What are Rose Cut Diamonds

All you need to know about Rose Cut Diamonds

Keen to gain some knowledge about the unique cuts in diamond. This article will serve the purpose for you if you are willing to know about the antique rose cut on the diamonds. One of the most spectacular and beautiful cuts on the diamond is the rose cut which is highly variable from the modern cuts implemented on the diamonds. The antique cut has been especially popular and has been in demand as the cut for engagement rings for several celebrities as well.

rose cut diamond

The distinctive special trait of rose cut diamonds is that these are hand-cut designed diamonds, where each crystal is unique from each other. Therefore, there’s never going to be a replica of the same diamond. Celebrities like Jennifer Anniston, Camila Alves, and many more took their vows cherishing the antique rose cut on their diamonds and adorned themselves with the extravagance as their engagement ring.

The vintage and highly classical rose cut diamond has been the talk of the town after for several years. The unique characteristic of the cut which is distinctive from each other making it special made it a highly popular choice among the people. Couples chose the rose cut diamond to swear on the vows on their day of marriage symbolizing the unique and undying love they hold for each other.

The Rose Cut Diamond: An overlook to the history

The rose cut on the diamonds trace their way back to the 1500s century. Dating back to the eras of Queen Victoria and also the Georgian Era, rose cut diamonds were highly in fashion and also the most preferred choices during that period of time. Rose cut diamonds are therefore considered to be one of the first cuts of diamond that was put into use.

However, owing to the advancement in technology rose cut diamond was left behind as it slowly started to fade out with the new modern fashion trends set out in the society. Losing its significance in the last century rose cut diamonds have been slowly reviving its prejudice in the modern era. As the technology advanced, new modern cuts with intricate designs came out in the market enhancing the brilliant characteristic and enforcing the shiny sparkle on the diamonds.

Many traditional cuts like the Old European cut and the Old Mine cut diamonds have been re-surging in the present time. As similar to these cuts, rose cut diamonds are now being recruited and have now again slowly been gaining its popularity. The modern technologies and the delicate work of the craftsman the rose cut diamonds are now enforced and put into use in different shapes and different ornamental styling.

The major drawback of the rose cut diamond is, unlike the Princess Cut or the perfect Round cut which are highly illustrative in nature bringing out the shiny sparkly nature of the diamond, the antique rose-cut diamonds give a more mat look to the diamond which sparkles under the dim candlelight making it look glorious. With the change in choice and preference the societal demands have also changed. Therefore, the matte look has slightly fallen out of trend as people opt for diamonds for an exclusive look.

But as the quote states, “History often repeats itself”, rose cut diamonds have been brought into interest as people are preferring and reviving their interest for the antique cut. With modern ideas of innovation these rose-cut diamonds are no longer reshaped, but instead they are now utilized and set into beautiful jewelries.

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Brief About the Rose Cut Diamond

Rose cut diamonds are one of the oldest cuts used in the diamonds. The antique unique cut has been popular for centuries and the most prominent and promising feature of such a cut is the dome shaped or the kite shaped frontal appearance that has a peak in the middle giving an impression of a single peak associated with a flat back.

Rose cut diamonds have a range of 3 to 24 triangular shaped facets as opposed to the 57 to 58 facets that are included in the modern round shaped cut diamonds. These triangular facets cut in the shape of dome on the front give a completely different visual appearance to the diamond as compared to the modern cut. This implies that there can be several variations that can be reinforced in the shape and appearance of the diamond depending on the inclusion of a number of facets.

The rose cut diamond was used to make the diamond look sparkling under the candlelight. Creating an aura around itself in a dark ball room with candlelight chandeliers all around the sparkle and glow of the rose cut diamond makes the diamond the stealer of the event. On the other hand, modern cuts of diamond are implemented to bring about the brilliant character of the diamond. The intricate design implemented brings about the awe inspiring factor of the factor. Therefore, the traditional rose cut was highly prevalent in the Victorian Era.

Arresting the gaze of the admirers under the very dim light of the candle, making its own way and standing apart from the rest in the crowd, rose cut diamond has a magnificent stealth characteristic about itself. The unique shape of the diamond when associated in a ring looks simply marvelous giving a complete fair justice to the outfit as well.  

Impression of Larger Diamond

Setting itself apart from the other cuts, praise worthy characteristic of rose-cut diamond is that such cuts give a visual impression of a larger diamond. As compared to the modern cut of diamond the rose-cut diamond will give a larger impression both having an equal carat weight. A special characteristic feature of the rose cut is that the entire carat weight of the diamond appears on the front of the diamond giving it a dome shape. The dome or kite shape frontal appearance has all it’s cut of triangular facets on top of the diamond having a peak associated with a single point.

Modern cut diamonds considering the brilliant round cut a significant portion of diamond is hidden under the surface. Therefore, such cuts fail to exhibit a delusional larger impression of the diamond. But, a rose cut diamond consisting of the same carat of diamond will make your diamond look bigger. Therefore, if you have a budget constraint rose cut diamond will not only serve your purpose but also set itself at par giving it an antique look.

Can you choose a rose-cut diamond as an engagement ring?

If your partner has a rich classic taste in antique then rose cut diamond might be your call for the engagement ring. With the resurgence of interest in the antique cut of diamond rose cuts are been popularized in the market and used in different ornaments.

Rose cut diamond engagement ring not only looks antique but also gives a vibe of majesty. Rose cut engagement rings have been a popular choice among several famous celebrities. Therefore, if you want to reminisce about the old prestigious cut for your engagement day it is bound to steal the attention of the crowd.  Rose cut diamond engagement ring will also make the ring look larger making its way to the spotlight. The highly dramatic and yet antique majestic ring is a perfect choice as an engagement ring making your important day even more auspicious.

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Conclusion Thoughts

There is no necessity that rose cut diamond has to be paired with transparent diamonds only. The antique cut of diamond pairs explicitly and highly distinctive with colored diamonds as well. Colored diamonds which are slightly lower in grade owing to the inclusions in such diamonds are comparatively cheaper as the purity of such diamonds is slightly lower as compared to the pure transparent ones. But if you want to satisfy your thirst for an antique design of diamond with a lower budget color diamonds will make a favorable alternative.

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