Tennis Bracelets

Tennis Bracelets Should Be Your Next Investment!

Jewelry is called a woman’s best friend. It is the easiest, reliable, versatile, and durable thing which makes for a gift. Be it a birthday or a wedding, a piece of jewelry comes in handy most of the time. You must have heard growing up your mothers or grandmothers talking about investing in jewelry. A piece of jewelry can elevate your outfit or completely break it. 

Tennis Bracelets

You might have come across gossiping people on occasions ogling at jewelry and passing their judgment. That is how sacred jewelry is! Have you walked across a jewelry store and just gasped in awe looking at a piece of jewelry? Are you a huge Sex and the City fan, walking through New York City looking for the two L’s- Love and Labels? You have landed at the correct place.

 It is time to pay a visit to some statement pieces which can or rather will be the most stunning item in your closet, the Tennis Bracelet! As strange as its name sounds, the tennis bracelet will not catch you off guard in a negative manner. Honestly, this bracelet in my opinion does put a price on beauty. Once it catches your eye, you surely wouldn’t be able to erase it from your memory.

The diamond-studded, tennis bracelet is a timeless piece that will bring the glitter out in anyone’s eye. It’s a classic yet very much in trend and style even in the present year. Diamonds are your one-stop for making even a simple outfit look more glamorous. Stacked diamond bracelets or rings in hand or just a simple pair of earrings and you are ready to hit the town.

A Trip Down Memory Lane:

One might think about the strange name of this classic jewelry piece. It is rather funny, truth be told. Nothing about it speaks glamour. However, we don’t judge a piece of jewelry by its name in this house. So let’s crack open the history and origin of this glittery string. Now like the name suggests, one might think of it as tennis (the sport) gear. 

However, we have Chris Evert to thank for bringing in this trend. During a tennis match in 1987, Chris Evert wore her designer diamond bracelet on the court. Unfortunately, it fell off her wrist while playing. A desperate Evert paused a match being broadcasted live to find her bracelet which was witnessed by thousands. 

This historic moment birthed the famous “tennis bracelet”. We’d call this incident a fashion emergency. So next time you lose your favorite jewelry, please pause the situation and look for it, it might be the next famous trend. 

The origin of this bracelet does not trace back to Chris Evert though. It is something that has been around since the 1920s when it was known as the ‘eternity bracelet’. However, we can call the 70s, the era for bringing this trend to the forefront with its disco. People were spotted wearing their favourite pair of denim and accessorizing it with diamonds. It was the age of hip-hop styles with bling popping across. 

The gold and diamonds were the statement pieces. Hence, Chris Evert wearing diamonds with her sports attire makes for a whole mood and being named the tennis bracelet. Thank you Chris Evert for stepping up our jewelry game!

Staying In The Game:

More than anything, it is the versatility of the tennis bracelet which speaks volumes. It is just a string of metal with finer diamonds attached to it. Yet, they stand out. Imagine a white shirt with a pair of denim jeans and this bracelet around your wrist. It’s a winner! Not only will you receive compliments but also would have to save yourself hours on deciding the perfect outfit. This diamond tennis bracelet gives us major Samantha Jones from Sex and The City vibes. 

Like mentioned before, this trend is here to stay. Even in 2021, this is something we can always rely upon. With the 90s and 2000s fashion back in style with the tiny shoulder bags and huge clips, likewise are the tennis bracelets for women. 

The show, “Family Time” (2012) had a whole show dedicated to tennis bracelets when Antony buys his mother a tennis bracelet for her 65th birthday which causes an argument between Antony and his wife Lisa about who he loves more. We really believe these vintage trends are game-changers for GenZ. 

With the vintage style and the Y2K fashion trends taking the markets by a storm, these bracelets really do make their mark. You do not need to worry about it looking too old for your age or too excessive. It is the right amount of bold yet elegant. These truly make for a special birthday or graduation present for the daughters, a reminder of love and sentiments. 

The younger generations have really embraced old styles and given them their own twists. It is also quite nostalgic for the tennis bracelet can be a hand-me-down in a family. 

If not so, it is something which can be worn by anyone who pleases because fashion sees no age! You can always share this bracelet amongst your family with your mother or grandmother. No matter who it is on, the beauty will be unparalleled. 

This beautiful piece of jewelry can be spotted on many famous celebrities like Jennifer Lopez who wore the ‘chocolate diamond tennis bracelet’ by LeVain and looked stunning, to say the least, or Penelope Cruz, who wore a 24-carat heart-shaped tennis bracelet in Rome for the premiere of the film “Nine.”

Queen Elizabeth II owns a diamond quatrefoil tennis bracelet that was passed down by her mother. Kate Middleton wore the special bracelet to an event.

We recommend hunting through your mother or grandmother’s jewelry box or cupboard and wearing their diamond tennis bracelet for the next brunch with your girlfriends. 

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Is It Really Worth The Hype And Price?

Now we hear you! Yes, these gorgeous diamond tennis bracelets are expensive. But, this is a price you should be willing to pay when buying this. It should be considered an investment because it will only age like fine wine. Hold your horses! 

They roughly begin pricing at $2500 dollars. However, if you know the market, then its popularity amongst enthusiasts has been a reason for its steep price. It has been around for quite some time and surely isn’t about to retire anytime soon.

 The timeless design which it carries can be another reason for being this expensive. The sophisticated bracelet never hurt a soul. The quality of diamonds that are used to make the tennis bracelet is very exquisite. A tennis bracelet contains 62 small diamonds linked together by metals like platinum or 18K gold. 

Generally, the tennis bracelet’s price will vary depending on the size of the diamonds: a 3cttw diamond bracelet might cost more than a 1.5cttw. It is surely something you would not regret buying because of its versatility and dominance in fashion.

 If you ask us, we encourage and support you to max out your credit card to buy the diamond tennis bracelet. The hype is prevalent because of its timeless design and easy style. It is not complicated and compliments the person wearing it. Classic pieces cannot be disrespected by being called overrated. We will genuinely fight you if you think that the tennis bracelets are overhyped.

Style, Setting, and Sort!

Styles of tennis bracelets vary from designer to designer. While most designs contain one row or loop of diamonds, some bracelets have two or more rows of stones. Most tennis bracelets have round cut diamonds. 

Although some styles incorporate emerald cuts like platinum tennis bracelets or princess cuts. There are three major settings of tennis bracelets which you can find around the stores. The Prong is usually three or four prongs per diamond. The metal prongs hold the stone and allow light to pass through the diamond’s pavilion. 

The Channel setting is designed with two rows of thin metal to hold the stone on either side (with the stones in the middle). Diamonds fit closely together like in this. Bezel or Half Bezel is with metal surrounding the stone, similar to a watch head.

Vrai stands out from the pack for its sustainability. All 4.5 to 5.70 carats of these round, gorgeous diamonds (10 carats each), are not only individually polished to perfection, but they’re also sourced from Diamond Foundry, which boasts renewable solar and hydro-powered energy. This tennis bracelet’s solid-14K gold chain is 90 percent recyclable, and length options range from 6.5 to 8 inches starting at $7000 dollars.

 If you prefer bold pieces, Blue Nile’s top-row tennis bracelet includes three magnificent tennis bracelets that are home to 17 grams worth of graduated round diamonds between them in 14K white, yellow, and rose. Measuring seven inches, it has a box clasp with a hidden safety feature ensuring that you won’t lose your most precious piece of jewelry.

We have you covered when it comes to styling your bracelet. It is always better to invest in pieces that are classic and versatile in nature. The unconventional pieces are sensational however, pose a difficulty to pair with a lot of things. If Chris Evert wore it down on the tennis court, you know that versatility is not a problem. Here are some ways which will help you next time you find yourself confused.

  • Stack or Combine: We know a single bracelet looks beautiful in itself. But, don’t be afraid to experiment.  Go ahead and choose to wear multiple tennis bracelets and simply stack them. Especially for glamorous occasions like a wedding or simply if you wish to go all out, stacked tennis bracelets can steal the show. Combining tennis bracelets in different colors like wearing a white bracelet and rose gold tennis bracelet together can go making you look like a diva. Even stacking tennis bracelets with your favourite watch makes for a great look in vogue. Stack up those bracelets for your next boardroom meeting, with a simple outfit and you emerge like a boss lady!
  • Minimalism and Bling: Remember Princess Diana’s revenge dress? The dress made sure every eye turned but the bling of her bracelet added the fire. Lady Di walked like the queen she is, sparkling with her bracelet. Pairing a simple outfit with just the tennis bracelet is enough to create a statement and also helps serve revenge. The tiny diamonds look only small in size but create a heavy buzz. Since they are closely placed, it creates a beautiful piece of jewelry that is enough to stand out in a crowd which is surely going to be all eyes.
  • Men can rock the tennis bracelets too: You may think diamond jewellery especially, a bracelet is for women. Jewelry does exist for men and we have seen elevated fashion by men currently. We firmly believe in shattering the societal norms because fashion has no gender! Fashion is universal and so are the tennis bracelets. Ladies, here’s your cue to surprise your partner with this stunning piece which will surely catch them off guard. We promise that these bracelets will not break your masculinity but only enhance your fashion game. Give those boxers and polo shirts a break and wrap this bracelet next time on your way out. It is a surety you will seal that deal. 


Conclusion Thoughts

Jewelry to us has no boundaries. It doesn’t look at age or gender and just glides on smoothly embracing the person it owns. The tennis bracelet will be a part of you as its beauty is incomparable.

 It makes for a great investment of those dollars because we truly believe that this bracelet will be on your wrist every day. It is honestly the best pick-me-up on a sad day making you feel like a queen once you wear it. 

Like Carrie Bradshaw said, ‘a piece of jewelry would’ve been nice”. So this is your reminder to give this glamorous piece to the one who brings the glitter to your eye. Next time you step out of your house on a date or a meeting, make sure you have two things: your confidence and your diamond tennis bracelet.

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