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The Perfect Diamond Stud Earring For You

Are you on the hunt for finding the right pair of diamond stud earrings? In that case, we would like to give to a quick run-through and provide our expert guidance. This article will deal with which particular diamond stud earring will be the most suitable one for you.

Sometimes it can be very tricky when you are eagerly in search of the right pair. It can be confusing by the number of options that are available in the industry now. However, the key to finding the perfect size of diamond earrings should be on the basis of some important considerations. So without any further ado let us give you a ride into the world of paradise.

Looking for Something Casual?

Diamond stud earring

Before purchasing a pair of diamond earrings it is very essential to understand the reason behind buying them. Depending upon the occasion your budget, as well as carat size, is going to differ. If you are looking for something casual which can be worn on a regular basis preferably a smaller carat size diamond would serve you the best purpose. Easy to wear and comfortable to carry out the entire day with the touch of subtleness and elegance to it, would be the common choice for you. Such diamond stud earrings will vary between 0.25 to 1 carat.

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What are the most Common Sizes for Diamond Stud Earrings?

There is no specific answer to this particular question. There is no particular size of diamond stud earring which is preferable by all. Depending upon the requirement of the occasion people purchase their diamond stud earrings.

There are some who prefer 0.5-carat diamond earrings while there are others who prefer 1.5-carat diamond earrings. There are also several people who like to prefer a standard 1-carat diamond stud earring. Different sizes of diamond stud earrings will go out marvelously with different kinds of people. There are some who prefer a pair of 1.5-carat diamond earrings as they are looking for a majestic piece of diamond. Such earrings will make a brilliant choice when you want to pair them with a chic outfit in an extravagant event. It possesses the ability to steal the gaze of others. While there are others, who prefer a simplistic outlook and choose a pair of 0.5-carat size diamond earrings.

Always Look At the Price

Even before deciding which size you should go for, always keep a check on the price of the diamond. Diamonds are expensive and the bigger the carat size of the diamond the more expensive your stud earring is going to be. The size of the diamond will have a great influence on the price of the earring. Keeping a fixed budget in mind will help to refrain from indulging in something which you won’t be able to afford.

However, it doesn’t always necessarily mean that more money is always going to be a bad decision. It depends completely on your choice and preference. If you think paying the extra amount will help you achieve something extravagant elevating your identity, then go for it.

Have knowledge about carat size

It is a very common tendency of the customers to blindly believe the retailer. This particular problem arises owing to the lack of fair knowledge on the carat size. When you are purchasing a pair of 1-carat diamond earrings be aware. The total carat size gets divided between the two earrings. For example, if you are purchasing a pair of 1 carat of diamond earrings the carat size is going to be divided into two. Each diamond earring will have a carat size of 0.5.

There is also a concept of points. A diamond earring of 1 carat is nearly 100 points. However, it has been occasionally seen that a complete 1 ct of diamond earring is not a complete full carat. They might have a range of 0.98cts to 1.02cts. Prices will significantly go up for earrings that have a carat size of more than 1ct.

The shape of the Diamond Earring

Before purchasing your diamond earrings, always look at the shape of the earring. The shape of diamond earrings will play a major significant role in determining the outlook of the diamond earring and also influences the price of the diamond earrings

For princess cut earrings, the diamond is cut into the shape of a square or rectangle. The precise and sharp cuts involved in the diamond enhance the beauty and brightness of the diamond.

A round cut earring will exhibit an asymmetrical geometric pattern where the edges of the diamond will look circular in manner. The round cut gives an impression, where the diamond looks bigger as compared to the carat size.

Basket setting, in such a setting the diamond is placed within the clutches of prongs within a basket set up. The diamond is safely mounted within the setting giving an exorbitant look.

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Give emphasis on the Color of the Diamond

Diamonds are available in different colors ranging from eccentric black to majestic red, subtle pink to royal blue. Take a note of the color of the diamond. Colored diamonds will be comparatively cheaper as compared to transparent diamonds. This is because of the inclusions which are present in the diamonds. As a result of which such diamonds will have a lower grade as compared to pure transparent diamonds.


At the end of the day, it is going to be completely your decision the kind of diamond earring you are going to choose. However, before finalizing the one, take a look at different diamonds which are available in the market. Fix a budget and try to limit yourself within that budget.

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