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Take A Look To the Ravishing Beauty Of Oval Cut Engagement Rings

The stunning beauty of the subtle oval cut diamond engagement ring will make your heart melt at its first glance. The elegance and grace as exhibited by the soft cut of the oval shaped diamond ring makes it a brilliant choice as an engagement ring. The absence of sharp points or edges brings out the romantic glow which is an important predicament for an engagement ring.

Dig into the past of Oval Cut Diamonds

oval cut diamond ring

Although oval cut diamonds have gained a substantial popularity in today‚Äôs time, the availability of oval cut diamonds wasn’t in huge numbers in the past. The graceful elegance of the oval cut diamond with subtle features associated with it makes the diamond praise worthy. The relatively modern cut was first developed during the mid 1900s. Although the cut was developed very recently, the deep roots of its origin dates back to the oval shape of the Koh-i-Noor and also the Blue Hope Diamond.

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Preset Oval Cut Engagement Rings

oval cut engagement ring

Preset engagement rings are the most affordable ones. As the name suggests preset engagement rings are not made to order and therefore, jewelers have the liberty to buy the diamonds in huge quantities making them more affordable. The only disadvantage of preset engagement rings is they are not customizable. Oval cut preset engagement rings are very common in nature and are also a popular choice amongst the customers as they will make your ring comparatively more affordable than a customized oval cut engagement ring. Customized rings will take more duration time and will also fall under the pricey range.

Benefits of Choosing an Oval Cut Engagement Ring

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring every individual has its own taste and preference. While some individuals prefer choosing a preset oval cut engagement ring, on the other hand some couples have a vision of their engagement ring and want it to be customized accordingly. The romantic gesture as revealed by the oval cut diamond with subtle touch which is closely associated with it makes oval cut as a perfect engagement ring. Apart from the elegance and grace of the oval cut it also falls under an affordable range.

The alluring beauty of an oval cut is not only the sole reason for considering it as an engagement ring. But also the oval cut on engagement ring has the potential in hiding the inclusions which might be present in the diamond giving it a more flexible outlook and will also be able to score decently high on the clarity scale. On the other hand, cuts such as Emerald or Asscher cuts reveal even the smallest inclusions present in the diamond.

The Optical Delusion of Oval cut Engagement Ring

oval cut diamond ring

It is not only the romantic appearance and budget-friendliness of the oval cut engagement ring but also the visual appearance that is revealed by the oval cut ring. Oval cut rings will make your diamond ring look bigger in size as compared to the actual carat size present in the ring. Therefore, for even a lesser amount of money you can expect to purchase an engagement ring that will look comparatively bigger and larger in size. The combination of oval cut and halo setting is going to be a phenomenal duo. The oval cut in the halo setting will make the diamond look at least half a carat bigger in size.

Apart from the above mentioned key point, an oval cut engagement ring can make an amazing choice for those who have shorter hands and fingers. The elongated sleek look of the oval cut when adorned will make your hand look bigger making the fingers to appear slender and classy. The specialty of the oval cut diamond engagement ring is it has been made in mind that it suits every individual.

Avoid the Bow Tie Effect

Before finalizing your engagement ring, take an intent look at the oval cut on the diamond ring. If there are dark facets and shadows at the middle of the ring in the form of a bow tie try to avoid such rings. The dark facets which are commonly known as bow tie effect appears on those diamond rings where the cuts induced in the ring are highly unprofessional and poor. The bow tie effect restricts the light from entering into the diamond, as the light escapes from the bottom of the ring. On the other hand, a perfectly cut oval diamond ring with the absence of dark facet will allow the light to reflect. This helps the diamond to radiate in the best possible manner and the shine and shimmer gets exhibited marvelously.

It depends upon the precision of the craftsmanship while cutting the diamond. There is a particular strategy which needs to be followed and the angles at which the cut needs to be made in order to avoid the bow tie effect. The number of angles that can be included within the diamond will give an indication on the reflectance capability of the light from the diamond.

Therefore, before choosing your oval cut diamond ring take certain things into consideration. Diamonds are expensive and it will make no sense if you are spending a sufficient amount on something which will not be able to return you the expected value which you might have anticipated. Another important consideration which you should keep in mind is the color gradient of the oval shaped diamond ring. Choose a transparent colorless pure diamond and any tinges of yellow in it should be completely avoided.

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Make your Final Call

Well, have you made up your mind completely on choosing an oval cut diamond as your engagement ring? In that case, let us then brief you about the different preset oval cut diamonds which are available in the market. Extraordinary Lucida Diamond Ring with the perfect halo setting, Exquisite Vera Diamond Ring with captivating paved setting of small accentuated diamonds along surrounding the magnificent piece of diamond at the center, Glamorous Bijou Diamond Ring which has clustered setting of three symmetrical diamonds situated at the center giving an appearance of one single diamond and is also associated with three round diamonds on each side making it a total of nine diamonds, Alluring Ardor Diamond Ring which showcases the master art of the intricate work used on the metal, Unique Bea Diamond Ring having a set up of one large oval shaped diamond and two pearl diamonds all situated at the center and last but not the least Enduring Proxima Diamond Ring has comprises of a spectacular combination of an oval cut diamond and also some emerald cut diamonds.

Making the final decision is completely going to be your choice and therefore, it is always advisable not to rush with the process of buying the right engagement ring. It is the ring that marks the bond of unity of two individuals forever and it ought to be the most special one.

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