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The Ultimate Guide For Buying Diamond Stud Earrings Online

Diamonds are an asset for life. The stunning shimmering crystal has the dazzling aura which surrounds itself. When you have the pleasure of adorning yourself with an astonishing pair of diamond stud earrings, it is going to be worth the notice and praise. Now you must be wondering what is so special about diamond stud earrings. Often considered as a wardrobe staple, diamond stud earrings are one of the most popular jewelry ornaments which are preferred by the customers.

What makes diamond stud earrings different?

diamond stud earrings

There is a huge craze about diamond stud earring in the industry as well as in the market. The highly durable spectacular crystal possesses the power to steal away the breath of people when worn in a crowd. The transparent pure colorless beauty when associated with earring looks absolutely gorgeous.

A pair of magnificent solitaire diamond stud earrings will be able to elevate the standard of an individual at any particular event. The love for diamond stud earrings by women with a growing inclination of single diamond stud earrings for men makes such type of ornament extremely popular.

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How will you choose the diamond stud earring?

We understand that buying diamonds can be slightly overwhelming. There has to be a number of factors you should be keeping in mind. Buying diamond stud earring online can be intimidating with the large variety of choices which are offered to the customers. Ranging from the exorbitant price tag to the preferable color it can be confusing for one. But, in this article we are going to help you find your perfect pair of diamond stud earrings online.

Before purchasing diamond stud earring, we have to introduce you to the concept of Golden 4C’s Rule. The 4C’s refers to the color, clarity, cut and carat weight of the diamond. Depending upon these 4 criteria the price of the diamond can be determined.


Naturally occurring diamonds as well as lab diamonds in its purest form are colorless and completely transparent. However, there is a huge variation in the colors of diamonds which are available in the market. Diamonds appear in majestic red, royal blue, princess pink, pigmented yellow, as well as eccentric black. Colored diamonds are comparatively cheaper in price as compared to the transparent diamonds because of the intrusions present in such diamonds.

The color of the diamond can be graded from E to Z. Where grades E and F are completely colorless followed by G and H which are almost colorless. Through naked eyes you won’t be able to view the difference, therefore it is advisable to buy diamonds having a grade H or J because there is going to be a marked difference in price between E and H graded diamond although, both exhibiting the similar visual appearance. Beyond J grade diamonds start to become slightly pigmented.


One of the most important factors attributing to the brilliance of the diamond is clarity. A perfectly colorless transparent diamond is completely absent of any inclusions and imperfections. The higher is the degree of clarity, the more transparent the diamond is going to be. Clarity is a prominent factor especially for large sized diamonds.

It is preferable to buy a pair of diamond stud earring scoring i1 in the clarity scale. The better the quality of the diamond the higher is going to be the clarity of such a pair of diamond stud earring. Diamond stud earrings with higher degree of clarity will demonstrate higher intensity of luster from the diamond and will also have smaller or negligible intrusion.


Cut is an equally dominating factor determining the grading of the diamond. The shimmering shine and brilliance of the diamond will depend on the cut which has been implemented on the diamond. The skill of the craftsman is tested through the cut that has been used on the diamond. Fine and sharp edged cuts will help the diamond to shine in the best possible manner. It will also allow light to radiate through it making the diamond to shimmer even in the crowd.

The cut on the diamond will also have a great influence on the visual appearance of the diamond. Specific cuts can make your diamond appear bigger in size as compared to the actual carat weight of the diamond.

Carat Weight

As the name suggests carat signifies the weight of the diamond. The dimension of the diamond is indicated by the carat weight of the diamond. One carat is equivalent to 200 milligrams or 1/42 of an ounce. It is a very common misconception amongst commoners as they presume carat weight influences the size of the diamond. However, two diamonds with similar size can have different carat weights.

There is a huge variety of different carat diamonds available in the market. Ranging from 2 carat diamond stud earrings to 0.25 carat diamond stud earrings choosing the right carat weight will depend upon your budget and preference. However, a word of caution, it is not necessary that higher the carat weight of the diamond is going to be the beauty of the diamond. Higher carat weight can add extra weight on the earlobe making it look soggy. On the other hand, a perfect pair of standard carat weight diamond stud earrings will make you look ravishing. Also keep in mind, the carat weight of the total diamond stud earring gets divided between the two earrings. For example, a pair of 1 carat of diamond earrings will have 0.5 carat each.

Choose your diamond setting accordingly

Closely followed by the golden 4C’s rule, the setting used on the diamond stud earring is extremely important. The setting used on the diamond will have a huge influence on the appearance of the diamond stud earrings. Commonly there are two types of settings which are used for the diamond stud earrings.

Prong Setting

One of the most common and extremely beautiful types of setting used on the diamond stud earring is the prong set up. Prongs are small metals which encircles the diamond having a strong grip on the diamond situated at the center. Prongs provide support to the diamond which is situated at the middle of the diamond earring. Apart from the functional attribute, prongs also elevate the beauty of the diamond stud earrings. A three or four prong setting will allow the light to radiate through the diamond making it look stunning.

Bezel Setting

Yet another very commonly used setting is the bezel set up. If you are looking for a traditional ethnic look on your diamond stud earring, bezel setting is the one for you. In a bezel setting, the base metal forms a small circular pattern where the diamond is mounted on the metal. The metal encircles the diamond having a strong grip on the diamond situated at the center of the stud earring. Bezel setting will not be able to make your diamond look bigger in size as the bottom part of the diamond is going to be covered by the metal.

How will you choose the right pair of diamond stud earrings?

diamond stud earring

There are certain key points which you should know before making your purchase for the right pair of diamond stud earrings. Before making your purchase, fix the budget. It is always advisable to make your mind and have a clear picture about the amount of money you are willing to spend. It makes no sense to overshoot your budget for buying a pair of diamond stud earrings.

After fixing the budget, choosing the metal for the base of the diamond is extremely essential. Although there’s a huge variety of options, white gold and platinum looks extremely classy and elegant when paired with diamond. If you want to add some pop of color you can also opt for classic old yellow gold or rose gold.

After deciding the kind of metal, choose the cut and shape of diamond according to your own taste and preference. There’s a huge variety of different shapes of diamond stud earrings available in the market. Varying from spectacular round shaped diamond to endorsing oval shaped diamond and even jaw dropping square shaped diamond; it is your call to choose the pair of diamond stud earrings which will look marvelous on you.

As important as the cut you choose, it is also equally important to choose the setting for the diamond stud earring. There are a number of settings which are available in the industry; however the most common settings as mentioned above are the prong settings and the bezel settings.

One of the biggest advantages of diamond stud earring is you have the liberty to customize it. It depends completely upon you whether you want to include some modification to your diamond stud earring or whether you are willing to buy a pair of pre-set diamond stud earrings.

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Guidance for buying diamond stud earrings online

Coming to the crucial part, now we are going to provide you the key guidance for purchasing diamond stud earrings online. On an online medium it is very easy to be tricked. Therefore, it is very essential to investigate properly about the authenticity of the website or else you can be fooled after spending a lump sum amount of money on a pair of fake diamond stud earrings.


One of the most important criteria before purchasing your diamond stud earrings online is that it is very important to have adequate knowledge about the website from where you are going to buy your diamond stud earrings. It is no secret, diamonds are expensive and when you are willing to spend a fortune while buying your pair of earrings, it is very essential to buy it from an authorized source. Look at the authenticity of the website and the authorization certificate of the website before making your purchase.


Might sound a little weird, but while buying your diamond earrings online it is very important to look at the review of the website. A good website is aware of the importance of the feedback of its customer. A website with high ratings and satisfactory reviews is a mark of authenticity. Have a brief glance over the customer reviews on the website and the products are always beneficial. A quick Google search will help you give an insight about the website and the quality of the product as sold by the website.

Policy of Return

A very important yet often neglected criterion which should never be missed is the return policy of the website. When you are spending a small fortune on purchasing a stunning pair of diamond stud earring, it is very important to understand that sometimes what you visualize on the screen and the actual product may not be exactly the same. In such scenarios it is always necessary to fall back on the return policy of the website. Having a safe easy procedure on return policy is highly necessary for the smooth transaction and replacement process. However, on the other hand there are certain websites where the return policy is complicated which might create a hustle later while demanding for a refund or exchange.

Choice and Preference

It is always advisable to buy your diamond earrings from a website which has a huge varied collection. Keep your mind open while choosing your earrings. It wouldn’t be wise of you, if you decide to buy the earring which just simply pops up on your screen first. Go through the different kinds of diamond stud earrings which are available on the website. You should also take into consideration at least two to three websites having the best designs and deals. After a thorough analysis of the designs and price offered for that design make your purchase.


Apart from all the above mentioned tips which are highly necessary, also make sure that your dealer or the website from which you are making your purchase provides you with a certified authentic bill. The bill will act as valid proof of documentation about the entire purchase of the diamond stud earrings.

Final Verdict

There are a number of websites which offer a varied range of diamond stud earrings. If you want a contrast of color on your diamond stud earring, you can opt for colored diamonds accentuated with small beads of transparent diamonds encircling the majestic piece of colored diamonds. Colored diamonds are comparatively cheaper owing to the presence of inclusions and therefore if you have a budget clutch then colored diamond stud earrings are the one for you.

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