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Trending Styles Of Diamond Earrings

Diamonds are one of those rare precious unique crystals and assets which have never ceased to gain popularity from the masses. It is now believed diamonds have successfully placed themselves within the era of a timeless dimension. The engaging beauty demonstrated by diamonds has always been highly appreciated by people for centuries. With the change in eras and with the passage of time comes the evolution in the thought process, technical advancement, and change in taste and preference.

A gorgeous pair of diamond earrings will always be the showstopper in any event. With the evolution in technological advancement, there have been more intricate designs have been introduced in the market. These intricate designs have successfully been able to bring out the shine and the dazzling effect of the diamond. The sharp edges and cuts which have now been introduced make the diamond sparkle even from a distance. But, sometimes choosing the right design can be overwhelming. Therefore, in this article, we are going to focus on the different trends in diamond earrings styles that are now available in the market.

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Front Back Earrings

Front Back Earrings

The emergence of the frontal back earring has gained a substantial fan base as of yet. The new trending diamond earring which was introduced just a few years back has now become one of the most iconic fashion statements with the trendy and funky look it reveals.

The sleek design which was introduced in the market a few years back has made its way to the top by exhibiting the proficiency of intricate design which has been used in the earring. Although the minimalist approach on diamond earrings styles

has a large fan base for it, the highly dramatic dauntless front-back earring has secured its place within this competitive loop.

So if you are willing to go for something strong and bold with the touch of complexity in its making, front back earrings are the call for you. The earrings will look explicit when adorned with chic fashionable outfits.

The contrast of color with Large Sized Hoops

Large Sized Diamond Hoops

Make your appearance bold and fierce by adorning yourself with a pair of large-sized diamond hoops. While petite and huggie style diamond hoops bring about the touch of subtleness in the earring making you look elegant; oversized diamond hoops will make you look intense. The ferocious look if you are willing to choose you to make a grand entry in an event, oversized diamond hoops will do the work for you.

The trend in fashion has also shifted now. The two most dominating kinds of hoops that are in fashion now are the oversized diamond hoop and the contrast in color large-sized diamond hoops. Diamond hoops are usually paired with white gold or platinum in order to restore the subtle element in the earring. The use of white gold or platinum as the base metal helps the diamond to radiate the diamond with its full ability and not outshine the brilliance of a diamond having a low profile.

While on the other hand, now the preference and choice in fashion have changed. Oversized diamond hoops associated with vibrant yellow gold as well as the splash of the blush of rose gold elevates the beauty of the hoop to a completely different level. Rose gold paired with diamond looks absolutely stunning. Rose gold has been gaining substantial popularity for the last few years. Now the focus has shifted more towards the good old classic yellow gold. The contrast of transparent diamond with a splash of dominant yellow color makes the earring look spectacular.

The trend in fashion has been brought about when models have been noticed adorning themselves with the two contrasting color dramatic oversized diamond hoops on the runways of London and New York City. So this festive season calls for a more dramatic entry and makes it happen with a pair of exclusive large-sized diamond hoops with the base of yellow gold metal.

Fancy Shaped Diamond Earrings

Fancy Shaped Diamond Earrings

Apart from the two most fashionable and trendy modern earrings, fancy unique shaped diamond earrings have also been greatly popularized and in very high demand in the market. Keeping in mind to satisfy the urge of individuals having varied senses of comfort and preference there have been an array of fancy-shaped diamond stud earrings which are now available in the market.

Take a break from the traditional round or princess-cut diamond stud earring, choose something different yet equally exclusive. Earrings styles that have been customized with the perspective of daily usage with funky modern design bringing out the sparkle from the diamond earring have grown in popularity significantly.

The evolution of the stud earring with modified shapes is now used to bring out the shine of the diamond used in the earring giving a fascinating look to the earring. Starburst design which has the touch of retro and old times in it with a modern outlook and perspective has been greatly popularized in the recent few years and has become a fashion wardrobe in the last year.

Some spectacular shapes apart from starburst include triangular-shaped earrings which have the touch of romanticism bring out the longevity symbolism and the new-fashioned abstract shapes also help to make the diamond earring look marvelous when adorned.

Stud earrings make your personality look vibrant and versatile. The sophistication which stud earrings bring about and the comfort which the stud earrings are associated with makes it very efficient and special to be worn at any event. You can pair your stud earrings with not only a formal outfit but also a dazzling pair of modern designed stud earrings with two curves having a pave diamond setting can make a worthy ornament styling even in a chic fashionable event. Simple small modern styled stud earrings are also available in the market which is highly comfortable and can be worn on a regular basis.

Colored Diamond and Gemstone Earrings

Colored Diamond and Gemstone Earrings

Tired of transparent diamond earrings? Make your earrings stand apart from the rest with the touch of color in them. Colored diamonds have been used in the fashion industry for ages now. However, the popularity of colored diamonds has never been the same as that of transparent diamonds. Diamonds are available in different colors. Ranging from majestic red to princess pink, royal blue, vibrant eccentric black diamonds are available in different colors.

You can pair your colored diamond at the center with accentuated small transparent diamonds along the edges. Colored diamond with classic prong setting has also been highly popularized and preferred amongst the customers now.

If you are looking for something different earrings style you can also pair your diamond earring with gemstones such as sapphire, emerald, pearl, amethyst, and many more. The dazzling gemstone fitted perfectly at the center with a paved accentuated diamond setting along the edges will make the earring look absolutely astonishing.

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There are a number of fashion trends that have now made their classic statement on the runway. The classic design of oval shape giving a different appearance with different carat sizes used makes the diamond earring look phenomenal. For a simplistic style setup, you can also choose stud diamond earrings to satisfy your taste bud. However, it is always wise to choose diamond earrings in accordance with the event you are purchasing for. An oversized diamond hoop will look astounding on a chic flashy event but it cannot be worn on a regular basis. Similarly, small-sized stud earring has customized keeping the comfort factor in mind. You can wear it on a regular day-to-day basis but it will fail to create a huge impact on a crowded event.

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