do you remember putting on your mothers’ rings as little girls to play dress-up and being the awe of its bling and beauty? From little girls to investing in your own jewelry, not only have we grown up in age but also the fashion trends. Rings are surely little bombs. They are usually small in size, yet make sure they leave a mark when walking into a room. You can honestly use them to make someone jealous or just ask them to shut up by showing the shiny finger.

HALO Rings

Let us begin by understanding the meaning of the word ‘Halo’. The term, “Halo” refers to a phenomenon of light in the atmosphere when white or colored rings are visible around the sun or moon. So now, what is a Halo Ring? 

A halo ring is a type of setting which inculcates and features a center stone surrounding a string of smaller stones which are usually diamonds. It gives off an illusion of sorts. The circular light effect of the concentric or square diamonds in a halo ring makes the center diamond appear bigger and grander. This is due to the sheer brilliance of the engineered design of the ring which makes this jewelry look larger than life. 

Halos are usually paired with ‘pave’ bands. Pave is a french word that means to- ‘to pave’. It is a pattern of closely placed stones creating a bling field. This is not a new design that has shot up to fame. Rather belongs to the 1920s, which has gained popularity among the younger generations. With the vintage trends back in fashion and taking the markets by a storm, it is good to see the spree of vintage meets modern.

Selecting Your Setting, Design and Metal

Please feel free to skip this section if you are easily confused or indecisive in terms of decision making. We are going to list down the different types of Halo Rings. This also shows how unrestricted this ring is in terms of its design.

One might think that Halo is a very specific design. However, there is enough room for personalization. Your ring can be moulded according to the likes of your partner or otherwise. The unrestricted style of this ring has something new to offer. We are sure there is something for everyone. Make sure to pick up the perfect style for your special someone or yourself. So, hold on tight and read along because this listicle is going to be of help:

  1. Split Shank Halo Ring: 

If your girl is the one who loves to go all out with the glam, this is it! In this style, the band of the engagement ring when it comes closer to the halo and center stone. The halo is supported by two bands. The top view gives off the shape of a diamond. The smaller stones are the star of the show for they are the most eye-catching.

  1. Plain Shank Halo Engagement Ring:

This is an oldie but a goodie. You can never go wrong with a classic design so there is no doubt that this one would be the talk of the town. It’s also great if you want all the attention directed to that hand. The band is elegantly polished which aligns with the diamond and the halo making sure it blings through the evening.

  1. Double Halo Engagement Ring:

If you want extra, you get extra. Surely the setting costs more than a single halo, but the little diamonds make up for a lesser cost than a large centre stone. With this, you’re also looking at the appearance double the look due to the effect. Extra bling, extra fun!

  1. Pave Halo Engagement Ring:

Now, this design is new to the game but is good at catching up. This is the ring which surely nobody would have a problem with. It’s the neutral ground. The diamonds which are extra extend downwards to the shank of the ring making it not too sweet yet keeping it spicy. 

Personalize Your Design: 

  • Gemstone Halo Rings:

If you do not want a diamond, that’s okay! Here’s something unconventional yet traditional. This ring has colored gemstones instead of diamonds. 

  • Hidden Halo Rings:

You want to be mysterious and keep your audience on its feet, this one’s for you. This includes a cluster of diamonds or gemstones in a loop that sits below the main centre diamond. It offers the extra brownie points and always leaves the guests something to talk about. 

  • The Vintage:

It has an antique structure reminding us of the bygone era. It is very fitting for someone who likes playing safe yet wants to dazzle up their style. It surely has that regal element of the days gone by.

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Which Metals Are Used?

Gold, platinum and silver are mainly the types of metals that go into making jewelry. Gold and platinum are excellent choices because they are durable and workable with excellent allure for an engagement ring. 

White metal platinum or a white-gold engagement ring setting is often the ideal choice when the centre stone is diamond. It entirely depends on the centre stone which you are opting for. Make sure your metal complements the stone of your choice and does not overpower it. 

The metal of the ring can highlight the diamond making everything look coherent with one another. The diamonds are highly reflective, so keep that in mind. Whatever your jeweler says is the bible! 

The Halo Craze 

The Roaring 20s were the first time when the Halo Rings made an appearance. The trend has been around since and is here to stay. It is one of the most popular trends of recent times and the first idea which surfaces when someone thinks of an engagement ring. This is to the point where researchers and observers have rightly called it a ‘Halo Craze’. 

It is the serving and living patronage of artisans and jewelers of the time of the art-deco era. From Natalie Portman and Gweneth Partlow to Lady Gaga and Priyanka Chopra-Jonas, the Halo Ring is every woman’s dream. 

The huge sapphire Halo Engagement Ring of Lady Gaga quoted a price of $400,000 is something everyone had opinions about. This ring has a royal affair too. Prince William of Wales presented his mother’s ring which was a halo with a sapphire centre stone to Duchess Kate Middleton. This caught the world by emotion and yet the fashion standards to a bar.

 It is the versatility and overall beauty of this ring that pleases the eye of everyone. It is a classic yet modern design suiting the wants of anybody as it can be personalised. The design also complements the different types of stone from Oval to Princess. Its magnificent demeanour gives a reflection of nothing but royalty making any girl feel like a queen on her special day. 

A Lesson Of History

The Georgian Era in Europe which was between 1714-1837 can be marked as the period of origin of the Halo Rings. In that era, small round diamonds were popular which were only a tad bit smaller than the centre stone. 

The very glorious Victiorian period of  1837-1901 actually saw the boom of the Halo Engagement Rings. Women were spotted with their fancy gowns, gloves and this ring popping up. In this era, the colored gemstones which were actually used in place of the centre stone were used to impersonate nature, flowers and beauty. 

The classical setting of the much popular Halo Ring today actually owes its reigns to the Art Deco period of the 1920s. The Art Deco period marked its place in history for its symmetry and geometric work and patterns. 

This can be found on the architecture as well. Even today, the Art Deco flair can be seen in the rings with a modern flair. The smaller diamonds around a large single centre stone is the kind of work that belonged to the Art Deco period. 

Is The Hype Worth The Price?

These Halo Engagement Rings can cost anything between $500 and $15,000. Of course, the price can go beyond however, this is a rough estimate. The price entirely depends on the stone, style and setting of the selected ring. The metal chosen should also be kept in mind. However, if you have the budget then this should be your first pick. You can find a Halo Ring in your budget in reference to your chosen style.

The Halo Rings have always made it to the Top 10 Engagement Rings for Women trends by bridal websites and magazines. Celebrities still choosing to wear these designs really tells us that they are not a fad and still a major fashion statement. 

The Halo Rings actually make for sentimental family heirlooms passed down by generations. This design is here to stay and you should hop onto the trend. As it is staying the popular style, this should be your something new!

The Solitaire VS Halo Ring

This is the showdown we all needed. We are going to take the pros and cons of both sides and you can decide for yourself. This comparison is going to be tough but we will try and make it easy for you. We hope you do not end up even more confused. 

Pros Of The Solitaire RingPros Of The Halo Ring
Always in Vogue. The demeanour of the Centre Stone. 
Centre Stone, the centre of everything. Illusioned Centre Stone for a much smaller price.
Quick in terms of the single setting.The protection provided by the Halo to the centre stone. 
Solitaire settings can be matched with a variety of wedding bands. Accommodative to different diamond shapes and styles. 
Cons Of The Solitaire Ring Cons Of The Halo Ring
Bigger Stone, Bigger Bucks.Tedious to clean.
If there are no embellishments, the spice element disappears. Needs to be checked often to keep everything in place.
High risk of damage. We have reason to believe that not only people but also dust is attracted to the ring.
Hassle on an everyday basis.The bling might not be everyone’s first choice.
Stone is left without protection. 

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Concluding Thoughts:

Halos are magical with the illusion it creates. This kind of magic is a necessity on your day to make it even more special. The quest for the perfect ring is tough but, not when all your prayers are answered at one place that is, with the very Halo Rings. 

Your special someone be it your partner or you, this is the real deal and the perfect gift for everyone. Despite being an age-old Victorian design, it is still a famous piece of jewelry in our pop culture. Especially with celebrities being photographed in them.

It is a statement piece, to say the least. A simple outfit and your halo ring is a winnable combination at your wedding or the boardroom meeting. You may complain about the sparkle but with a minimalistic outfit, the bling is toned down. 

It is also important to note that this ring fits into the budget of almost everyone. This ring also is a big crowd-pleaser. You like attention, you got it. The room you walk into will only have eyes and words for you. Once in a while, we all need that kind of a day. 

After a bad day at work, walking back home looks down at your finger and sees this beauty shining for you!  

With the personalisation fact, this ring is the perfect engagement present and will be a reminder of the special bond till the end of eternity. You could also get it engraved, just saying. 

Blue Nile, James Allen, Brian Gavin Diamonds and Leibish & Co. are some of the major brands which will be your destination to get that ring.

Before it is too for her to say, “If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it”, go get your girl her own Halo Ring!

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