Heart Necklace

The Story Of Heart Necklace

As pure as the bond shared between the two individuals in a relationship with ups and downs, the picturesque heart shaped diamond necklace matches with a similar vibe symbolizing true love. Thinking of gifting something impressive yet closely related to the heart, the heart-shaped diamond necklace is an adequate present for you. Make your auspicious day of the anniversary memorable by presenting the sweetest gesture. Diamonds are the hardest mineral present and nothing will make a better comparison than gifting a heart shaped diamond necklace as a token of saying those three magical words of “ I love you “.

 Heart Necklace

A pure as the heart of the ocean the diamond heart necklace embraces the quality of sterling beauty exhibiting a glamorous look to the one who owns the pleasure of adorning it. Symbolic to the feeling of a royalty heart-shaped necklace illustrates an aura around itself elevating its standard and also the one who has the chance to adorn it. Diamonds owing to their hardness and strength adhered by them make the perfect gift and have been traditionally seen as a wedding gift present. So celebrate and remark the day of your marriage on the milestones of 10th, 25th, 30th, 50th, and 60th year of your marriage by presenting the heart-shaped diamond.

The story of the Heart of the Ocean Diamond

The delusional fictional character of the Heart of the Ocean Diamond making a spectacular appearance on the movie screen in Titanic captivated the heart of the viewers with its magnificent beauty. The majestic shaped blue diamond with beads of small transparent diamond across its edges elevates the entire beauty of the necklace. Adorned by famous actor Kate Winset in the movie has a mesmerizing impact on the viewers. Even though the heart of the ocean diamond may be a frictional one, however, there is something very similar and closely associated with the Heart of the Ocean. It’s our call to meet the Hope Diamond, a sparkling blue diamond very similar to that of the Heart of the Ocean.

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Also referred to as Le Bijou Du Roi (The King’s Jewel), the splendid Hope Diamond is a majestic sophisticated piece of diamond which weighs around 45.52 carats. Tracing its origin back to India, where the blue diamond was originally much bigger and artistic in nature, the diamond was brought into the nation by a French merchant, named Jean-Baptiste Tavernier. The rarity of the blue colored diamond which has the aura of its own was the top speak of the town during the early 16th century. However, soon it became the speculation across the town degrading the position of the precious gem. People started associating it with evil and bad luck and considered it to be a symbol of bad luck.

The Extravagant Piece of Art: Sparkling Glitter of Diamond.

The classic brilliant looking round oval shaped diamond has been modified in shape giving a similar representation to the heart shaped. Comprising additional facets to provide inclusion of remarkable sparkle to the diamond the unique shape of the heart shaped diamond makes it stand apart from the rest. The shape of the diamond isn’t the only standing feature of the diamond but also the labor and craftsmanship work that goes into the making of the diamond makes it absolutely eccentric.

Cutting and modifying the round shape of the diamond into a heart shape is an extremely tedious work for the craftsman. Heart shapes are considered to be one of the most difficult shapes to be recreated. The intricate work of the diamond elevates the entire position of the heart shape diamond necklace to a completely new level. In order to give a proper justice to diamond shape, special equipment is put into use by the diamond cutters. The intricate design of the diamond makes it distinguish from the rest. Giving the diamond a proper symmetrical look of the heart shape, therefore distinctive look of the heart shaped diamond makes it worth the price charged for it.

If you are looking for a meaningful present to give your significant other on the auspicious occasion of your anniversary day, a heart shaped diamond necklace makes the absolute favorite choice. Owing to the unique shape of the diamond, the price of the masterpiece is comparatively higher than the classical round shaped diamond necklace. The outlook of the heart shaped diamond makes it distinctive and “sui generis” giving it an expensive shine. Each heart shape diamond is cared for and looked after individually on a one to one basis handling it with perfection which makes it absolutely stunning.

Heart Shaped Diamond Necklace: Symbolism of Love and Longevity

Wanting to revive the traditional standards enforced upon you by the society? Take the hint, that it is your time to set the new standards. Diamond solitaire rings have always been the preferred choice to represent the symbol of love between the couples. But if you are willing to walk the extraordinary path, and set your own standards for defining the meaning of love, the sweet gesture of presenting your significant other with an absolutely stunning and awe gazing heart shaped diamond necklace will definitely do the work for you.

The unique design of the diamond with an efficient and high level of proficiency of labor that has been put into it makes the diamond necklace in the heart shape steal the entire spotlight. Revise the old traditions by bringing your own classic modern taste with elegant twist in it. Heart shape diamond necklaces are not only different but it is symbolic. Giving justice to the true meaning of love that you possess for your significant other heart shape diamond brings with itself the love and care between the couple. Diamonds are associated with its longevity as very similar to the bond between two individuals who are madly and profoundly in love with each other.

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Conclusion Thoughts

Diamonds are the hardest crystal present on Earth; the true meaning of love and longevity will be justified by the token of special gesture of presenting the absolutely spectacular heart-shaped diamond necklace to your partner on the anniversary date. If you are looking for some kind of variation you can even bring about some with your own preferences. Heart shape necklaces are exclusive and therefore, it can be explicitly customized as per your choice and preference. Standing apart from the crowd you can induce your changes in it. Opting for a colored diamond for example the Heart of the Ocean Diamond as shown in the movie Titanic with small beads of diamond encircling it you can go for one. So this anniversary makes your day remarkable by gifting your loved one a special gift retaking the vows and adding new meanings to your love life.

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