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Spell Bounding Glamour Of Marquise Diamond Ring

In the world of diamonds, the most classic purpose of diamonds is served in the form of rings, especially engagement rings. With the variation in choices and preferences, is able to make its own personal call. The most specialties about rings are they are unique and the touch of vintage look in it makes them look absolutely stunning.

Wondering about surprising your special loved individual with an engagement ring? We got you covered. In this article, we are going to give you a complete guide to the marquise engagement ring. The vintage antique looking engagement ring is bound to bring the anticipated happiness to the face of your loved one.

What is a Marquise Diamond Ring?

marquise cut Ring

Ranging itself over a varied dazzling collection the captivating designs of marquise diamond ring highlights the vintage, antique looking yet contemporary and chic cuts which are involved in it. The conglomeration of both the worlds of old and new makes such kinds of diamond rings breathtaking. Marquise diamond rings are not only great choices for engagement purposes but also will make a brilliant choice as a gift for your loved one.

Marquise cut is the oldest modified contemporary cut on diamond. The cut was originally introduced during the mid 1700s and was created upon the request of King Louis XIV for his beloved wife. Popularly also known as “Navette Cut”, the oval shaped cut comprises brilliant 55 to 58 facets. The speciality of the cut is, the modified version of the marquise cut is considered as one of the most fancy shallowest diamond cut.

The standard shape of the marquise cut diamond ring will have a length that is almost twice the size of the width of the diamond. In certain cases gemstones can also be used as an alternative to diamond. However, owing to the modifications as preferred by the customers, there are a number of length to width ratios which have been introduced apart from the standard old shape.

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What makes Marquise Diamond Rings so Special?

marquise diamond Ring

One of the most unique features about the marquise cut on the diamond ring is the striking shape which helps in bringing out the brilliance from the diamond. The flattering design of the marquise design has been professionally made in such a manner that it is suitable for all kinds of hands. The elongated shape of the marquise cut on the diamond will make an exquisite appearance on slender long hands and fingers. But, at the same time it is also important to focus on the prime aspect that the slender shape of the diamond cut when adorned on a comparatively shorter hand will make the hand look more tender and longer in nature.

Coming to another major speciality of the marquise diamond ring is the shallow cut which has been incorporated in the design. As mentioned above, marquise cut is one the shallowest cut which is used on the diamond ring. Owing to the shape of the cut, the majority of the weight of the diamond is displayed at the top. This makes the diamond look bigger in shape creating an optical delusion. So for a smaller carat of diamond if you are going for a marquise cut, the diamond will look bigger in nature.

Other than the two most extraordinary features of marquise cut diamond ring, the major advantage of the marquise cut diamond is that it is very budget friendly. So for a couple who has a clutch on their budget and is looking for something out of the box having dazzling impact marquise diamond ring is going to be the one for you. The impressive looking cut will create a visual appearance of a larger size diamond carat as compared to the actual diamond carat size used in the diamond.

Marquise diamond has the potential to hide the color tints and very minor inclusions which might be present in the diamond. This provides more liberty while concerning the grade of the diamond when you are choosing it for the purpose of an engagement ring or as a surprise gift. Apart from the potentiality that the cut possesses, there is a high degree of fire that is used bringing out very high levels of brilliance which helps in maximising the idealized design of the diamond.

What are the downsides of the Marquise Diamond Ring?

marquise Ring

There is only one major disadvantage of the marquise diamond ring. The cut will exhibit a visual appearance which is commonly known as the “Bow Tie Effect”. More or less it has been found out that all kinds of marquise cut diamond rings will feature a common downside which is the bow tie effect.

The fancy shape of the marquise diamond ring will demonstrate a “bow tie effect” which is a shadow like appearance in the form of a bow tie, which appears at the center of the diamond when looked straight at the diamond ring. The appearance of the shadow of the bow tie occurs in the middle as light escapes out from the bottom of the ring rather than reflecting back to the viewer. However, the efficient proficiency of the craftsman will be able to reduce the impact of the bow tie effect.

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What kind of Setting will go along best with a Marquise Diamond Ring?

Without any second thought, you can blindly trust that a 6 prong setting will look splendid with a marquise diamond ring. Not only diamond but also in case of marquise gemstone rings the classic gorgeous setting of 6 prongs will make your ring look ravishing. The unique setting of the ring will consist of use of one prong on the top and at the bottom. While there will be use of two prongs on each side of the diamond. Prongs add an additional glamour to the ring, especially a white gold prong setting will be able to enhance the beauty of the ring even further.

Apart from the famous 6 prong setting that is used on the marquise diamond ring, yet another very commonly used setting is the bezel set up. A classic traditional touch to the vintage looking cut will make the ring look marvelous. The unique setting of the bezel set up will be able to wrap itself completely surrounding the diamond. Although bezel set up provides excellent security to the diamond securing it at the middle of the ring, however, it will not be able to bring out the excellence from the diamond as it will block the light owing to its larger surface coverage.

There is another diamond setting which can be used for the marquise cut; this is the 4 prong setting. Prongs are the small metal clutches which hold the diamond in place. It only contributes as a functional feature to the diamond ring, but also makes the ring look brilliant in appearance. Although, it can be slightly risky when you are choosing a 4 prong setting, however for a small carat size diamond ring, the 4 prong setting will suit perfectly.

The Gorgeous Tiffany Marquise Cut Diamond Ring

The absolutely stunning looking Tiffany 4.36 carat of marquise cut diamond ring with its utmost brilliance and shine will have the explicit quality of captivating the heart of the customer at its first glance. The radiating sparkling large size marquise cut diamond at the center associated with shiny sparkling exquisite smaller carats of diamonds along each side in the shape of pearl like diamonds will make your engagement look phenomenal. The alluring design of the Tiffany marquise cut diamond ring is a complete success in making the ring look extremely praise worthy and the outstanding design of the three crystal setting is highly breathtaking. The official design of such a ring was officially created and brought out in the market by the company named Tiffany & Co. Therefore, the ring is known as Tiffany Marquise Diamond Ring as a benchmark marking the great design of Tiffany & Co.

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Final Word of the Day

It might be overwhelming when you are on the adventurous hunt for finding the perfect diamond ring.  However, when you are in search of finding the perfect vintage styled diamond ring with a budget constraint marquise diamond ring is the one for you. There are different types of marquise diamond rings such as Grace Marquise Diamond Ring, Halo Marquise Diamond Ring, Raveena Marquise Cut Three Stone Diamond Ring, Infinity Twist Marquise Diamond Ring, and many more. But these are the very common and profoundly favorite picks of the customers. It is also important to understand what kind of metal you prefer.

The most commonly used metal which is highly popular in the market is the use of white gold or platinum. However, in certain scenarios yellow gold as well as rose gold will also make a great choice. Also before finalizing the diamond ring it is advisable to choose a marquise cut diamond ring that has a color grade varying in between D to I on the GIA scale while the Clarity grade ranging in between Flawless to VS2 on the GIA scale.

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