White Gold

The Secrecy of Subtle White Gold

Before, jumping over any conclusion it is very important to have a basic introduction about white gold. One of the most subtle looking metal white gold with a touch of elegance in it is often misunderstood by the people. Most of the spectacular diamond settings are done over white gold, giving an absolute tender look and at the same time elevating the standard of the jewelry. It is very frequently confused with platinum as well as silver owing to the color of the metal. But, the most important characteristic of the metal is white gold is actually gold.

The concept of Gold Color

It is very important to know what white gold is before you purchase the metal. In a common layman’s point of view, whenever we speak about gold the yellow gold is often visualized. However, it is not the real scenario. When we refer to gold we don’t specifically mean the traditional yellow gold. Gold has a huge variety of colors ranging from yellow gold, rose gold, subtle white gold to even spectacular red gold. The color of the gold makes each base metal unique and before purchasing your ornament it is important for you to have a clear vision about the metal that you are willing to opt for. The color of gold which you want to choose at the base metal for your prestigious diamond jewel depends completely on your taste and preferences.

Composition of White Gold

White gold metals are often a mixture of palladium which can sometimes also be silver or nickel and gold. The metal is then rhodinated which gives it a spectacular white subtle look to the gold. The purity of the white gold can be weighed on the Karat scale. The higher karat value gives indication of higher gold metal. 14 Karat is the idealized value comprising 58% of gold in it. A piece of 24 Karat comprises real gold only. But, it is mostly not suitable for jewelry making. Therefore, ornaments are usually made up of 14 or 18 Karat of white gold. The other remaining part of it is palladium or silver.

An 18 karat of white gold comprises 75% of gold lowering the presence of palladium or silver. In some countries, instead of palladium or silver nickel is also used. However, the countries of European Nation don’t permit the use of nickel as it can cause allergies to some people. Therefore, nickel is not much used.

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The difference between White Gold and Platinum

One of the major differences between white gold and platinum is that platinum is always going to be way more expensive than white gold. If you are looking for a base metal for your exquisite diamonds on the ring but have a budget clutch on it you can definitely opt for white gold. White gold will give you the same exact outlook to that of platinum.

But platinum although it may cost a fortune, the extraordinary feature it comes along with makes the price of the metal worthy enough for purchasing. Platinum has a matte finish to it and appears very similar to white gold. Platinum will always remain as the color white this is because the color of platinum is itself white. However, this won’t be the similar case with that of white gold. White gold is made white in color manually. After a certain period of time, when the layer of rhodination wears off the white gold may start to appear yellowish in color.

But, that shouldn’t be the cause of worry to anyone. Most jewelry companies provide a lifetime warranty for the white gold you purchase from the. Therefore, if your gold starts to appear yellow in color you can approach the company and they will turn it white again.

Can White Gold be used in Rings?

If you are considering opting for white gold as the base metal for your exquisite diamond ring then the answer to your query is going to be an absolute yes! White gold gives a very subtle outlook to your ring and won’t even overpower the radiance of the diamond. Therefore, the main focus of the ring will be on the diamonds embedded over the base metal thereby giving an elegant touch to your ring. White gold creates a very subtle background as a result of which it looks absolutely splendid when coupled with razzing diamonds.

White gold can also be a favorable choice while you are choosing your engagement ring. As pure as the bond between the two individuals in love, white is a symbolization of harmony and love. White gold diamond solitaire ring would be an appropriate choice while choosing the engagement ring. The subtle solidarity look of the ring with an aristocratic feeling associated with it will definitely be a favorable option to make your dream day special.  

White gold looks absolutely stunning and will give a fairy tale type outlook to your diamond ring. One of the biggest advantages of for opting for white gold is going to be the price value. White gold is comparatively cheaper in price than that of platinum and yet has the virtue to give the same exact spectacular outlook that can be expected from diamond.

There is a huge variety of white gold diamond rings. Apart from the solitaire diamond ring, you can also opt for Paved, Chanel Set, Side Stoned, Three-Stoned, Vintage, Halo and many more diamond embedded white gold rings. Pave diamond rings will comprise one magnificent piece of diamond at the surface with beads of diamonds surrounding the ring. Channel set diamond rings will have a very similar outlook to that of paved diamond rings. The only difference will be diamonds will be embedded along the side of the rings with a center huge piece of diamond. The beads of diamonds along the sides will have no support of prongs giving it a shallow channel outlook.

Side stoned diamond rings are a true “Statement Piece”. The side diamonds of the ring gives a vibrant outlook to the diamond located at the center of the ring. The two diamonds located along the each respective side of the central piece of diamond focuses on the stunning piece of diamond located at its center.

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Conclusion Thoughts

You can find White Gold Diamond Rings preferably in most of the offline as well as online stores. White diamonds are popularly used based metal for diamond rings and therefore it can be found without much difficulty. However, before you buy a white gold diamond ring, you should see the composition of the white gold. There are certain websites which use nickel as a combination with gold. If you are allergic to nickel it is advisable not to engage yourself in such ventures.

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