Cushion cut diamond ring

The Rectitude Of Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Looking for a vintage elegant yet captivating engagement ring? Then let us give you a tour of the cushion cut engagement ring which has been in the market for over two centuries. The cut which has gracefully placed itself within the paradigm of the timeless dimension has been the star of the show for ages. We understand that the feeling of nervousness while choosing the right engagement ring can be overwhelming. But if you are a couple who is looking for something vintage which can trace the tradition and also add a subtle touch to your engagement ring, then a cushion cut diamond ring is definitely going to be the one for you.

How did the Cushion Cut Diamond Ring Origin?

The origin of the cushion cut diamond dates back to 200 years ago. The existence of such an engagement ring has been ages old, but its preference amongst the customers have never ceased since then. The original concept of the cushion cut diamond ring can be traced back to an antique cut which was hitherto known as “candlelight diamond”. The diamond was called candlelight because of the presence of large facets incorporated within the diamond. It was made with the intention so that the diamond could shine its radiance under the candlelight.

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How did the Name Cushion Cut Emerge?

Cushion cut ring

The unique shape and integrity of the cushion cut is the ultimate reason behind the emergence of the name cushion cut. The cushion cut diamond has an amazing shape which resembles the shape of a square cut diamond with round edges or corners giving the similar optical appearance to that of the soft edges present in the cushion. The cut of the diamond resembles very closely to that of the shape of a cushion and therefore, it is known as the cushion cut diamond.

Things you should keep mind while purchasing Cushion Cut Diamond

Before venturing into the hunt of finding the right cushion cut diamond ring, one should keep in mind certain things which are as follows:

Visual Appearance

Cushion cut engagement ring

While purchasing the cushion cut engagement ring, one of the most important factors you should keep in mind is the size and the carat weight of the ring. Cushion cut diamond rings consist of larger facets as compared to the round cut diamond. Therefore, it creates an optical illusion of a relatively bigger diamond. However, it will be unable to express as much sparkle like that of the round-cut diamond ring.

Vintage and Popularity

Diamond cushion cut ring

Cushion cut engagement ring is the perfect example of an antique as well as vintage ring which holds the true virtue of stability and longevity. The cut which was originally brought about in the market 200 years ago, has remained popular since the very first century. The consistency of its popularity and level of brightness and uniqueness has made the customers entrust upon the engagement ring which has now placed itself within the loop of eternity. Although they might come after the round cut diamond ring, the cushion cut forms a perfect engagement ring owing to its ability of retaining their color and virtue.


Before purchasing any diamond ornament it is always very important to fix a budget and give a key focus on the price of the diamond. It is always advisable to remain within the budget because at the end of the day it will make no sense of worrying about the price and making rearrangements.

On a brighter note cushion cut diamond engagement rings will cost somewhere between 25 to 50% less as compared to the brilliant round cut diamond. But there has been a spike in the price of the cushion cut diamond ring owing to its popularity.

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Choose Your Ring

It is very important to recognize which ring you should be choosing. Picking the right cushion cut engagement ring will profoundly depend upon the polish and the grade of the diamond. The perfect combination of these two features will enable in bringing out the maximum degree of sparkle from the ring.

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